Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Laptop Broken!

My Laptop Broken!
I feed damn sad!
I cannot blogging
I cannot login to my facebook,
I cannot chat with my friends,
I cannot check my mail,
I cannot watch movie,
I cannot cannot cannot!
I lost all my data,
How to survive this world without computer?
My Laptop is Dell D530,
It is only 1.5 year old,
How can it spoiled so fast?
My last time experience is around 3 to 4 years,

Anyone can help me to solve this problem?
Laptop's problem is,
It will shut down sometimes,
When i go to take my bath, toilet & etc,
I put my laptop on my table,
When i come back,
It is turn off automatically,


1. Room Temperature too high cause the motherboard work crazy?
Ans: Impossible cause room temperature is around 25 to 35 degree.
.2. Processor over-clock?
Ans: I never set it.
3. Power supply broken?
Ans: Impossible because if broken, i totally cannot turn on the laptop.
. 4. Graphic card problem - capacitor dry out?
Ans: Impossible because when i use it, it never shut down.
5. Attack by Hacker?
Ans: Maybe but why the hacker want to shut down my computer? Why?
6. Microsoft OS problem?
Ans: Maybe but why when i use it, it never happen!
7. Screen Saver problem?
Ans: i turn off the screen saver all the time!
. . .
. . . . . .
At the end,
I found the problem...
. as shown video clip below:




Donna said...

company block facebook
company block youtube..
hopefully company wont block blogs..
and company block your video..
go back then see.. =.="

Elaine Mah said...

LOL I cant survive without PC and net oso. Your girl so cute. haha

CH Voon said...

dolly: lucky abit company not block blog hehehe :P

Elaine: Yalor... how to survive without those nowaday... u also cute mah

Engineer's Principles said...

vanessa is a genius

Unknown said...

Because you did not give Vanessa a lap top of her own to play with, so this is the sign that you have to buy one for her,hahahahahah.

anyway dont be sad, only small matter, no problem is a problem if it can be solved with money.

take care now bro

CH Voon said...

SK Ding: you are the genius too.

eugene: mmm buy one for her... when she really know to use, the laptop is out of date. :) you are right, no problem is a problem it it can settled by money.

wenn said...

laptop is a luxury anymore..

Eileen said...

Your baby so funny. Oh ya, her hair is natural curls? Help her keep long hair la..more sexy =p

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You have a very cute boy. Mind to share his name? How old is he?

Haha...kiddos always likes to do that, imitate what we do, and when we are not around, they will start pressing around:-)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Opss, I just saw the ticker. Now I know Her name is Vanessa. Sorry about my earlier comment:-)

By the way, may I know how should I back up my blog? (referring to your comment)

CH Voon said...

wenn: for me, laptop is important without it, i can not my work anymore.. cari makan ...

Eileen: long hair == sexy? hahaha i try

Sarah's Daddy & Mommy: she looks like boy hehehe. So, my next baby will be boy gua :P