Saturday, October 24, 2009

Learn to Walk

"When your baby can walk?"
My mother tell me that:
"When you are baby after 1 year old,
You know to walk liao"
"Your baby learn walk too slow"
My daughter now is 1 year old and 2 months,
She still cannot walk when i back from Ukraine,
But, She can stand up and walk 2 steps and fall down,
I think it is depend on baby,
Not all the baby have the same grow up situation,
Maybe i am not with my daughter for 2 months?
So, she lazy to step up to another level?
Hence, i spend my full time 24 hours with my daughter in Kuching,
She is under very hard training from me for 2.5 days,
Baby fear to fall down,
They scare!
How to solve this problem?
I think encourage is the medicine of FEAR,
Maybe i am wrong....

This is the result after Hell training (movie clip below),


Can i qualified as baby teacher?
If yes, i will resign my current work :P


Engineer's Principles said...

voon, so touching :_) she can walk,
u are a great father and lucky she is pretty like ur wife :p. but u r damn good la. make me want to cry again :_)

Gabriel said...

maybe she is just the quiet type. good also la, means next time she will stay at home accompany you ma...hehe....

CH Voon said...

Sk Ding: hahaha dont cry ar... next time if you want baby teacher please employ me.

Gabriel: She ar... depend on her mood, sometimes quite actif too... that why she look so skiny. accompany me ar... sure ?

wenn said...

clever girl..

vialentino said...

this one i must learn from u...yeah, no worries...i believe baby will learn very fast once they know the method....

Donna said...

eh... i also learnt how to walk pretty old.. like 1.5 year old like that gua...
oh.. charm lah u.. your daughter got chance to be like me already..
hahaha.. but my mum said I learnt to talk very young la..
8-month already can call daddy, mummy already.. ho ho..
so smart...

CH Voon said...

Wenn: 10q
Via: mmm i think you can do it too :)
Dolly: maybe i think my daughter almost like you... tell me what you will do around 1.5 to 2 years ole hehehe so i can well prepare hahah :P

vialentino said...

hahaha....will try my best ler...

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Your baby girl has done a really great job!~
Hehe, still need to thank the good trainer too ;)

CH Voon said...

cHristinA: 10q :)