Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Secret

I tell you a secret but please don’t tell others.
Keep it as a secret.
Do you read a book’s titles “Secret”?
If you haven’t read the book and I can summarize it as:
“Always think positively and everything goes smoothly”
Honestly, I haven’t read it as well.

Previously, I wrote a post “Good mood make everything smooth”
It is really apply here – “Secret”

Start from here (all comments I reply)…

Life is unpredicted.  A lot of commitments we carried on.
Many things we need to consider.
Every steps we make, there is a consequence.

“Mommy Ling”
I have a safe journey else I will not write this post here.
Currently, there is plane crashed and the entire politician die included their President.
Pay my respect them as well.

“SK Ding”
Human like to see beautiful creatures.
I guess it is applied to you too.
Unlucky that not pretty creatures around in the airport.

My mood is good not because I can watch pretty girl (Not around).
I want to take a dinner and the main purpose is ONLINE!
Without my glasses, I see all are not Leng chai and Leng Lui.

“Mummy Gwen”
Actually, my wish is really hard to come true.
I wish I can win a lottery but I win a SAMAN.
I wish I can rest at the Istanbul Hotel but I sit on the floor.

“Annie Q”
I really have a pleasant and smooth journey this time.
I HAVE to take Turkish Airline.
This time, nobody sit beside me, my ass can sit on 2 seats!
I am DAMN Happy!

Yes! Changi Airpot is GREAT!
How to do so?
Go to Information counter and pass your passport to them.
And, they will register and give you a password to online.
But, KLIA Airport is the BEST!

I will not feel I lose because I use to it.
Compact travelling is damn tired!
It will effect of you biological clock of your body.
I will hibernate after this trip.
Maybe, a holiday at Penang!

Work here is a bit pity like Manglish.
I feel like isolated from them.
They are not thoughtful compare to Asian people.
How I can enjoy my work?

I should not to put a word “forget”.
I leave it to my wife – compact camera.
I hope she can take some of my daughter photos and show me.
But, I am not carrying my Canon 500D with me too.
Later, all the workers think that I am holiday here.

“Mei Teng”
Flying to Ukraine takes me around 10 hours.
It is safe journey.
So far, airplane is the safe transport in the world.
Can you count how many accidents – car, train, ships per year?
But, I still SCARE!

Actually, it will not happen if delay for 3 hours.
When I reach Istanbul Airport, it is 6 am in the morning.
My next flight is around 3 pm in the afternoon.
My dream comes true if delay 8 hours!

“Alice Law”
Short term travelling is still ok for me.
It is better 1 - 2 weeks.
Feel sad that every time I come back, my daughter cannot recognize me.

It is depend how you want it happens.
Everything smooth makes good – passive.
It means you “wait” it to happen and maybe not.
Good Mood makes everything smooth –Active.
You create the mystery.

Once to twice, it is feel great.
Three to fifth, it is still acceptable.
Sixth above, you will never say “I like it”.

Sleeping is for longer journey.
But, I feel that sleep is wasting time.
I use that time to finish a book.
For sure, it is not a porno magazine.

I just try to cheer me up with a good mood.
Wearing glasses is troublesome.
Hence, I leave it as a toy for my daughter.

This is the secret!
Positive lead you to Heaven.
Negative lead you to Hell.
But, we are polluted by Negative environment.
Are we going to Hell?

It is difficult to find a dish in our own country.
Do you pay under table money?
If you say “Nope”, they will shout to you “NEXT!”

It is DAMN smooth for the first time (6 trips).
They never ask me or hold for nothing.
When they saw my passport, without ask twice, they let me go.
When they see my luggage, I try to open it but stopped by them.
“No need to open your luggage, how much money you bring here?”
“200 USD” – “Ok, GO!”

How to explore the world?
Customer here is stingy and never bring me explore the place.
Factory – Apartment – Factory – Apartment.
Unless – I explorer myself.

This is the longest post I can write.
I guess today is a lonely day for me.
I can only celebrate my special day with drinking plain water at night.
I feel proud that my daughter order a meal and send over to me.

Vanessa: “Daddy, What meal for your special day?”

