Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hanoi, Vietnam 2011

 Last week, I have a business trip to Hanoi, Vietnam for 5 days.
It is an enjoyable trip for me :)

Hanoi is a city located at north of Vietnam.
Population of Vietnam is around 88 million, 3 times more than Malaysia.
The 2 main currency you can use are "Viet Nam Dong (VND)" or USD.
(RM1 is around to 7000 VND).

The main transportation of Vietnam is motorbike instead of car.
The accident rate is 1000+/- per month.
Some of their language is mixed up from Chinese's direct e.g. Cantonese, Hakka, Hokkien, Mandarin etc.
It is quite easy to learn their language.

I have took some photos and share with you.

It is exciting for me talk about food here.

This is the fish noodles. 
My customer use to bring us to take breakfast at here.
It is not spicy at all but taste good.
They prefer to eat raw vegetables than cook. 
This is the name for order the fish noodles.
Either CANH CA or RO DONG.

About my lunch,
All the food are quite similar to Chinese dishes. 
How they prepare the vegetable?
They boil it and serve. Very simple! 
This is my first time, i take buffalo dishes.
It is little bit hard for me. 
Overall the food is 6.5/10.

About the local beer, 
BIA HA NOI - Taste lighter than Tiger.

Strange things i met!
Don't worry, i am not talk about G.H.O.ST.

First, I share bedroom with my customer (Male).
I am feel not easy when i take a bath.
I also feel not easy when i want to make cake.
Just feel want to finish it within 1 minutes.
Do you know what is the reason behind?
Let the photos below answer my question.

At the factory,
There are 2 signboard to indicate male and female toilet as below: 
First, i am wonder which one i should enter.
I ask my customer and he told me "The black color smile face is Male"
Why? The male is black face instead of white color?
If you are Chinese, you not need to worry.

NAM is mean Male and NU is mean Female in Cantonese right?

At Airport,
Please don't leave you things behind.
Because, the Boom specialist will come to investigate your luggage very soon.
Don't make they busy! 

Last ...
I am cheated at Airport?
I learnt from this lesson and i hope others will take note of it.

When i am waiting to check in from Hanoi to Bangkok for another business trip.
One of Chinese guy, he come to me...

He: "Can you speak mandarin?"
Me: "Yes, i do".
He: "I am Lim from Shanghai. Where are you from?
Me: "I am from Malaysia"
He: "I need your help"
Me: "What is the problems?" (I think he want to ask money from me)
He: "I want to buy air ticket but i lack of 90USD. Can you borrow me?
Me: "I have only 700,000 VND". (He want money from me)
He:"I need make up to 90USD... You can give me MY too"

I don't know why... i give him some!
(I know the money will never return, but i give him too)
(Am i poisoned by the black magic? hehehe)
And, he give me his name card as below:
He told me that he will return the money to me.

Anyhow, If you meet this same situation like me...
Please reject it! 

What a poor CHVoon cheated by CEO???

To be continue... at Bangkok, Thailand 2011


wenn said...

vietnam should be a nice place to visit.

[SK] said...

i also went to Hanoi for a business trip last December, but i just stay there for 3 days and really have no time to go around other than between hotel and office only..

[SK] said...

i see you've been visiting a lot of places and eating good food woh.. hmmm, not for me, my other colleagues who went there have the chance because they stayed longer, they even bring them to eat dog and cat meat, and also worms!!! @_@

[SK] said...

me lucky lah, because of the brief stay, just eat normal things, like the lunch you had, very chinese style like our "Chap Fan"

[SK] said...

yucks!! how come the toilet door is glass and can see inside one?? hmmm, so weird, like that how to use?? did you use towel to cover that?? luckily the room i stayed last time not like this, and i didn't share room.. :)

[SK] said...

aih, that Chinese guy, for sure is a con lah.. i never will believe them lah..

Engineer's Principles said...

dont trust chinaman, all conman. btw, u didnt visit halong bay? nice place.

suituapui said...

Maybe, magic, hypnotised. I've been warned, never to talk to strangers...and when they try to do so, run away - they may cast a spell on you!

Of course lah, you after trip to Vietnam - lots of Miss Saigon there...people ask for money, just give. Wink! Wink!

Tekkaus said...

I think you had been charmed by him bro. Black magic... *gasp*

Cynthia said...

aiyo Voon... you kana 'charm' liao ah... nvm.. small 'choy' don't go.. big 'choy' don't in.. go buy number with his name card..

Merryn said...

why the toilet like that one?? hahaha... i like the little garden.. nice! :D

MeRy said...

Vietnam...the food looks fine. come the toilet door is transparent 1?...
Looking forward for your next post.....

Reanaclaire said...

I went to Hanoi a few years ago.. but i didnt get cheated in the airport.. hahaha.. you didnt snap pictures of the traffic? that will be very interesting..

mNhL said...

Vietnam a nice place..... because of good food too! haha....

What happen to the toilet's door? hahaha.....use newspaper to cover la!

U r so helpful to give money to people. If me, I will walk away coz I scare of stranger. hehe

ChloeRuoyi said...

So, did you get your money back? I kena something similar many years back too, at a KTM Commuter station. A man asked me for money too, to buy ticket to KLIA. Dunno why, I bodoh-bodoh, went and buy for him. But then, only kena tipu RM3+, still ok gua...