Saturday, January 30, 2010

GPS = Good + Perferct - Stupid

Actually, GPS defined as Global Positioning System navigation system,
For me,  I define is as Good,Perfect,Stupid navigation system.

Why i define it like this?

I feel really good because it is a good experience to use it,
I am newbie to use this technology,
It is really fun because it can direct you to a destination.
Hence, it is good use have a GPS system.
I feel good that i have a GPS phone.

It is damn perfect to use this system,
It helps me to find some location which i never been there before,
Feel perfect and excited when i reach my destination without doubt,
It is a perfect system which show me where has road block after i drink a bit,
It is a pefect device which make you not lonely during travelling,
It always guide you turn left or right,
It is make me perfect!

Talk about stupid,
I really angry about it,
I have one story to share,
During Christmas Eve 2009,
I travel to Teluk Rubiah, Tanjung Manjung, Perak for service job,
I travel there early in the morning and hope can reach there,
It lead me to a long way to reach there,
Lead me to Ipoh and from Ipoh travel there.
Actually, i should exit at Bidor and it makes faster,
I am not familiar with the place so i have to trust GPS,
When i travel back from Tanjung Manjung back to KL,
Shit, it leads me through forest, Kuala Selangor, Klang & Puchong,
Hence, i want to Fxxx the government,
Why they not install street light there, it really dark and heavy raining at there moment,
They rather sent a sohai to space and don't want to install some street light there,
And, do stupid campaign to minimize the rate of accident! Fuck off!
Let we back to topic,
Hence, i totally not need to pay any sen to the plus highway toll,
When reach home, it is 1:30am o'clock.
I am not mean the GPS stupid,
I am STUPID because i believe in it.


Kelvin said...

hahaha, relax dude, government always does those unnecessary things 'pacify' those oppositions but not for the commoners~

amycheah said...

hahahahaha voon, very funny...funny...with the word "sohai".....oh yes, GPS is like this lo, sometimes will lead us to a very long way to reach our destination sebaliknya ada jalan yg more nearer....

U know or not, even in Pg itself,sometimes we purposely to ON our GPS let it guide us to the destination that we want to go and it is really damn stupid, it ask us to use the long way. But since we are Penangites, and knw very well the route, so we ignore the GPS. Then it said we are turning "wrong" pulak...kakakaka, stupid rite!

WendyinKK said...

Hey, on what setting did u select for ur GPS??

Fastest route? Shortest? Or Toll Free or what???
My husband uses GPS and no problem at all la..
It guides us to some roads that we don't even know exists, and it turns out ay-ok.

Merryn said...

Kesian u call that lengchai 'sohai' lol..

GPS only know how to lead u to a place. It doesnt know how to use the shortest way possible.. It will go around the bush until you pening.. baru u'll arrive ur destination safely :P

WendyinKK said...

Hallo Merryn, what GPS u're using????

We are using Gamin and there is Shortest, Fastest, Avoid U Turn, Avoid Toll, Avoid unpaved road, Avoid Pedestrian paths... and few more settings that my husband cannot remember.

vialentino said...

yeah...sometimes when the GPS try to recalculate the route....u can trust the system 50%...i use it to direct me to the area only...but for exact location, better call ur friend to get exact direction to the place...

[SK] said...

hahaha, a good new definition of GPS huh!! well GPS takes the shortest direct distance, so it might not mean the shortest and fastest route.. you see the difference?? :p

Cynthia said...

well.. you have another choice to believe in our 'signboards' ... which one would you prefer? I think I will die for the GPS than trusting the Govt provided free road signs.. which all the time lead you to "HO LAN"

conan_cat said...

walao eh, chill bro, chill!

well i think that it aint that bad lar... yeah lar sometimes GPS can be kinda old and calculates the wrong ways lol. i guess if you know ur way already you can just jump back and use the shorter route instead of going through such a long way xD

Anonymous said...

Dun fuck the government....alot are dirty wan... wait you kena AIDS!

keeyit said...

I dont have one but my friends do use it and they said useful.

Yee Ling said...

My hubby always tell me how 'KENG' and useful it is since he rely to it pretty much. He asked me to use as often as possible but i never listen to him.

After reading ur experince, i think i never on it lor.. as Cynthia said...later i end up in Ho LAN

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Relax bro, you are carrying the baggage from KL on Xmas eve all the way to Ukraine and still fuming mad till now. Despite the cold still lot of fire in your ah. Drink more kwailo leong char (beer) to keep body cool..haha take care.

foongpc said...

That's why I don't use GPS. Oh, does that mean I am smart? Hahaha!

CH Voon said...

Kelvin: I will cool down… don’t worry! Hehehe I Just felt not good where our money spends for useless way.
Amycheah: yalor… sometimes I test the GPS in KL as well. Butt I am stupid and follow the path it tells me.
Wendyywy: I don’t know bo… but I never change the setting. Maybe it is the long route gua.

CH Voon said...

Merryn: hahaha I don’t care he is lengchai or not… but sohai is still sohai! Maybe, there are some options to choice… the problem is I am newbie gua.

Wendyywy: I use Garmin as well. Just don’t know the setting in detail lo… I think it is my mistake!

Via: yalor… cannot trust it 100%.

CH Voon said...

SK: i think I take the shortest direct distance but slowest route gua

Cynthia: Talk about the signboards ar…. Make me more angry. Because of sohai people designed signboard, I always miss the junction or over…. Haiya…

Cleffairy: don’t worry just say only… I will not really fxxx.

CH Voon said...

Keeyit: actually it is useful! If you know to use it in proper way.

Mommy Ling: We still need to accept new technology device… don’t worry go to holan la… it is good to travel there without pay the air ticket right.

Banana: ar… I look very depressed meh… maybe a bit nia. Not much! I drink some beers here to cold down as well.

mNhL said...

haha...u r very funny Voon. Make me laugh when reading this post. Trust own instict better (6th sense)?