Friday, August 5, 2011

Russia Season 2 - Saratov Part 1

Previously, CHVoon's Russia Journey - Season I

Now, it is the Season 2 in Saratov,Russia.
I'm starting scare to take flight from one place to another place.
From Kuala Lumpur to Doha - around 7 hours.
Transit at Doha - around 6 hours.
From Doha to Moscow - around 6 hours.
Stay one night at Airhotel nearby airport.
Next day, I take another flight from Moscow to Saratov - around 1 hour.
One word to describe the whole journey - TIRED

During transit at Doha, I simply take some photos which take my attention.
Photo #1: Wait and wait for nothing.
Photo #2: It is new car and i dream to have one.
Photo #3: I wonder how to drive a car in my city - 6200cc with 600horse power.
Photo #4: How to kill my time at airport - ONLINE.
Yes, this is the hotel i stay nearby the airport.
It is small as usual but the cost is higher than 5 star hotel in Malaysia.
It costs RM600++ 

After i reach Saratov Airport,
Customer employ one translator to pick me up.
Nothing to describe about the translator.
No more haunted house i need to stay.
Customer allocated me at the HOTEL!
It is cool!
Let me show you, my new bedroom.
(Don't worry, here not ghost festival - mean NO ghost but vampire)
 Yeah! This is my bedroom.
Photos #1: It is small table
Photos #2: It is small TV
Photos #3: It is small bed
Photos #4: It is BIG BIG Sofa

I am happy with those facilities.
ONE thing make me feel great x 1000
I can access to Internet all the time either at factory or Hotel!
Yeah! I can have a sweet time and chatting with my wife and little daughter!
The hotel is located in front of sea.
This time, i am enjoying to take photos about SEA!
I am alone... to take my dinner.
Nobody with me.
I having my dinner alone. 
(ER.... customer should provide me dinner as well)
Never mind, tomorrow i will ask for it.
It is quite sad to drink the beer alone...
I am the only Asian here... 
Hopefully, i able to complete 5 plants in smooth condition.
Pray to God! Help me!

When i taking my dinner,
I saw a view...

I like to talk story.
Do you want to listen? 
It is quite bored but it is meaningful.

Refer to the photos above which i took.
I saw a couple at the seaside.

The hubby is very patient to fishing - his patient because fishing is his hobby.
The wife is very patient stand there - her patient because she like to beside with her hubby.
His wife is very good, supporting and never complaint and stand there with him.
Can you see at the bottom left photos?
He is disappear and let his wife alone.
NO... He go to another side and discuss with another guy to get idea how to catch more fish.
Finally, he go back and start fishing again. 

At the end, they are happy packing stuffs go home.
They catch some fishes for tonight's dinner.
Happy for them!

I wonder if i go to fishing, my wife will be my side or not?

To be continue...


suituapui said...

Russia again? Aiyor...kesian Vanessa, like single-parent child.

[SK] said...

oh, at least this time is not the same place in Russia, and looks like this place is a bigger town and more modern that the one you went last time.. at least got seafront, good view..

[SK] said...

wah, no direct flight ah?? gotta make so many transit.. errr, staying 6 hours in Doha?? why not go to the city and have a look?? anyway now Ramadhan maybe many shops are closed also hor?? poor thing, one whole day taking flights, and then somemore gotta sleep in such a lousy but expensive hotel..

[SK] said...

hahaha.. i think maybe your wife will bring vanessa to go shopping if you are going fishing~~ :D

ChloeRuoyi said...

Oh, you are back in Russia. This time you get to stay in a hotel facing the sea with a nice view plus unlimited Internet access... consider this a "promotion" already hehe :p

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Not bad at the least got upgraded to hotel to stay and guess the food should be OK as now..

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Those younger days love to travel the further the longer the better. But after a while getting bored sitting on the chair for hours ad would wish for short haul trips. One thing I love the food served in planes guess better appetite up above the cloud haha.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Love your story that the wife is very loving, follows the husband but we may not know the exact situation of the couple. For all you know its the wife that 'forced' him to fish. No fish means no diner tonight hahaha.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Wow Season 1 got 22 chapters of From Russia with Love..wonder how many chapters for From Russia with Love Season 2? Have a nice time in Russia Mr BOOH.

mNhL said...

eating alone sometimes can be quite relaxing. Can chew and swallow as slow as you like. :)

Merryn said...

aiyo, if you HAVE the time to go fishing, of coz ur wife will be there with you lah. she'll be there with u as long as u ARE in MALAYSIA!!!

Alice Law said...

Cham lar... going back to Russia. You can fly your wife there, after all you are going for a month or so right.:)

amycheah said...

Hairan, why big sofa but small bed leh???????????Explain pls.

foongpc said...

Wow! So many flights! I dun think I can take it!

foongpc said...

Interesting story about fishing haha! As to whether your wife will be by your side or not, that you gotta find out from your wife! But be understanding cos even if your wife does not, it's not all that bad! : )

Twilight Man said...

The hotel was really expensive la.