Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pasir Gudang - Johor

Tomorrow morning,
I will travel to Pasir Gudang to commissioning a plant.
Before i travel to Russian few weeks later.

I try to search from the internet to find any good food in JB.
I type "Restaurant pasir gudang, johor"
And, i found KFC and Pizza Hut.
I am not interested this kind of food.
I want to eat local food.

I try my luck again and type "Nice food pasir gudang, Johor"
The search engine show me this result - Job vacancy :(.
It is not a good search engine - Google!

However, i found that Wikitravel is quite a good website and very informative.
After surf for few minutes, i give up.
I guess my contractor will bring me to some nice restaurant in Pasir Gudang.

p/s: I have make a bet with my wife and i lose. 
I owe her one big meal. My wife and my daughter happy and jump up n down.
It is related to a car and journey to Johor.


Tekkaus said...

So google is not that smart after all huh! :D

Engineer's Principles said...

basically pasir gudang is a port area, nothing much there.

if u got time, you can try to go jb, i remember there got lot of hokchew people there. so u can try the very famous 光饼. if can't find, then can stop at yong peng to taste the famous hokchew food.

wenn said...

well, just drive around and surely u can find a nice eatery.

TZ said...

Dude, i will be fat with this two food KFC and PIZZA HUT. So I think Pasir Gudang is not suitable for me :p

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Your contractor sure takes care of you shall not let you eat 'pasir' bro..haha. you seems to be inclined to betting huh..a hardcore one? lolz

mNhL said...

haha...KFC and PIzza....

Wah...betting with fun.

Kelvin said...

Most of the nice restaurant are not in google~

Alice Law said...

LOL... brother, you should highlight the word ' seafood' or 'restaurant' and search in advance mode!:)

Cheers and enjoy your Pasir Gudang trip!

Merryn said...

Go there eat Pasir... they have the BEST pasir.. in a gudang :P

foongpc said...

LOL at Merryn's comment! : D

I think I will not go there cos no food! KFC and Pizza Hut is also not my kind of food!

Annie Q said...

hmmm...i am more interested want to know what you bet with your wife and make you lose. hahahah

suituapui said...

There! The last one - "famous mee soto"...and I'm sure it's not a big place, so just drive around - you're bound to find something. At least, that's the case in Sibu (and Kuching too), one block of shophouses, at least one coffee shop or more...

saloi said...

You can find food in Masai.
777 restaurant have variety of Chinese food.