Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wedding Car In Ukraine!

Wedding car is important vehicle?
Some of the Wedding car photos i took,
There are look great!

No matter what car you use,
The main point after wedding,
We can live together happy or not?
Are you happy?


Engineer's Principles said...

wow so nice
not sure here can get or not
want to get 1 for my wedding XD

Elaine Mah said...

ding> haha, we try la, to get one for you. the first one damnnn COOLLL.

voon> Ya, hoi sam mou? mm hoi sam arh? fun yong dit.. XD

wenn said...

well..start with the car, then life itself should be happy..

Reanaclaire said...

big cars means big money coming in after marriage? hahaa.. anyway, it depends on the couples.. some like to get married in style.. but if u ask me, get a vintage car, more uncommon.. :)

CH Voon said...

ding: should be not problem to get one.... which one you like?

Elaine: er... what you mean ar? hehehe i not understand... how are you?

Wenn: yalor.... life is .... going on

reanaclaire: i 100% agree with you... the main things i think is HAPPY! ... MORE than enough

Unknown said...

Hey Voon,

Sorry sorry,i missed coming here... anyway you are still in Ukraine,,,, hope you are getting fine with it there cos once i heard you didnt really like it that much there,,

take care now and have a great week ahead

Donna said...

WAHHHHHHH... the car so long

CH Voon said...

Eugene: hey... mmm i want to go back Malaysia! hahaha

dolly: next time your wedding.... try to use this car... hehehe i dont mind be your driver

Marciana said...

The last car so funny :/
Dont look like wedding car, the ribbon all tie till so cacat one