Sunday, December 13, 2009

I won Rm7,212,322.13

Actually, i limit myself for only 100 posts per year,
But, it is really happy for me to share this great new with you,
If you start read this post, please read until the end,
If you follow my previous post, "I won Rm20million lottery"
It is only a big dream!

But, this time it is true!

Do you still believe me?
I can show you the prove!

All the 6 numbers are matched!
How i use those money ?
I really getting crazy thinking how to spend the money!

Everyone know that,
Money is nothing, but without money you are nothing,
Maybe, i can say that money is Angel,
But, i also can define that money is Devil!

Money is Angel,
If we use it to help poor people and they live happily,
Donate the money to charity, WWF, MAKNA,
But, Don't donate the money for someone whose use the money for themself,
Make the world better,

Money is Devil,
Someone use dirty tactic to cheat other people money,
Really to kill each others,
Use money to buy election vote,
Use money to get a fake degree certificate,
Make the world worst,

Hence, i can use the money applied as angel or devil concept!
What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

What can i do?

After thinking quite a long time,
I think it is not necessary at the moment because,


So, i won NOTHING
Don't ask money from ME!

p/s: On 20th December it is a Life 2009 award DAY!


Cynful Pleasure said...

hahahha... first time I step foot here, and got this nice big dream post!

but what you said is right on money as angel and devil..

wenn said...

oh i wish it's true..then go belanja oh..

conan_cat said...

lol wtf! got fooled until the end of the post! xD good one dude :P

donna said...

tot askin u to spare just 1% to me.. =.="

Engineer's Principles said...

voon, i start to love ur sohainess.

TZ said...

Errrrr... i'm about to ask you to grant my wish for a new closet from IKEA and a 42" LCD TV for my Xmas and Twenty Ten New Year's give... Now all my hope is just gone ... *SOB SOB*

Borneo Falcon said...

That is a close call.

Jean said...

one day you will hehe

A smile from SJ =)

CH Voon said...

Cynthia: hi welcome nice to meet u.

wenn: hehehe no problem to belanja - what restaurant you want?

donna: 1% 70k right ... this one need to discuss through mail lo... else everyone ask from me...

SK Ding: i start join ur group oledi

TZ: still not greedy like donna hahaha but need through mail too

Borneo Falcon: i hope so it is a close call

SJ: one day ar.... this gambling thing is 90% lose one.... i just bought for this posts only :)

[SK] said...

why limit to 100 post per year?? you should go for more..

hahahaha, funny and i actually guess you didn't win anything, because you won't post this if you have really won the money.. xD

BoeyJoey said...

Wah... for awhile, I thought you really won wor... then I thought to myself, "How come this Voon so calm one?"... Nampaknya, you pulling our legs ah!

CH Voon said...

SK: you are right... i won't post if i won cause i scare bad people come to find me :(. About the limit to post, i will reconsider it

CH Voon said...

BoeyJoey: hehehe if i won, i try to calm down myself...

Gabriel said...

=.=....lame la u, was thinking of asking donations from u. hahaha....

amycheah said...

aiyah...if kena one day remember to belanja I makan yah!

CH Voon said...

Gabriel: hahaha if i kena i dont might to donation :) i want to be angel

amycheah: no problem i will buy air ticket to Penang and belanja you eat? but you need to book a good restaurant there... i not very familiar ther

CheaHSan said...

CH ~ Congratoolate-ion! Try again! Btw why limit yourself to 100 you're fan of 100+? Let it be follow your heart..let it be free flow.

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah...what a close call. Don't think you will post this if you really won..haha..alot of ppl will ask for donations..hehe.

Ice said...

Wow! and double wow! How often can this happen? The series number is different by 1! Amazing.

foongpc said...

Haha! And I thought I can ask you to belanja me! Well, try again! : )

foongpc said...

Yeah, why limit to 100 posts a year?

CH Voon said...

CHeaHS@n: I try to give a more valuable posts. Hence, every post i need to think properly before i write.

Mummy Gwen: hehehe i really spend rm1 to buy the year draw result so.. sure different 1 lo

Foogpc: no problem ... i happy to belanja and the limit as i answer to CheaHS@n.

Ayie said...

oh, almost!

CH Voon said...

Ayie: hehehe

Mummy Moon said...

Haha, so funny post, got a previous post lagi about you won lottery?

CH Voon said...

Mummy Moon: :) previous again and again ...non-stop hahaha :P