Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Holiday at Kuching

5 days holiday in Kuching,
It is great to spend time with family,
My wife and my daughter back to Kuching too,
My wife has a work there,
About my daughter,
She changes a lot within 2 months,

When i am "Serious",
Vanessa:"Hey Don't stare at me, i will get angry!"

When i feel "Happy",
Vanessa:"Grandmother, you make me feel itch"

When i feel "Pain",
Vanessa:"Daddy, why you yank my ear"

When i feel "Curious",
Vanessa:"What is this? Durian? Can eat?"

When i feel "Excited",
Vanessa: "Hello my friend, i found a lot of toys in my uncle's bedroom"
"Come and play with me"

When i feel "hungry",
Vanessa: "Marry Brown... quite nice to eat!"

When i feel "Bored",
Vanessa: "How long i need to wait? AirAsia delay again..."

I want another holiday!


Engineer's Principles said...

vanessa is so cute #^.^#
lucky dont look like her father XD

CH Voon said...

SK Ding: what you mean? :( i look so ugly meh?

vialentino said...

wow....big big girl change really fast ler....

better spent quality time with ur kids and family...

Unknown said...

Good to be back, isnt it? must really spend every possible time with your girl, she will outgrow you in no time....

i was just talking to an old friend this morning, his kid and my kid were in the same kindy, and both of them are now 12 already.

seriously, there are really things money cant buy,,,,,,one's childhood.

CH Voon said...

via: yalor... i try my best to find quality time with my family.

eugene: i agree with you. What can i do? resign my current job? hehehe pls advice? hehehe