Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Busy Weekend

It is a busy weekend,
A lot of stuffs need to be settled,
Such as buy a birthday present to my wife, shopping & baking cake,
I like Saturday and Sunday very much,
But, time passing too fast,
I almost spend 2 days for shopping (Times Square, Carrefour & IOI Mall) and eating,

Today, Vanessa knows that we go out for shopping,
Hence, she quick finishes her breakfast by herself,

(Left photo) ~ Girls always like to shopping one... including my little Vanessa same as Mummy,
(Right photo) ~ Vanessa: "I want this Big BEAR",
Daddy: "Nope!",

(Left photo) ~ Vanessa: "Jie Jie, your clothes look very nice!",
(Right photo) ~ Vanessa: "Wait i need to wait so long? ~ Times Old Square lift"

Vanessa: "Daddy, Could you put some money inside, please",
Daddy: "No, save some money for your education, economic crisis also...nuffnang adv. also earn nothing",

(Left photo) ~ Vanessa: "Er... Why mummy so choosing one? until now still cannot buy a new watch",
Daddy:"Vanessa, Mummy want to save some money",
 Daddy: "Do you know that same model watch ~ $ between IOI & Old Times are RM120 different!",

(Right photo) ~ Vanessa: "Yeah! Yeah! I have a free Bear after my daddy renew his Jusco Card",
Vanessa likes that bear very much until: (shown on movie clip)

We enjoy our lunch at Kenny Roger (IOI Mall),

Vanessa: "I cannot wait anymore! Today why a lot of people come here for their lunch?",

Finally, I manage to buy a Watch for my wife's birthday,
After lunch, it is time to go home to bake a fruit cake,
This is the first time i bake (Don't laugh hahaha),
I feel want to bake because after reading some posts from:
 "Baking Mum" & "Baking is my Passion",

Daddy: "Vanessa, do you spot any problem with this photos?

(Left Photo) ~ Baking in progress.
(Right Photo) ~ Final Product.

~ Fruit Cake ~
After eating the fruit cake, Still Ok la.... A least i feel a bit better because...
I have one supporter!

Vanessa: "I am my daddy's supporter!"


Unknown said...

Wa Voon, you must be a rich man lah,, spending two days shopping, makaning and jalaning, envy betul lah wa.

hey so when is your wifey's birthday, make sure you post many many happy ocasssion photos to share with us

Gabriel said...

haha...your daughter is full of expressions. good good good! hehee...

Marciana said...

i knot see the cake inside got fruit ler.... maybe u nid a sifu(me) to teach u bake yummier cake! :D
1st time bake counted ok liao, still can eat :)

donna said...

haha.. you bake or your wife bake one ar?

Annie Q said...

Happy Birthday to your wife.
So sweet of you bake her birthday cake. I'm sure the cake taste "sweet" because u baked it with full of love!!

CH Voon said...

eugene: shopping for 2 days but buy not much things... Actually, my wife's birthday pass oledi during i at ukraine... Just buy a belated present lo

Gabriel: hehehe

Marciana: sure or not sifu hahaha

Donna: i baked one... u not believe meh hahaha

Annie Q: This cannot be the birthday cake hahaha just to learn how to bake and for fun only.

Mummy Gwen said...

The cake looks good wor. are into baking now..haha. My fav passtime..hehe.

Medie007 said...

very cute! :D

vialentino said...

cute her smile so much ler...

manglish said...

HAHAHHAAH ur daughter is so cute!!!!!!!!!! btw ur cake too....i realize more and more men are into it a world phenomenon or just in msia? =)

CH Voon said...

Mummy Gwen: still ok la... need to improve... shopping ~ i dont like

Medie007: 10q 10q

Via: Kids like to smile one... they dont have any things to worry... happy kids

manglish: 10q 10q er... next time, man stay at home, woman work outside??? possible?

Merryn said...

come on man! u baked! goodness.. if my hubs were to make me a cup of MILO oso i'll rejoice n blog bout it man!!! lol.. fuiyo... i wonder how i'll react if my man baked me a cake... :D

MeRy said...

Well done...nice cake.

TZ said...

I wanna to taste your first baked cake... Next time i bring Earl Grey tea to have afternoon tea with you eh~

Kelvin said...

haha, she ignored u totally in the video:D

CH Voon said...

Merryn: hahaha what can i say hahaha. You dont kidding me bo.. one cup of MILO also difficult???

Mery: hehehe 10q

TZ: Not problem i need to do more practice first

Kelvin: Yalor... too concentrate liao

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Little Vanessa also likes to shopping wor ^^

foongpc said...

Wow! Not bad! Can bake a cake. Better than me already! : )

Nuffnang don't earn you $$$? Switch over to Adsense and see the difference! I dumped Nuffnang long time ago! : )

Wow! So many places you go during weekend? And all shopping places? No playing in the park or something like that? Oh yeah, I forgot it kept raining these days : )

Eileen said...

Its either your post is funny or your baby is funny. I like it. Haha.