Monday, February 1, 2010

Random Photos in Ukraine

While I listen to 方炯’s song,
I start to write this random photos post.
I cannot imagine that 2nd day of 2010; it was my journey to come here.
I am just like a棋子(Chess) which I cannot fully control my life.
It is a cold and天黑黑(Dark night) winter, I have to accept this challenging.
One of the damn funny & cute blogger asked me “Why you need go so far to work?”
I answered her that “Cari Makan lo…”
I took this photo in Chinese Restaurant.
This word is damn meaningful for human being!
I have try to write one post previously to暗示(???)my wife.
But, I don’t know whether she read my blog or not.
Maybe, she rather spends more time for her work. : (
 He is one of my good and hardworking translators!
And, He also a Process engineer! He is handsome right?
Sure I will not post photos between myself with him.
Not because I am 膽小鬼(Not applicable).
I don’t want to scare away my reader.
When, I am writing sentences “I Love U” on this old car.
I am scolded by the car owner. Shit! Run! Before I catch by them!
It is a old car and it is the time to剪愛(Break out)/sell it?
But, it is not good to apply to people right?

One of the young blogger (Last week, he had his company annual dinner).
He suffered for the hot sunny morning Friday and hoped raining soon (I guess).
Over here, I am waiting the sun rise up as soon as possible.
Human being is not easy to guess what their thinking (猜心).
Maybe, we should enjoy every moment we have.
It is a party time again!
Drink beer/vodka at the cold weather is great! Try it you will know.
I try to drink more beer rather than mineral water.
As one of the bloggers told me that drink a lot of mineral water will turn into “ah Kua”!
To prove that I am not “ah Kua”, that night I bought a lot of beer as well.
Drink a lot beers/vodkas are not mean you are遺憾(Regret) what you did in past!
It is just make you feel better.
Thousands of birds are flying in the sky.
I thought it is end of the day – just like what happen in “2012” movie.
I don’t want die at here! (Family is waiting for me back)
It will make me cry 淚海(Not applicable)if it happens here.
My itchy hand! I like to write something on the snow.
This time I think will not chased by Ukrainian people.
Just leave my name here… nobody will know who am i.
不必在乎我是誰!(Not need to know who am i)
I am your neighbor!


cHrIstInA_YY said...

LoL, don't simply write anything on other ppl's car next time :P

I love the 6th shot btw... ^^

Merryn said...

I feel... so sad reading ur post. Sounds like u r having a severe home sickness there voon! When can you come back to malaysia? Take care dude.

And btw.. that hunk is soooooo good looking :D

MeRy said...

How long wil u be there?

Engineer's Principles said...

i will pray for you, good luck.
hope to see you this sunday.

foongpc said...

Ooh, are you feeling homesick?

Drink beer/vodka in cold weather is good cos it warms you up. Since no wifey to warm you up, a beer is a good substitute, haha!

Hope you are feeling better : )

manglish said...

hahahahahahah miss home you know my rasa ya AHAHAHAHHAHA ok lar i am sorry to poke fun but just hang in there and blog as often as you want and tell you what, time flies.... ahhaaha ohhh dun drink too much beers oso...later get the beer belly hilang ur handsomeness lar....and well, u r there for a better future for your family, though i wish wat i said were true bcs we can never predict the future rite...

Kelvin said...

hahaha, u use songs titles for the pics above:D
One of ur paragraph was repeated btw.

mNhL said...

too much beed/vodka not good for health.

Writting on the snow is so fun! I know you r homesick. Hang on will be back soon, aren't you?

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Cheer up buddy! Time flies and will be back to the warmth of Malaysia very soon. So you are having your dinner in Ukraine at 六点十二个字 {liù diǎn shí' èr ge zì} 6:60pm everyday? Take care.

Broccoli Ginger said...

oh. i agree with others.. you're homesick! When will u be back?

amycheah said...

hey u too senang overthere huh! Macam-macam u buat and u tulis...kakkakaka

Gratitude said...

Drink more mineral water will turn us into ah kua? Gosh..... I may sprout bosoms soon! LOLZ

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, work takes you to places you would not want to go. That's work :)

Did you get the 500d?

[SK] said...

hahaha, i like this post!! so cool to use the song titles in your post.. where are 曖昧 and 猜心 by the way?? :p

CH Voon said...

Christina: yes madam. I wont do it again : p

Merryn: woo…. I will back Sooooooooooon hahahaah

Mery: more than 1 month lo… will back soon : )

CH Voon said...

SK Ding: hehehe I hope so.

Foongpc: a bit homesick. I need to control my tummy size… so…

Manglish: Correct. Er… previously u advice me don’t drink a lot mineral water. Now, you ask me not drink too much beer. I pening kepala now. I will control myself pretty good hahaha

CH Voon said...

Kelvin: aiya… correct! Nobody tell me.. 10q. Because I write the post and quite paste when I connect to internet. So I will make mistake as well. I paste the comment at others bloggers too. Hehhee

mNhL: 10q for advice… I will control myself.

Banana: hahaha I take my lunch 5pm. I know that you have written a post about time. I read thought as well.

CH Voon said...

Broccoli Ginger: hehehe top secret coming back soon.

Amycheah: mmm how you know that? You send a spy here?

Gratitude: er… you should ask Manglish… about this.

CH Voon said...

Mei Teng: Cari makan lo… what can I do? I haven’t get the 500d yet. At here (Ukraine), I don’t think I will buy.

SK: I have made a mistake to paste the 猜心one. After reminder by Kelvin. I correct it. 10q