Friday, November 13, 2009

Window 7 & Virtual PC 2007

Window 7
I never use Window Vista before,
But, i am quite confident to use Window 7,
It is better than Window Xp & Window Vista,
System Requirement for Window 7:
Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Proccessor,
512MB of RAM and above,
1 GB of available hard disk space,
Currently, i am using Window Xp,
I can't wait to format my Laptop,
And, some engineering application not adapted to the Window 7,
So, i downloaded Virtual PC 2007 software (free),
It works perfectly.
"Virtual PC 2007 settings"

"Win Xp with Win 7"

You can online at both window.
What is the good points of Virtual PC,
You not need to install any driver e.g. Ethernet card & etc.
But, i suggest to have 2G RAM for a shared window.
Make sure that all windows are original!

You can download Virtual PC 2007 at Here
Select 32bit/per setup if your computer is old.
Same to Window 7.


Donna said...

I can tell u, Vista is a bitch... =.="
i hate my Vista now...

manglish said...

hahha luckily i didnt use vista...i also dont know wat i am using XP gua...what is the difference leh btw Window 7 and the rest?

Gabriel said... cool. i din know got such software as virtual PC...i think i need to update myself a bit already. lol...

Gabriel said...

anyway, thanks for sharing the info! hehe,...

Superman said...

wow. nice. But My computer is too old to run program like that. sure will give Windows 7 a try when I get a new PC.

Merryn said...

My new desktop comes with Windows 7. :)

cre8tone said...

Oh! Looks nice... is it stable enough? Planning to switch to windows 7, too!~

amycheah said...

I sudah biasa with the Windows XP dy! and dislike Vista. Never use the WIndow 7 b4 but hubby is using it.

TZ said...

errrr.... i'm not a Microsoft Fans... I'm Leapord X fan now. Yet to try out Snow Leapord.