Monday, October 4, 2010

A Letter to Dearest Lim

Dearest Lim,

Good Afternoon. I am one of the Malaysian stay in Puchong. 
I think most people stay in Puchong face this problem.
I don't know where should i speak out this problem and i write this mail to you.
The traffic jam along the LDP highway is getting worse from day to day.

I am not speak out for my own problems, it is a problem for all people stay around Puchong.
The traffic jam start from 7:30AM until 10:00AM during working hours.
I guess most of people will stuck in traffic jam a least 2 hours before reach their office.
After passing the toll station, all the driver almost look like dead fish and still need to swim slowly to their office.

Example, I travel from Puchong to Kelana Jaya which take me around 2++ hours.
Hence, i try another routine from Puchong - KL-Putrajaya Highway - Jalan Duta - Sprint Highway - Kelana Jaya.
It takes possible approximately less than 2 hours. 
But, Feel better than dead fish but should we repeat this? 
Petrol is not cheap compare to Iran country.
One day routines, it takes us around 4++ hours for non-productive work.

I wonder why should we pay RM1.60 the toll at LDP for?
If we pay the toll, we should able to enjoy the service such as fast, safe, less time, comfortable to reach the destination.
But, we cannot enjoy anything from utilizes the LDP highway but pay the high price of toll.
It looks like we pay for depressed, tension, waste petrol, kill time and all negative issues.

As my personal opinion, if the LDP toll company want to hike the price of the toll in future (Maybe 2011).  
They should provide a good service else they cannot hike unless they solve the problem we face.
For sure, every 3-5 years refer to the contract, the company will hike the toll price.
If not, government have to pay the penalty for the company. (it is also people's tax money)
If the toll company cannot improve the service, i don't think we should pay more.
Can state government Selangor use this issue to stop the company to hike the toll price?

I hope that PKR can do something which BN cannot do.
If PKR take over Selangor and do the things like BN which cannot solve the people's problems.
What is the different between PKR and BN?
I hope that PKR can do something upstanding than BN.
Prove it to people that PKR is better than BN.

Let's LDP company to figure out or PKR work together to solve this problems for people.

Thank you.

I am Malaysian


Engineer's Principles said...

voon, no use la. both also same. this is a cancel for puchong. unless they build another highway.

there are two problems here, toll and jam. jam is something very difficult to solve and also expensive. toll is something that can solve but no one dare to solve.

i feel helpless also and i also malaysian.

Alice Law said...

LOL... unfortunately I'm also staying close to Puchong and a regular of LDP!=_=

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Haha very common for Malaysian tolls, we have nice three lanes and huge toll booths, but once you pass the toll it is toil time. Great to voice it out and if nothing changes you need to start to change yourself. Wasting 2++ hours on the road is absurd. Know its hard for you as you need to take care of Vanessa else leave the house before 6:30am and have breakfast in office.

Tekkaus said...

Thank goodness I am in Malacca. :D

[SK] said...

haiz, it's good you think you can express your frustration over here in your blog..

[SK] said...

but then how efficient do you think this complaint will be leh?? unless you do a major petition for it lah.. :p

[SK] said...

luckily i take LRT to work, and takes me like 30min a trip only.. though sometimes when LRT is out of service, it takes more than an hour..

[SK] said...

so the conclusion i can tell is: you are living in the Bolehland..

foongpc said...

I hate the traffic jam! And the problem is there is nothing you can do about it! Or rather, no one is doing anything about it! Sad!

suituapui said... you stay Puchong eh? Why write to Lim...that PKR Malay guy CM leh? Lim far Penang. The old one...also not his constituency - or is your rep also surnamed Lim?

wenn said...

well, hope yr letter is effective..all the best.

WendyinKK said...

For this, I'm glad I left Klang Valley.
Things will be worse, when more people stay on in KL after graduating.
Most young ppl cari makan there, and not in their hometowns.

MyPuchong said...
Would the plans work? What's your suggestion?

MeRy said...

Good letter...

mNhL said...

KL everywhere also jam le....very pressure driving.