Vanessa: “Your special day's present is I will gain weight around 2 to 3kg and grow height to 2 cm more”

P/S: Bananaz – You never give me your real name, I thought you want to keep secret.
Hence, I write it as Bananaz.  If I were the gal, I will laugh as well. LOL.


Merryn said...

Voon - The parcel I received was labelled as Bananaz too leh! I was pretty shocked to find out n I think the mail man was confused too.. YOU ada confuse ker?

Kelvin said...

I read one part of the book "Secret" and it says food doesn't make u fat.
Think it that way and u won't get fat with all the eating. I tried to think that way but i became rounder :(

Superman said...

Life goes on and we still need to work to bring food home. So, good luck over there. Hope you will be back very soon.

Mummy Gwen said...

Is it your birthday? Happy Birthday to You! May all your wishes come true.

foongpc said...

A secret is no longer a secret when it is shared with others!! Haha!

So if you want to know the secret behind panda face, the only way is to meet up! : )

manglish said...

your birthday ar? happy birthday 2 u happy birthday 2 u happy birthday 2 voon!!!! lonely eh...dont worry, i am lonely too and i will lonely until 2011 leh you are not ALONE!!! hahaahhah yamseng to loneliness....

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Many Happy Returns of the Day. "生日快樂" ~:)

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

P/S OK since today is your special day will spell you my full name please please please promise to keep it a secret, cross your heart your head and not to tell better you delete this comment after seeing it. Here you go...its..


mNhL said...

Happy B'day Voon. It does not matter to spend your special day alone far away, because you can always celebrate with them when you are back home. With them around you, everyday is also your Special Day. Agree?

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Hey, happy birthday to u, CH!~ *cuddle*

My friends mentioned about this book to me too, positive thinking is good ;)

Cynthia said...

so, the secret is that you grow older by a number today ah.. no more secret liao lor if you share like this in the www... :p

uLi.佑莉 said...

Hahaha....what a long and good post!

Happy Birthday to you, fren :)

Donna said...

happy birthday, the bananaz, LOL~~~
manglish call him/her as pisang.. =.="

Alice Law said...

Happy Birthday~!!! Cheers!^-^

Tekkaus said...

Thank goodness I have no secret. LOL :D

Annie Q said...

Wah! What a unique way to reply comment in a post!

Happy Birthday Voon, hope you will enjoy yourself over there? Have a great day! Stay healthy, wealthy, handsome, cool always!

p/s: why everyone is changing their home (blog) ar? You are the second blog that i visit had change a new "home". Cool, i like it.

gus said...

Hey... Long time no see. Happy birthday! Wishing you all the best.

Naomi said...

Happy birthday! I understand your feeling of celebrating birthday faraway. Once I was away working, away from friends and family, i treat my colleagues sweets and kinda force them wish me happy birthday when i told them it is my birthday.

CH Voon said...

Merryn: Aiya This is the post officer girl make mistake. She simply paste the sticker – so I guess other will receive your name. I guess the officer girl is confused.

Kelvin: I guess you never do exercise. So… you become fat.

Superman: yes, not work not food.

CH Voon said...

Mummy Gwen: Thank you. My wishes will come true this time?

Foongpc: mmm This secret is different compare to another secret. Hahaha I want to see who is the panda!!!

Manglish: Thank you. Yamseng to loneliness to you too.

CH Voon said...

Bananaz: Thank you. P/S: tipu I sahaja. Mana ada this kind of name hahaha.

cHristina_YY: Thank you. Yes, this book is good but never read before. Hehehe paiseh

Cynthia: Aiya… this is not secret – this is another meaning of secret…. Hehehe

CH Voon said...

uLi: Thank you. Yalor… It is long post for me.

Donna: Thank you. Ic he is pisang ar… okie next time I can him pisang as well.

Alice Law: Thank you.

CH Voon said...

Tekkaus: Sure boh.. you not have secret.

Annie Q: Thank you. But, I really don’t know how to enjoy here. SIENZ.
Now, the blogger have new features of template – go to change your template as well.

CH Voon said...

Gus: Thank you. How long ar… ?? you now update you blog, that is so long…

Ghosty Nana: Thank you. atleast you understand me : )