Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Merdeka In Ukraine

When winter gone,
It is summer time in Ukraine,

7th month ago, it is a winter season,

Now, you can see trees put on their new clothes again,

The sky looks damn blue,

Garden is a great place for children playing around,

Good morning! Sunflowers

Sunny day! Great weather around 25 degree,

Beach is the place where people gathering,

Everyone enjoy the sunny day...

and, we still cannot adapt the food provided by customer,

See! they provided us the food like Barley! I hate eat barley!

Hence, we take "this" at here!
Best food we brought from Malaysia!
Hot and spicy!

I miss my national day!
I wish you "HAPPY 52nd YEAR OLD!"
And, it is time to grow up!!!


cHrIstInA_YY said...

LoL, Maggie Mee the best?! I love that sunflower pic, so lovely ;)

Reanaclaire said...

hi CHVoon, i also hate barley! hahaa.. but seeing maggi, hmmmm... i can understand how u felt then, i was over-the-sea for one month last time, seeing a packet of instant noodles is a great delight! lol...

hey, the sky was really blue !

wenn said...

wow, nice place..

vialentino said...

ukraine country looks not bad....hope u r doing fine there bro...u must be missing ur family a lot.

Donna said...

mee maggie!!
really yummy~~
and snow~~ i love snow [no. i've never seen snow b4]

Eileen said...

The sunflowers are lovely =)

Engineer's Principles said...

i think maggie mee is something that can remind us the home taste when we are oversea for too long. bro, enjoy ur day there. hope u come back soon.