Thursday, November 26, 2009

Take care Yourself!

Economic Crisis,

A lot of people lose their jobs,
Crime rate increase badly,
A lot of house break in,
Expecially this month because it is school holiday,
Please increase your house security level,
Please Don't put any valueable items at house,
Please bank it or put into the security box in bank,
Please don't depend a lot on the security guard,
Please don't depend on the efficiency of police,
Why i said that?
I have this experience before!
My house broke in!
I call to Puchong polis station - number is 03-80762222,
I call alot of times but nobody pick up,
Hence, i call to 999,

Conversation #1,
I: "Hi, i would like to report that my house is broken it in puchong"
Operator (999): "Could you please call 103? to check the police station number"
I: "mmmm...."

Hence, i have no choice and call to 103,

Conversation #2,
I: "May i know the number of puchong police station phone number?"
Operator (103): "Let me check (few seconds)" the number is 03-80762222"
I: "Thank you"

Shit! This is the number i have before...
It make me no choice and i call again this number...
At the end, nobody pick up for sure!

At the same time, i try to call the President of Resident... no pick up the phone!
Hence, my neighbour help me go to the security guard house there ask them to come,
They never come over after tell them TWICE! Last, they told us: "they know oledi"
I want go to make report at police station but nobody at home,
Shit! AR... i remember Rakan Cop!
I call to this number 0321159999

Conversation #3,
I: "Hi, my house broken in and what can i do?"
Operator (0321159999): "The thief run away oledi? if yes, you go to police station to make report"
I: "mmm...."

How can i go to report police now? all my family member still havent come back yet 6-7pm!
Finally, the head of security guard come to my house,

Conversation #4
He: "It is normally... economic not good sure got this kind of things happen!"
"Take it easy"
I: (I really angry and want to fxxx him up and down) "What is the point i pay you money every 3 months?"
"Pay you money for sleeping and do fxxxing things?"
At the end, He only say "Take it easy, everyone also don't want this happen"
He make me really fxxx off!

Actually, every 3 months i pay RM110 for the security guard is ok for me ( i paid for 4 years oledi!)
One of the AJK member who always come to collect money from me,
He told my wife while i went to police station,

Conversation #5,
He (Jxxxx Lxx): "See ask your guys to pay the security fees, nobody want to pay"
"No enough money how to employ more "Sleeping dog" to look after your house" 
If i were there, i will FXXX him up and down!
Don't think i am the silent people!

So... I stop pay the "Security fees"...
I feel something wrong...

2 weeks ago, i attend the AGM meeting of this resident,
One the points of the meeting is money is run out!
In the meeting, they say need to explain the important of the security door by door...
But, i never see they take action!




Do you know where is the police go?
They go to block the road at Parlimen to stop the opposition party to come over ....
This is happen last year around 16th September 2008!


Borneo Falcon said...

Inilah Malaysia.......

manglish said...

MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!!!! hahahhaha i can sense your rage even in Japan HAHAAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHHAAHA.......btw the police are busy setting roadblock during hari raya hahahahahah....sorry for the incident

Engineer's Principles said...

this is bolehland, everything boleh one. everyone is looking for money and sleep only.

MeRy said...

That is $$ for security service,bt then no service is provided.

Gabriel said...

yealo, pay already but cannot provide the service. might as well no need to pay them. lol.

Anonymous said...

The state of public service in this coutry...sigh.

Unknown said...

Voon, thank you for sharing, that's why i always practise simplicity,,, no nice car, no expensive watch, simple home,,,and everything simple lah,,,,,,,,and then pray to god that he will take care of our household.

say to Vanessa for me,,,will ya?

Eileen said...

Last year my car mirror was broken by someone at Sungai Dua Bayan Lepas Tesco Extra. Although I lost only house keys and some other not valuable stuff, I went to report police. The policeman asked me 'Kunci saja yang hilang, you betul-betul pun mahu lapor kah?' I was like, WTF, kunci bukan barang kah? Kunci rumah tidak penting kah? This is MALAYSIA BOLEH!!

BoeyJoey said...

This is scary... looked like there's no action at all. What's the use of having police and guards when they are like invisible? Hope everything is well with your family... take care :-)

Donna said...

wah... true story ar?
WAH~~ i can feel your "pek-cek"-ness..

Mummy Gwen said...

Voon, so sorry to hear that. Yes..the police are useless. I'm staying in Puchong too. Do you mind telling me where is your area? My email is:

CH Voon said...

Borneo Falcon: Yes! This is bolehland!

Manglish: hahaha you at jepun now?

SK Ding: yalor feel a bit tired oledi

MeRy:Haiya... yalor... i have pay for 4 years oledi...

Gabriel: Yalor... i will pay for it if it provide good service!

Mei Teng: mmmm...

Eugene: it is not depend u rich or not for this case... it is depend on the luck hehehehe... cause the rich house... their house still safe... cause poor people not install the alarm system like me

Eileen: yalor... i never believe them one... WTF

BoeyJoey: everything is fine now.. it is past tense just for info only

dolly: true story - sure feel pek-cek lo

Mummy Gwen: i email to u... it happens last year...

Dora said...

Exactly, police in this country is not reliable! We gotta be extra careful all the time!

Kelvin said...

Omg, wats the world coming too?
I hate it when ppl dun do their jobs.

Bengbeng said...

everything in the papers is spin, spin, spin. the truth no longer matters neither does the rakyat matter

wenn said...

oh dear..teruk case..

vialentino said...

gosh...sad to hear this...

my house kena break in before...but was many years was my fault...cause i am the third house to move in my taman area....dat time also 5 houses ok liow...

is it gated community?

Superman said...

The time is really bad now...even worst next year. Like you said, really got to prepare. Sad to hear that. Maybe the dog is the bad dog and not sleeping to be careful.

Atlantisian said...

thanks for stopping by at my blog, tell you what, i can echoed with you as well. My colleague BMW was stolen last week. And police told him that there is no way to find the car back, cuz even when they (police) saw the thief in action, they wont even dare to go and catch them.

CH Voon said...

Dora: yalor... hopeless

Bengbeng: this is malaysia gua

wenn: hehehe

Via: half half gated community...

Superman:hahaha bad dog... i scare the bag dog is the one...

Susan: yalor... tak guna punya polis ... makan tahi!

Annie Q said...

so scary!! Like other said, this is "boleh land" anything also "BOLEH". I think if i were you, i will so damn pissed too!