Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Are you ready for 13rd election?

Recently, I read a very nice post!
I really ENJOY it very much.
The post is written by Elims Chuang.

I feel very exciting after he scolds those people who haven’t register as a voter.
He should translate all those Mandarin to English as well.
From his posts,

A lot of people will give a lot of excuses like:
“No time” << You are damn busy BIG BOSS? Like Bill Gate?
“Don’t know how to register” << You still like kid?? Hey! 21 years OLD kid!
“A lot people not register too” << Good habit you never learn, learn all rubbishes!! People eat shit, you follow too?
“I don’t know where the post office is?” << Do you know your gf’s mum house? X mouth to ask?
“Voting useful?” << You are useful human being? I don’t think so!
“I will register later” << I wish you long life!!!  Good luck!

Do you feel not easy after reading the statement above?
Forcing is not a correct method to awake people how important voting is.
Voting is very important especially those people haven’t voting before.
10 years ago, I felt that voting is useless and waste energy.
10 years later, I realize that voting is important for every responsible people

My personal opinion,
It is not related to politic, it is related to your country’s future.
No country, No family.
I am not agree with those people always told me that they not interesting in politics.
But, they are more interesting in making money.

Good government > Stable Politic > Economic grow > More opportunity > Money Increase > Better quality life styles > Better education > Healthy society.
Bad government > Unstable politic > Economic weak > Less opportunity + Product hike > Money decrease > Quality life styles decrease > Less education > A lot society problems.

Summary is

But, they always complain that all the price of petrol, sugar, powder, gas, water and etc. hike.
“Blah … Blah … Blah…”
After Blah … Blah … Blah …
They still continue to buy the petrol, sugar, powder, gas, water etc.
Recently, a lot of people not agree with the SOHAI Mega tower.
(What 2019? What bankrupt? Look like the country very rich)
They try to express their feeling in any media e.g. forum, Facebook or twitter.
It will not make much different and the project still continue.
If you really want to stop it, use the vote to deny it.

If the things still continue happen, at least you have done your part.
I have registered myself as voter for next coming election.
How about you? click HERE to check.

I will back to Sarawak to vote if I at Malaysia.
Air ticket fare is expensive.
BUT, it is cheaper damn lot compare to the price of the consequence you will pay for your NEXT GENERATION in this country.
Maybe, you have another CHOICE… prepare MORE money for migrating to other country.

I will vote not for myself – if I am lucky, I ONLY need to suffer for 30+ years here.



cre8tone said...

Always ready..

Tekkaus said... bet is....Next year April! :p

Reanaclaire said...

my son just registered for the first time.. reached age liow.. dont worry, we know who to vote for!! next year? i dont think so .. maybe early 2012..

Alice Law said...

Good saying, very inspiring indeed( I meant both you and Elim Chuang)! Wah, you are indeed supportive, fly all the way back to Sarawak, salute!

Engineer's Principles said...

i never vote before but i make sure this time i will put my voice on that paper. go hell stupid gov.

Merryn said...

@_@ i'm so guilty i have nothing to say.. :(

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Bananaz will be only 21years OLD banana in 2019 the bankrupt year. Yeah ppl better wake up wakie wakie time..tQ

Unknown said...

Let Sarawak be the real beacon of Change, let the end belongs to Be End(BN lah) too long too corrupt,,,,,

Gratitude said...

I am so glad that you're doing your part to vote for a better future. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah...go for it !!!

wenn said...

i will definitely vote!

cleffairy said...

Dun have to teach me... I oredi reg when I hit 21 and VOTED. Hahahaha...

Kelvin said...

"I don’t know where the post office is?"

This is damn classic XD

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Hi CH Voon you should be home sweet home by now why bohsia one bro? No new post of your home coming? Busy with work or trying to adapt to KL weather have not warmed up yet or still jet lag? lol

Bengbeng said...

i have met so many young ones who give me comments like they couldnt b bothered,, what's the point etc etc..

They dont even see the relevance of their vote or elections. But they never fail to complain when things dont turn out their way.

And then, archaic old ones like me would appear like a fusspot trying to protect their generation's interest :)

Anonymous said...

Just popping in to say nice site.