Thursday, December 23, 2010

Back to Malaysia 1 week ago

Let we sit on the time machine and i bring your guy back to 1 week ago.


Time: 7:00am 17/12/2010
Early in the morning, I take a jet from Vorenezh to Moscow.
It is cold but my heart is warm all the time.
Can't wait for another 24 hours back to Malaysia.

After 24 hours travelling:
Time: 10:00am 18/12/2010

I back home and hear my daughter is playing with her toys.
And, i say "hello" to her.
I feel great that she is shouting "Papa Papa..."
And, i capture this photos as below:
Feel happy that she still remember me as her daddy.

Have a rest and take a bath.
I go out with my family - Eat Bak ku teh!

At night, i meet my wife's friend at 相见欢 restaurant near to Kampung Pandan.
We 8 n 8 until 10pm+ then dismiss the team.

Time: 10:00am 19/12/2010

Around 7 years, this is first time i go to Petaling street take dim sum with my wife's family.
After that, i help my father-in-law to clean up his factory until night.

Time: 12:00am 20/12/2010

Today is Monday and i apply leave.
I take my father-in-law to see eyes specialist.

When we meet the doctor,
We start complain that why my father-in-law after eyes operation,
His eyes still not recover properly.
Doctor tell to the nurse.
Doctor: "Please take him to check the eyes test"
Nurse: "I don't know, you never teach me how to do?"
Doctor: "Har... I taught before"
Nurse: "No..."

I and my wife laugh soundly and others doctor also shaking their head too.
I tell my wife: "I hope the doctor will know what they did when do the eyes operation for your daddy"

This is look quite a serious issue then the 2 young eyes doctor ask their head department come over.
They keep checking my father-in-law eyes one by one.
I feel that my father-in-law is a white mouse, they look like doing research with my father-in-law.
Anyhow, they really do their part and they will do another eyes laser after 4 months later.

I ask them one question:
"Why all of you guys wear glasses, don't know how to take care your eyes?"
(I understand they really study hard to obtain their doctor, just kidding them only :P)
And, the doctors just smile at me.

Time: 9:00am 21/12/2010

Normal working hours.
My boss come over here to have meeting with us.
We have our dinner at Overtime until 12pm+.

Time: 9:00am 22/12/2010

Normal working hours.
Having our dinner at Kelana Jaya Steamboat until 11:30pm+.
So, i still maintain same ages - i haven't eat any Tang Yuan yet.

Time: 9:00am 23/12/2010

Normal working hours until 3pm.
Send my boss to airport.
Before that, i received a comment from a blogger - Bananaz

"Hi CH Voon you should be home sweet home by now why bohsia one bro? No new post of your home coming? 
Busy with work or trying to adapt to KL weather have not warmed up yet or still jet lag? lol"

After reach home around 4:30pm,
I write this post... and i hope i answer his question :P
Am i?


cHrIstInA_YY said...

Your daughter looked so happy when she sees u, she must have missed her daddy a lot ;)

Alice Law said...

Welcome to your cosy home, Voon!^-^

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

East or West home is best!!!!

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

My heart was so touch when I saw Vanessa so happy running to you. Worst case scenario she would call out her mummy "mummy mummy got 'uncle' coming to house can allow him to enter?" then chak lat liao..cham lor..

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Yeah yeah yeah you sure answered my question, work and eat is your main priority as you were so deprived of good food for far too long in all you can let's see what was the first thing you ate upon touched down...oh bak kut teh ah..

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Sure you f-i-l is in good hands? No confidence after seeing the nurse answered that way. Not only doctor shake head I shake my whole body. They like "kaw kaw chan" *play play* ish ish ish.

[SK] said...

hey, cool!! finally you are home sweet home already.. hmmm, i guess the best moment back home here is that moment your daughter welcomed you back with a big shout and big smile and big hug yeah?? :) nowhere is better than home~~ :)

Engineer's Principles said...

welcome home.
and i flying soon :_(

MeRy said...

Your girl looks so happy in the picture......At last, back home.

Tekkaus said...

You daughter looks so damn happy...but I am sure you are at least 100 times happier than her. :D

Gratitude said...

Lolz so glad that you're back and celebrated the fasting without a bowl of bakuteh. hehe

Seasons greetings Bro! ^_^

Mummy Moon said...

The little one is sooo HAPPy to see daddy! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

suituapui said...

Sobs!!! Sobs!!! So touching! I'm sure your girl's sooooo happy...and must have missed you sooooo much. Nothing like coming home for Christmas. You're not leaving again, are you? Tsk! Tsk! Kesian...your poor anak.

Yee Ling said...

It's nice to see her smile happily the moment you open de door. That's what we called home sweet home

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Just thinking of that first pix of the jet. When you strike jackpot you would be buying one of those jet plane and fly your own haha jia yew!

Kelvin said...

Sigh, doctors nowadays don't really know what they are doing...

Anonymous said...

welcome home :)
aiyoo..the docs sangat creepy :(

Annie Q said...

Welcome back CH Voon!

Wah! Your girl's expression priceless! She must be very happy to see her daddy after so long, she sure miss you a lot.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I am sure your heart melted the moment Vanessa ran to you and shouted "Papa Papa".