Thursday, May 6, 2010

Istanbul Trip

If you transit at Istanbul Airport more than 10 hours,
If you travel using Turkish Airline,
If you are free,

Then, you are qualify for options below:
a) A free Istanbul sightseeing with 1 free lunch.
b) A free bedroom hotel to stay for rest.
c) Both.

I selected option (a).
"Free Istanbul sightseeing tour for all our transit passengers"
They are my tour guide - they can speak english very well + FAST.
There are lot of historical building in the Istanbul city center.
It is a nice weather at Istanbul ~ 20degree during April - May.
Sure, Turkish Airline pay for us the entrance for this historical place as well.
A lot of beautiful tulip flower (3 - 18 April)
It is very old trees but still grow so firmly.
You can hide yourself inside the tree as well.
There is a Kitchen which able fit 5000 people.
A lot invaluable items stored here.
The security is very high.  
From the viewer, you can see the another side of Istanbul.
Library - but not book inside????
It is a wonderful view - it is better you come over here.
It is a good place for honeymoon as well. Nice View.
You can see a lot of food stall around.
It is costs expensive as well. Hehehe
The view is look nice, but my lousy hand phone camera cannot perform to get more clear photos. : (
For those who cannot survive without internet, you can surf net here too.
Free WiFi!
Most of the historical place is Mosque.
Most of the people's religion is Muslim.
The design is almost same like Church design in europe countries.
This is a statue which transport from Egypt.
It should be longer but cut to small portion.
A lot of different decoration & sourvenirs.

Food which provided by Turkish Airlines.
Taste sure good - Free one boh... hehehe
One of the historical mosque - Must visit else you never come to Istanbul.
This is a market place.
"Grand Bazaar"
It is just like a Maze.
You will lost if you don't have a good direction sense.
There are a lot of gate - in and out.
"mmm crowned & crowned"
Come over here if you visit Istanbul.

So... Next time, you plan to have a holiday to Europe country.
Buy a air ticket which you have 24 hours transit time.

Then, you can select option (c) 
If you are holding Malaysian passport, you not need to apply any Visa at here.

It is F.R.E.E.

It indirectly means "WELCOME TO TURKEY"


manglish said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaa nice..........not bad leh ur job can send u go jalan2 some more hahahhaa

Kelvin said...

Why dun u choose C?

Yan said...

Awesome! I would love to make it there one day!

TZ said...

So nice ... I also want to go for a free tour... :)
Turkish Airline here i come

Tekkaus said...

Wow...this is truly a wonderful place to be bro. Look at the pink flowers. So beautiful.

[SK] said...

waaaa.. this is so good leh, thanks for the info.. turkey is one of the place i would like to visit, hmmm, looks like this is not a bad option too huh.. hehehe :p

[SK] said...

all those famous places that i've heard about before, i think already included in the sightseeing tour woh, not bad not bad.. so how many times have you been taking the FREE tour and FREE hotel stay?? :p

Paul said...

good ahhhhhh... keep got trip one.. and most importantly is able to see diff type of leng lui at diff country leh.. hahaha so good =.=
oh... kidding only.. should stop this kind of joke, if not later itu donna sure come out shoot me pervert one =.= pervert name reserve for manglish can liao.. =.=

CH Voon said...

manglish: Ok but enjoy alone only. not others people with me.

Kelvin: Lazy to go out again because the hotel is outside the airport so need to go through immigration gate again.

CH Voon said...

Yan: it is easy for you. :) pay and go :P

Tekkaus : it is damn nice but better go there during easter holiday 5-18 april.

CH Voon said...

TZ : But, remember aleast 10 hours more for transit oh else you will stay at airport do nothing boh.

SK : It is quite a good place to visit but need to check the whether before go... it is 4 season country as well. i think all the local airlines they will provide free sightseeing as well. only one FREE because before that i lazy go out. heheh

CH Voon said...

Paul: Leng Lui ar... yes, they look pretty as well but Ukraine's girl look more pretty. hehehe Donna would not do that la... she takes care of you as well.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Nice photos even though from your cell phone. Love the big old tree you can't go inside to feel the 'energy' of the old tree? According to Shamanism it is good to embrace a tree for healing and spiritual purpose. But make sure you don't grab the 'other' spirit then 'chak lat liao' haha.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Just curious is that tourist guide a Turkish? *if you dont know its ok*. Reason I asked do all the ladies in Turky must wear tudung or veil to cover up their faces?

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Love the Mosque and its dome shape inside of it. Think those are the sandblasted glass windows they are nice too. Yummy food. Chak par boey? haha. Great short tour of Turkey. tQ

Mummy Gwen said...

The flight tickets must be very expensive huh. Very nice view. Love the architecture. :)

uLi.佑莉 said...

Hahaha...brilliant choice you had :) The tulips are so nice and lovely~

iamthewitch said...

Wah so nice ar... I never had transit more than 10 hours before lor.. don't even mention Turkey. These pics are so nice! Should visit Turkey some day..

Anonymous said...

You made the right choice in selecting A. But I thought option B would be provided too isn'? Considering > 10 hours...

I hate flight delays.

Donna said...

eh, if me, i chose both wor..
customer/company trip again ar?
eh, ah bao, u memang pervert liao de ma.. u said yourself one, all men are pervert, depends on more or less nia... =.="

CH Voon said...

Bananaz: Most of people in Turkey, they not wear tudung, they told me that they are Turkish.
Don't want hide inside the old trees later all foreign will snap my photos and label as sohai.
I am no good in describe - so short form easy for me. so only briefly only.

Mummy Gwen: the price around Rm4k from Sg to Istanbul. Expensive or not? hehhee

CH Voon said...

uLi: not brilliant choice it is must... if i not go i will stay at airport for 18hours boh.

iamthewitch: You should with ur hubby one day. Pics it is not really clear...

Cynthia said...

wow.. nice place... :D and enjoy yourself ya.. indeed, yes, Turkey is much more liberal..

CH Voon said...

Mei Teng: yes, you can choice both. i am lazy cause after trip i check in again. and i though the hotel is inside the airport but it is not. so, i need go out again through the immigration gate ...blah blah so ...

Donna: sure, i will choice both as well if i know it early. This is not trip - just a transit trip.

Yee Ling said...

hmm...if given me an option, i wouldnt go Turkey....probaly i dont fancy the foods over there..hehhee

CH Voon said...

Cynhia: next year euro cup is organized at Turkey.. so u can go there see see.

Mommy Ling: hehehehe the food over there almost same to our mama food! so, it is ok for you.

amycheah said...

Siok lah u Voon. But pity is ur wife and gal gal always cannot be with daddy side by side nia.

Merryn said...

shiok lah u! if only u can go with vanessa n ur wifey lagi shiok! kan?

CH Voon said...

amycheah: i know. so...when i am back to Malaysia, i try to spend more of my time with them lo :P.

Merryn:Sure! That is very Shiok!

Naomi said...

SO fun, have free!! Singapore International airport also have free tour

mNhL said...

Wow...FREE tour + FREE food...