Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bangkok & Pattaya, Thailand 2011

From Hanoi to Bangkok airport,
It takes around 2.5 hours.

Bangkok is the Capital city of Thailand.
Population of Thailand is around 66 million, 2 times more than Malaysian.
The currency is "Bath" and RM1 is around to 10Bath.

The in fracture is very good!
Most of people purchase Toyota as their personal car.
They are very friendly, polite and hardworking.
I cannot speak their language at all.

Sure, i have took some photos and share with you. hehehe
(It is almost same like previous posts :))
It is a busy airport and i wait for long for my turn.
Instead, all the counter is open for local and foreign. 
My customer pick me up with his Land cruise, Toyota.
The factory is outside of city.
Can you spot any thing above - Our country petrol station.
The petrol for 95 is around RM3.8. 
After 1 hours travelling, i reach to the factory.
It is a palm oil factory.
I can say this is the first time, i meet with the great customer.
They provide a high class cafe restaurant for all outsider.
Nice ice branded coffee, ice cream, drinks and etc.
I feel lucky that i am not stay here for long times else i will be a FAT boy very soon. 
We are free to drive their car, motorbike included the golf electric car.

Let talk about food,
This is the first time, i take a lot of strange food here. 
Before: it is a cobra raw meat. 
After: It is cobra meat after fried!
About the taste, it is almost like fish meat but it is a bit hard.
It is a Sambal which show on the top photos.
It is really taste good and very spicy.
I like spicy food very much.
After that, the customer show me that the Sambal is contain the coachwork!
OMG... I think i take a lot in my stomach... 
Photos (Top): It is very nice fried roti. The taste is great! Thumb up.
Photos (Bottom): It is a little bird. OMG... I swallow one in my stomach too. Taste like normal chicken.

After i complete my task.
I and my customer went to Pattaya to visit his wife.
His wife is bakery maker. 
The bread is damn good and nice.
I swallow 2 inside my stomach too.
How i reduce my weight? 
I prefer Thailand food more because it is spicy.
At night, the customer bring us to seaside. 
It is happening place here.
Very hard to find a seat over here. 
One of Thailand beer, Leo.
Nice beer!

I don't know what to describe the Thai people.
Maybe, i can describe them as photos below: 
Give Friends 100%

They really take care of me.
Thank you!

I have early flight from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur on Monday.
We wake up very early 5:00am.
Again, we drive from Pattaya to Bangkok airport around 120km. 
It is a nice trip!
If not of personal issue at home, i would like to stay longer here.

On the plane,
I accident drop my camera....
I feel lucky that bad luck is not always follow me.
When i realize that i drop my camera, i plan to turn back to plane.
And, i noticed a man is taking my camera and plan to report it.
I manage to get it from him. Thank you!

At the Immigration counter in KLIA,
I notice that there are a lot counter but only one counter open for Malaysian passport.
Some more, the 3 machines are break down.
I heard a lot complain from behind.
He said: "Makan duit number one, Malas kerja number one too"
I keep smiles and silent.

I can summarize it as "First class facilities, but third class people".

pls: Compare to 3 airports i travel, Thailand & Hanoi are crowed... Haiya... Why?


Cynthia said...

I missed Thailand very much.. one day must at least cross the border again! Yes, you should spend more days there or maybe bring wifey and daughter for visit holiday.. NICE!

Tekkaus said...

Can I puke right now bro after looking at your initial pictures? I mean the cobra...little chicken...insects...wait....bluekk....

suituapui said...

Some good, some bad... Like the guy who picked up your camera. Not Malaysian meh?

Think positive, look on the bright side. Dunno why young people today like so bitter, so negative about everything...not healthy at all, not at all.

Wonder what went wrong - parents' upbringing or lack of it? Something going on in the schools?

If it is so bad here, why not migrate? If any other country wants you, thatis!

waiyoke said...

The issue is not between GOOD and BAD.

It is between GOOD and BETTER (can't use BEST in this context)

Malaysia is not too bad, but I'd love a better Malaysia ;)

Bite Bite said...

oh gosh, i have visited BKK many times but not once i dare try the snake meat. . .

Engineer's Principles said...

bolehland got 1st class facility, 3rd class management.

MeRy said...

fried cobra?...sound scary to me...

[SK] said...

wah, you have been travelling quite a lot recently hor?? russia, bangkok, pattaya, hanoi.. so nice lor..

[SK] said...

OMG, you were eating snakes and bugs and baby bird?? yucks!! salute you dare to eat that, and somemore want to praise how yummy they are @_@"

[SK] said...

haiz, that explains why our KLIA though big enough but never one of the busiest airport even in Asia.. but then somemore want to waste our money to build KLIA 2.. haiz!!!

Alice Law said...

Voon, ths round Thailand pulak?!! Wht a coincident, my husband were in Bangkok last week too, now he is in China liao!

Yalor, good things and bad things happen all the time, but wht most important is we cherish the good stuff and the bad stuff remain as lesson!^^

TZ said...

28 days more to visit Bangkok... I'm looking forward for a relaxing 8 days in Bangkok + surrounding area :) Definitely not going for those exotic food. I have a poor stomach.

elims Chuang Kuang Hong 庄光宏 said...

omg... the creepy photos... ><"

Anyway, must be a good experience for u! ^^

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Voon you are qualified to participate in the 'Fear Factor'..Bananaz no go on those stuff you posted hehe..

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

You have changed job from engineer to air steward? haha. Flying around like nobody's biz nowadays. So they have Leo beer in Thailand and Malaisiya got Tiger beer.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Sabai sabai bro no clutch *class* facilities driving automatic gear now haha.

thedeadcockroach said...

Scary food! Eeks!

cre8tone said...

Feels so geli o... got appetite to eat those food meh?

mNhL said...

Thailand a nice place to visit...because got delicious food ya! Better than Russia ? hehehehe

mNhL said...

Btw..... u r so brave to eat those weird food. I definitely cannot stomach those. So geli !

Diana Diane Teo said...

Hihi chvoon! I was really surprised to see that you are following my blog. I damn happy to the max. I really enjoy reading your blog although I am new reader of your blog. I laugh non stop when reading the "Beware of Stranger Call". Hahaha..

Anyway, thank you so much and have a great day.

Unknown said...

What an interesting blog u have here. WIsh u ahve a nice day.


ChloeRuoyi said...

There's so much good food in Thailand, eating the cobra and baby bird is like "wasting" our stomach space haha. Very geli lah... even if I go hungry and there's nothing else to eat, I still won't touch them!

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Eek!!! Raw cobra meat? o.O"