Friday, April 16, 2010

Good Vs Bad

There always has opposition terms.

Good Vs Bad.
Pretty Vs Ugly.
Tall Vs Short.
Fat Vs Thin.

Pro blogger Vs Poor blogger.
Good post Vs Poor post.
Long post Vs short post.

MIC Vs Hidraf.

How about a place name?

There are a lot...

Kuching Vs Pulau Tikus

Kuching is a capital of Sarawak, Malaysia.
Pulau Tikus is a place at Penang, Malaysia.

Black Sea Vs White Sea

Black Sea located South of Ukraine.
White Sea located North of Russia.

How about Batman?

A city located in the Turkey.

Maybe you not believe me, hence i need to show some photos here.

Can anyone tell me where is the Batwoman place located?
I try to surf net and but i obtain nothing information about this.

But, i manage to obtain this -

p/s: please tell me where is Batwoman city located?


manglish said...

hhahahah Batwoman ar......i only know Catwoman leh..

Merryn said...

pro blogger vs poor blogger... sob sob.. i'm a poor blogger..

tall vs short.. i am short.. sob sob again..

but hey! That is MY PICTURE there (the batwoman) lol... PERASAN to the max here ! :D

Merryn said...

lol... no worries lah Voon.. no lawyer letter coming your way.. i'm not that SENSITIVE and paranoid type of blogger.. :P

amycheah said...

wah! very hard leh this question.

Tekkaus said...

Gotham too....just like Bruce? :D

WendyinKK said...

Inside gua tempurung or gua gomantong

Gratitude said...

LOLZ Any prize to go with the correct answer?
Manglish is only interested in Geishas!

uLi.佑莉 said... idea :P

Alice Law said...

I reckon you can find Batwoman city at Gua Niah, afterall it contains more than 100 species of bats mar! Kiahahaha! (Very cold joke)

Anyway, nice post! Have a pleasant weekend!

wenn said...

wow, that batwoman looks great!

cleffairy said...

I dono got batwoman...i kno got batgirl and catwoman though. LOL...