Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Muscat, Oman

A Trip to Muscat,Oman.
When i reached Muscat airport, I apply my visit Visa at there.
An lady Immigration officer took a look at my passport.
She delighted and said "You are from Malaysian, Welcome to Oman!"
I felt surprise and told her "Yes, i am."
She told me that "Next week, she will travel to Malaysia as well"
"And, it is second time she go to Malaysia".
She is friendly and smiles at me. 
I am thinking "Different country different cultures"

After pay the Visa for R.O 6 = RM60,
I went to take my luggage, no any extra money i need to pay for (Rasuah).
He is the one waiting for me at the airport.
He is Omanian - friendly and polite.

I took less photos with my hand phone's camera.
The hotel i stay is Golden Tulip - 4 star Hotel.
It is a nice hotel for sure.
The cost of 1 night is around R.O 110 = RM1100.
I can't believe that i can watch Chinese MTV here too. 
 Breakfast are excluded.
I ordered a continental breakfast cost - R.O 5.8 = RM58.
 The portion is too much for me, it is good for 2 people.
You can have your buffer breakfast as well.
It is cost around R.O 9 = RM90.

First day, i managed to upgrade the system as customer request.
Second day, i'm standby at the factory - chatting with operators.
Third day, i backuped all the data and waited for go to airport. 
 I'm having my dinner at hotel as well.
It is buffet type. 
It make me eat a lot - i don't know why maybe it is call "Kiasu" gua.
The dinner buffer cost around R.O 11 = RM110.
A lot of food - Eastern and Western food as well.
I went to the top of the hotel and just snap a photos.
Nothing special there.
Nothing much i can do at the hotel.

There are 2 pubs - 
First pub at the ground floor near to the massage center.
There are hot spicy girls dancing and singing there.
Quite a number of people drink beer over there too.

Second pub at the top of the hotel.
Some pool tables and not many people here.
Drinking and watching Football live.

About the Massage center,
30 min massage cost around R.O 8 = RM80.
There are foot massage as well.
I'm not tried it as well.

There are internet service provided as well.
30 minutes costs around R.O 1 = RM10.
1 days costs around R.O 10 = RM100.
Hence, I am not online those few days.

Wait and Wait until 12:00am in the morning.
I went to the airport.
It was crowed! 
 It is a long queue.
I felt lucky that i am not same flight with them.
Else i will miss a flight again.
I am bit busy body person.
Then, i went to check where they are going to.
The destination is Dhaka/Chittagong.
Do you know where it is?

To be Cont...


Merryn said...

so mahal the hotel room! rm1100 not inclusive breakfast lagi!

Merryn said...

My geography fail.. i dunno where is Dhaka/Chittagong.. but i like the fact that u admit u busy body.. go n check where they are heading! lol... :P

Gabriel said... expensive ah...

Kelvin said...

Dhaka/Chittagong is in Bangladesh lah XD

Tekkaus said...

You seem so busy bro. You travel here and there. A global trotter indeed. :D

Ayie said...

busy busy...

btw the breads are alot and they sure look yummy so as the desserts!

suituapui said...

*Faints!!! Everything's so expensive...and eyew!!! Continental breakfast! Boy, am I glad I am living in Malaysia!!!

manglish said...

waaaaaaaaaaaa you really ate all the breads and cakes ar? fat ar hahaha so you can win liao ahahha

Engineer's Principles said...

bro, u fly again. how long u will be there? people come to malaysia earn good money and u go there to cheat people money pula.
take care

Unknown said...

Hi Voon, so happy to see you updating your journey and sharing it with us,,,,, this is the first time i heard of Muscat, Oman i know but not Muscat,,,,, it is really expensive there,,,, did you go any sightseeing, jalan jalan makan anign type,,, if you do please post more photos of your jalan jalan makan angin gambar for us to "yang shiong" ok?

so how did you keep in touch with Vanessa and wifey at home,, via view cam or skype or something else,,,,,,,take care now bro,,,,,,god bless, take care and do drink a lot of water i guess the weather is as hot as in Malaysia now,right?

