Friday, January 22, 2010

What you do if you pay off your car loan?

What you do if you pay off your car loan?
As for me, i do nothing for 4 years after pay off my car loan.
It is not a good idea!

The bank officer will issue you a letter that you completed the car loan.
He reminded me go to JPJ to change the name.
I didn't listen to him.
After 4 years, i think it is time to change the name of the car to my name.
I cannot find the letter anymore :(!

So, i go back the same bank and after for it!
You need to make a police report and pay for processing fees is RM130.
Why i need to spend this kind of money?
Better use this money to treat people eat!

The procedure to change the name is damn easy!
I went to JPJ at setapak there.

1. Obtain a form from the information counter.
2. Go up to first floor.
3. Fill up the form and press for a number.
4. Wait and summit the form and Car card.
5. Officer will sign and return to you the car card!

That's All!


Elaine Mah said...

Oh, so actually do you need the letter to change the name?

Kelvin said...

I will go immediately if i were u, if not i cannot slp lol.

Unknown said...

Oh first time i hear people wait 4 years to change to ownership after the car loan, you terror bro, for me i cant wait to get it changed, celebration ma,, no more hutang already.

take care now bro and have a great week

TZ said...

Hehehe... sell the car and buy a new car :p

Donna said...

yea lo.. better spend the money to treat me eat.. jom.. Ayukawa Sushi buffet.. YOU TREAT.. HAHAHAH

Engineer's Principles said...

walao, u dont need to pay anything for 4 years. u are damn rich already.

manglish said...

waaaa u so rich pay all oredi still dun wana claim the car ar hahahahha.......

wenn said...

as easy as abc.

mNhL said...

Aiyo...delay and have to pay the fine. If I were u, I will do it on the same day when I receive the letter from the bank le. I'm very 'kan cheong' type. hehe

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Wowie! Phew so easy. Any more charges do you need to pay for the transfer of ownership other than that donation of RM130?

Gabriel said... easy only? but need to have the letter lo? yea...normally we don't keep letters of 4 years ago right? unless they are love letters...:)

[SK] said...

well, never ask a Bank to do things for your favour, because they will charge you a bomb!! bank and insurance companies are the greatest "vampire" of all~~ :p

Gratitude said...

Agree with TZ, time to trade-in and get a CNY car! ^_^

CH Voon said...

Elaine: Yes, it is a procedure that you finish the car loan. But, the first letter is free of charge.

Kelvin: Hahaha I thought it will not so easy disappear after 4 years.

Eugene: yalar…. Lazy to do so…. And now I regret oledi
Happy weekend to you as well!
TZ: hahaha It is not a easy way to sell and buy new car. A lot of commitment I need to settle as well.
Donna: First, I thought only rm10 to rm20 only. So it is still ok for me. But, when I heard is rM130… I really regret … so I hope nobody like me again.

SK Ding: Abang… not need to pay for house loand and others meh?

CH Voon said...

Manglish: Maybe no time to do so. So… keep delay and delay lo.

Wenn: yes, it is damn easy I think I seldom it around 10min only.

mNhL: …. Aiyo… I regret oledi. So I hope nobody will follow my steps.

Bananaz: It is free of charge! Only the donation rm130.

Gabriel: hahaha I don’t know where I keep it…. Because it is not love letter… so easy disappear.

SK: Now, I know it! Everything – MONEY MONEY MONEY! They are licensed Ah Long!

Gratitude: hahaha maybe I strike a toto gua!