Thursday, November 12, 2009

DNA from Mummy or Daddy?

DNA from Mummy or Daddy?
Let me make a short analysis about my daughter - Vanessa,
What she like or dislike,
At the end, she is more on Mummy or Daddy side,
1. Curly hair - Mummy (+ 1 point) ~ Mummy hair is curly too.

2. Ear type - Daddy (+1 point) ~ Same like Daddy ear.

3. Favorite fruit, Orange - Daddy (+1 point) ~ Mummy dislike eat Orange.

4. Favorite Mee, Bihun - Mummy & Daddy (0 point) ~ We like it too.

5. Favorite Vegetable, tomatoes - Mummy (+1 point) ~ Mummy like it too.

6. Dislike Vegetable, bitter gourd - Daddy (+1 point) ~ Daddy dislike eat it.

7. India Style - Mummy (+1 point) ~ Every time mummy finish bath also look like this.

8. Goreng Korek nose - Daddy (+1 point) ~ Paiseh Paiseh... i wont do it anymore.

9. Favorite Toy (Guitar) - Mummy (+1 point) ~ I don't have Music cell.
(Thank to Miaw Sze's present)

10. Favorite Toy (Car) - Daddy (+1 point) ~ Mummy driving skill very poor.
(Thank to Gan colleague's present)

11. Favourite Toy (Dog) - Mummy (+1 point) ~ Mummy like dog toys too.
(Thank to Daddy buy dog toys to mummy)

12. Like sleeping - Mummy (+1 point) ~ Mummy also a sleeping queen.

Final Calculation is
Mummy obtains (+6 points) & Daddy obtains (+6 points)


She is our daughter!


Engineer's Principles said...


Reanaclaire said...

u r really a doting dad!! your girl is indeed very blessed .. she is so adorable too!

Merryn said...

aiya... tengok face oso know she more like daddy ler! but then again, i dunno how ur wife looks like.. hahahaha..

Medie007 said...

first time here. and only reading this post. and i thought u're the mommy until i read reanaclaire's comment. oooops :P hehehehe

but anyways, ur daughter so cute lar! :P

anney said...

Your daughter is such a cutie!! She has a very cute smile.