Donna said...

wei... 1 day go slp there with 3 meals + internet already RM 1508 liao....
paid by company de ar? =_____="
else normal ppl wont spend like that...

if paid by company then "bu yong ke qi" la.. i will take the whole set, not expensive also dun want..

Paul said...

whole trip pay by company one right? =.=" and i have a question, you are IT? System Engineer?

Alice Law said...

Thanks for reminder... I dare not travel to Oman, their lifestyle is definitely too "upclass" for me!XD

Enjoy your trip! Have a nice day to you!

CH Voon said...

Merryn: it is expensive for low money exchange like us. If we are Uk citizen, it is slight okie gua.

Gabriel: yes it is.

Kelvin: ic ic... wah a lot of people from Banglades come to Oman to work.

CH Voon said...

Tekkaus: No more busy after come back to Malaysia.

Ayie: It is look yummy but cannot finish it.

Suituapui: Me too. Living in malaysia is good - only the politician x good only.

CH Voon said...

manglish: nope, i just eat 1 piece only. i hope i will not fat so fast.

SK Ding: Nolah... just the previous trip back from Ukraine. no cheat money... they want upgrading mah.

eugene: aiya.. not any site view this trip. so not much photos i took. now, i at malaysia la... that is the last trip on the way back from Ukraine.

CH Voon said...

Donna: haha "bu yong ke qi" ... dont let your company know about it. hehhee

Paul: All paid by customer. Not by my company. I am not IT but System Engineer or you can call System integrator.

Alice Law: because all the "items" are imported - that why everything cost a lot!

uLi.佑莉 said...

What??? Rm1100 per night? Very expensive rich your company :D

[SK] said...

wow, things are pretty expensive there huh?? or perhaps due to their high currency rate.. RM1100 room for you, wow, really enjoying huh??

[SK] said...

Dhaka i know where it is, in Bangladesh mah.. but Chittagong really no idea where woh.. haha, luckily you didn't just join them blindly and board the wrong plane~~ :p

Donna said...

Eh, i tell u a secret...
itu paul is from my company one.. =..="

Donna said...

very famouse one leh...
guess who is him.. =.="

Yee Ling said...

OMG..RM1100 per room per damn expensive. u lucky enuf to get pamper by ur company..ahhaha

DHaka? India ka? LOL!!!

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Hi big spender wow splashed a couple of thousands in just one nite haha. You hp camera is not bad after all quite clear mah. Btw just curious how do you know the dancing girls are hot & spicy? You used your tongue to taste their arms ah? haha. Luckily you don't need to do your Olympic training in running to catch your flight this time around. tQ.

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah...the room rates and everything is so expensive leh. Dhaka/Chittagong is in Bangladesh. My Hubby has been to Dhaka before.

amycheah said...

wah so expensive eh the room as well as the breakfast, buffet etc etc...........

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Superman said...

Those oil country is so rich. The price is normal for them with such a high price tag. They work is to go holidays all the time and shopping.

Donna said...

@ superman: Malaysia also kinda "oil country" + kayu balak + beras + gandum + whatelse har?...
i dun feel i am rich pun.. T.T

Donna said...

@ superman: Malaysia also kinda "oil country" + kayu balak + beras + gandum + whatelse har?...
i dun feel i am rich pun.. T.T
oh, and getah, 油棕...
hmmm... whatelse? =.=

BoeyJoey said...

So this is your free holiday from your customer? Good mah, stay in nice hotel & so much food :-D.
Chittagong & Dhaka are in Bangladesh... wonder why so many people go there?

Serene said...

OMG... everything so expensive there! People there must be very rich!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Wah, 4-star hotel already rm1K+, if 5-star?? That's why we seldom see people (Malaysians) going to these countries for holidays... except for business trips like you.

vialentino said...

shucks...everything in oman is so exp....exp than europe and japan leh....

Annie Q said...

WOW!! RM1100 per night, we can stay in a 5 star hotel here already.

hahhahaah, the last part so funny, airport so crowded, after seeing the long queue i have to agree with you, that indeed very crowded, omg, so long queue!!