Monday, November 2, 2009

Sleep with Mobile?

Do you sleep together with Mobile?
Some people with use mobile as:
1. Alarm Clock.
2. Prepare Do list for tomorrow before sleep.

3. Play games before sleep.
4. Chatting with friends before sleep.

5. etc.
And, put the mobile at the side,
I realized that most of the people never know about it included my wife,
It is harmful to your health,
Refer to information from this web site,
"A study led by Dr Agarwal, Ph.D summarizes some of the researched health consequences of the microwave radiation we are exposed to though mobile phone use:

Electromagnetic waves alter [electric activity of the brain] and cause disturbance in sleep; cause difficulty in concentration, fatigue, and headache; and increase reaction time in a time-dependent manner. They increase the resting blood pressure and reduce the production of melatonin. They are also implicated in DNA strand breaks.

In addition, the use of mobile phones has also been related to Alzheimer’s Disease and Cancer."

Besides, Mobile phones "Can give you brain tumours" as well! Please read Here.
. . .
"If you love your partner or your family,
Please don't sleep together with Mobile!"

If you turn off the mobile,
It there any Electromagnetic waves around?
I still finding the answer for this,
anyone can answer this question for me?
I found one - > HERE


elims Chuang Kuang Hong 庄光宏 said...

A message to 'your daughter's mom'? haha~~

Agree with you, i also will make sure phone not put nearby me! I strongly believe that would damage our health~

Good article~

BooNMiNG said...

walao.. long time no see le.. how are you?? Where are you now? Ukraine?

Unknown said...

Yup, bro.... i never sleep with handphone notso much of health reasons, but i will be alway up to see if there are missed calls or sms for me,, hahahah, as if i am so popular...

vialentino said...

yes bro...good post...i sleep with mobile as my clock and alarm too ...

now mobile is a daily mandatory gadget in our life.

Gabriel said...

hmm...but i can't sleep without handphone near me....hmmm...

Ken Wooi said...

but my hp is always near me when i sleep.. alarm clock =)

wenn said...

true..i usually switch it off..

CH Voon said...

elim: I believe that too.

BoonMing: i come back - Malaysia.

eugene: I think it will indirect will effect our health gua.

via:yes, but if too close to baby i think not good especially at during sleeping period.

Gabriel & Kenwooi: maybe don't put too close to yourself... maybe u can try put near to your head... i think it will inter fence ur brain too.

wenn: I think better lo hehehe i used to put my mobile at my dinning room.

Donna said...

i got drop comment worrrrrr...
why hilang already??

CH Voon said...

dolly: er... don't know bo... maybe internet problem gua or u forget to put the code?

Donna said...

what code?
no leh.. T-T

i said i slp with my hp off, but use hp alarm la..

Mummy Gwen said...

I sleep with my mobile beside me. I should stop doing that now..haha. Thanks for the info. :)