Thursday, January 21, 2010

It is a perfect Love

What is the Prefect Love?
I am the guy who doesn’t enjoy watch love movies.
It is bored.
My preferences are action, adventures & Sohai movies.

Yesterday night,
After finish read all selected blogs,
I have nothing to do!
I have no other option and watch 2 movies named as ”不能说的秘密”& “听说”.

I category those are Love movie!
What is the common of those movies?
A lot of damn sweet, cute & pretty girls! Woo Woo!
Handsome guy…. Yes for sure.
It is a good movie to share with you partner.

First, I feel that I want to learn how to play piano.
If Vanessa like, I will sponsor her.
It is quite complicated movie and must pay 101% attention,
Then, you will understand the message from this movie.
Appreciate every moment with your love one.
Else, you will never have the opportunity to do so.

It is a silent movie.
First, I feel bored and going to press Alt-F4.
Lucky, I am not doing it!
It is a love from lover, friends & family.
Never give up and chasing for your own dream!
Motivated me a lot! Just feel like a Superman!

It is 100% worth for spend time to watch.
It is touching my heart.
Make me a big laugh & also wet my eyes as well.

If you are single and plan to date a girl,
Please, ask her watch this movie together.
70% can win her heart for sure.
30% Good Luck!

If you fail and don’t upset,
This is because you’re damn BAD LUCK and she don’t like you!


Kelvin said...

不能说的秘密 is damn nice, the ending is not like other love movies:)

Dora said...

I don't like watching love story-based movies too as I prefer action + sci-fi movies the most :-)

Dora said...

So Voon, everything's fine over there? :-)

manglish said...

is it ar? i havent watched these two but i watched the hmmmmm wat is it called? errrr the messenger? by zhou xun and li pinpin i think..very touching......haizzzz watching wwII movie in jpn how ironic is tat hahahahha

Yee Ling said...

Seldom watch love movies ever since married. After all, i m those very senstive person, when seeing ppl cry i also cry and end up a box of tissues gone just bcos of the tear and drops..hahhaha.

But i heard the movie 'bu neng so de mi mee' is nice and touching, no wonder u r so touch also...hehhehe..sorry, i cannot write chinese words.

Cynthia said...

frankly.. not any of the movies I have watched...

mNhL said...

LOVE STORIES!! My fav. Exactly like you say got leng lui and leng zhai to see. So sweet, so romantic. like fairytale! hehe

foongpc said...

I think you spelt perfect wrongly as prefect. Haha. That will give it a totally different meaning.

Wow! Watched 2 movies in a night - so free ah? I'll be lucky if get to watch one complete movie! Cos too busy blogging mah, haha!

Love dovey movies? Hmmm, not really for me : )

cHrIstInA_YY said...

不能说的秘密... never really watch it although I already have the movie in my hdd for a very long time... but I roughly know what the story is about. I'm really surprised that u like those movies too, hehe :P

Merryn said...

I'm a sucker for romantic movies.. or chick flick.. :D I'm not into action movies.. boring!

CH Voon said...

Kelvin: Yes agree. That why I hope other blogger watch it as well! I am not that love movie favourite guy but also attracted to this movie!

Dora: Try to watch! It is not the normal love movie! It is really great movie. Honestly, I am not movie producer. How I am here?… still in good piece. Try to keep fit at here as well.

Manglish: The movie call “The messenger”? I will try to dig it out. Please watch the movie, it is ok to watch.

Mommy Ling: it is different love movie. You cry not because they cry. You feel want to cry because it is really touching. There is a lesson inside as well. Just to spend time to dig it out.

Cynthia: I understand that you are busy mummy. Maybe watch it during cny?

mNhL: then you must watch lo…

foongpc: try one and see. I am not love movie as well.. but this 2 is different one. Hahaha you are busy blogger man.

cHristinA: actually, I have it for 3 weeks… since I am not fan of jay as well. So, I seldom watch his movie. But, this time just give him or me a chance. It is good to watch.

Merryn: hahaha sucker some more hahaha

Annie Q said...

now i know how bored your life in Ukraine. :P

[SK] said...

hey, i have not watched any of that two movies lor, in fact i've only heard about "不能說的秘密" because of Jay Chou.. actually i seldom watch chinese movie one, not so guaranteed as hollywood huge production mah..

Anonymous said...

Is there perfect love? I doubt so :)

Yousei Hime said...

Interesting post. Lots to think about. I like all kinds of movies, but I like to talk about them. Drives the guys crazy. Thanks for sharing this.

Brian Miller said...


Anonymous said...

I love to much love movies.. but my partner doesn't so i never get the chance of completing one to its end :D