Friday, April 15, 2011

Sarawak Election in Kuching

 This is not a politic post.
This is a 10th of Sarawak election.
As a voter like me, i must make sure i vote to correct people.
Hence, i went to attend both party BN and PKR at the same night.
(I wrote all neutral issue here and all my personal oppinion... pls don't block my blog :P)

Let we go to BN's talk...
Over there, you able to eat, obtain gifts and lucky draw as well.
Some of popular singers will come to presentation.
My personal opinion here: It is easy to find a car park and it is not hot and not very crowned.
 Yesterday night, it is special.
5 tigers in Kuching will give a speak.
They are new to me, i only know one of the guy - Datuk Alfred Yap.
Can you see the photos behind? They are so energetic.
You still remember who is him?
Most of the content, he talk about is how bad the PKR party is.
My personaly opinion: I don't care how bad PKR, I want to know how you make Sarawak into better states.

After that i went to PKR's talk.
 It is damn hot.
I feel very difficult to move in and very crowed.
My personal opinion: I think the place they choose are smaller.

Because of too crowed, i have to send my wife and my little daughter back home.
And, I miss the Anwar's talk.
 Deputy Chief minister - Professor Ramasamy & Lim Kit Siang.
 He is the candidates of Kota Sentosa - Chong Chieng Jen.
He also the member of Malaysian Parliment for Bandar Kuching.

Everyday, you will read ONLY sarawak election in newspaper.
It is waste money to buy newspaper at the moment.

I am a ordinary Sarawakian.
I am not clever enough to understand some of the points.
I need some people to help me here! either BN or PKR people.

Why after 30 years,  they show us they have the good plan?

Q1. Why the land only valid for 60 years (1 generation)?
(Ref to items 6: Sarawakian have their land protection and the right.)
It is worst than Selangor. Selangor's land is 99 years.

Q2. Why they have such good plan and they never practice it 30 years ago?
(Ref to items 9: Great plan and lead Sarawak be the Richest states)
I check from internet, Sarawak & Sabah is the poorer states in Malaysia at this moment.

SHOULD I believe them AGAIN?


Yee Ling said...

I wish the party you vote for will gain victory.

Engineer's Principles said...

i'm going to teach those monkey that we are not happy.

Annie Q said...

Tomorrow is an exciting day in Sarawak.

Happy Voting!

Tekkaus said...

It's time to change. :D

[SK] said...

oh, so you are back in Sarawak purposely to vote tomorrow?? good, i support you act for being such a responsible citizen..

[SK] said...

well, sorry to say that all politician are just nice when they want your vote.. after they are elected, just see how much they can fulfill their promises?? haiz, this is not uncommon right?? that is why people always want a change, as you can see, why they have such a good plan but not did it 30 years ago??

Unknown said...

Pls give PR a chance, we are very very happy here in Penang under PR

suituapui said...

I agree. We should talk about what's good about ourselves...and not what's bad about others. That will only show that we are BAD, very bad!

Same with people trying to pull others into their religion - always criticise others' religion...and I always thought God is love - loving others even your enemies?

suituapui said...

I agree with SK. Like what I said in Eugene's blog:
"Hopefully, we will see change...and not find that we have voted for loose change.

Real sad that the focus only on the main towns and cities (where they would win without campaigning anyway) instead of working on the rural seats. Quite hard to win enough to form new government.

Denying two-thirds majority is crap - look at Parliament... A fat lot of good it has done - no difference at all.

Quite disappointed after the by-election here. After all the sound and fury, when it was all over, nothing was heard, nothing was done...until this election came around and here we go again! Obviously, we're being used and abused to give them what they want - they don't give two hoots about us. All the same...

No access to least show faces and make those at over there. Ours here, half-baked, half dead...and that's why they need all the big guns from that side to come and campaign for them.

Alice Law said...

Good saying Voon, btw... I didn't know you were Sarawakian and you even take the hassle to go back for voting, kudos!

elims Chuang Kuang Hong 庄光宏 said...

"I don't care how bad PKR, I want to know how you make Sarawak into better states." << You are very mature in politic! Keep it on~ ^^

Mummy Gwen said...

I think I know which one you are voting for. :) Good Luck.

mNhL said...

Haha...enjoy reading this post!

cre8tone said...

I like the way you write!~ haha~ Happy voting!