Saturday, December 12, 2009

Malaysian Cake

I have a crazy idea,
I use "3 in 1" concept applied to make a cake,
It contains Fruits, Cheese & Chocolate,
I call it Malaysian cake, is it funny?
Mix all ingredients (Fruits-Malay, Cheese-Chinese & Chocolate-India) into one,
I hope it is taste nice!

I set 1 hour for the baking time,

Opps, i think 1 hour is too long - a bit dark!
However, i think 52 years of Malaysia,
It is not too late, if we, people wake up now!
I always BELIEVE it will change,

After cut into 2 piece, i taste the cake... mmm Yummy...

Combination of 3 elements, make it perfect,
Just like all races work together, Malaysia will be very beautiful,

Do you agree with me?


Gabriel said...

yeap, totally agree! post some to miri? :D

Superman said...

The cake looks delicious and buttery. Ok, I agree with you.

wenn said...

very creative concept..

TZ said...

All races work together is not enough to make Malaysia a beautiful country... i think it needs to have all races equally enjoy the result of the works together... this only can say it's a beautiful country :p

Anyway, when are you going to invite me to taste your cake... Xmas is coming and i don't mind bring the Earl Grey to your place for tea together while having to taste the yummy cake you bake :)

so When? When?

CH Voon said...

Gabriel: 10q for support me... what u mean by post some to miri? My understand quite poor... plz forgive me

Superman: 10q for agree with me... hehehe i like peace life

wenn: creative meh... still not mean my goal...

TZ: no problem! different people different taste... this is my third time i make cake so... hehe it is ok to come to my small house... i think eat cake not so enough.. maybe i can cook some curry chicken or other don't just come to eat cake la er... about date ar... i need to discuss with my wife p/s: if i not go outstation before christmas... it will turn ON

Bengbeng said...

this cake of yrs motivates me to try baking a cake too but i would probably use some premix. the only problem is that we cant finish eating it all n in the end i just grow fatter n fatter :)

Jean said...

of course...i agree..haha..3 in 1..great idea

A smile from SJ =)

Jean said...

referring to my blog...which pics tat you cant see?

A smile from SJ =)

conan_cat said...

wah, ini memang rojak betul! :P so did the cake taste good anot ah? boleh makan? xD

foongpc said...

Eh, can you courier your home baked cake to me? I want to eat!!! : )

CH Voon said...

Beng Beng: u know make cake, teach me... hehehe i just start learn

SJ: possible it works? hhehee

conan_Cat: er... its taste nice!

foongpc: hahaha later smelly liao lo.. as you know our pos lambat is damn slow one

Ayie said...

it looks good inside, as long as it's not so sweet I'm ok with cakes.

CH Voon said...

Ayie: sweet ar.... put less sweet will okie one :P

Eileen said...

wah!! seems like u very good in baking cakes. are u sure u are the one baking not your wife? hehehe

CH Voon said...

Eileen: hahaha i baked one. My wife ar... before marry promise to make a cake to me eat... until now i havent eat one piece yet :(. I just start learning to make by myself :)

foongpc said...

Use DHL lah! Haha!

I think I'm going to get that Choc cake from PJ Hilton again! So damn nice and only RM25 for 1kg! : )

CH Voon said...

use DHL ar hahaha

so cheap... i need to get one too... and copy and learn ahhaaha

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yummy cake and I must say that you are a creative baker.