Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guess result 3...2...1...

Haiya! I can't believe that DaVoonCi code so easy break!
Next time, i must decode it x 10 times.

The first question, the answer is 100 rubles.
 Participant bloggers are
SK Ding, 500 and different is 400 rubles.
Tekkaus, 70 and different is 30 rubles.
Bananaz, 180 and different is 80 rubles.
Wenn, 140 and different is 40 rubles.
Cynthia, 250 and different is 150 rubles.
SK, 140 and different is 40 rubles.
mNhL, 220 and different is 120 rubles.

The second question, the answer is "Just for fun".

Congratulation to Wenn!
She manage to guess it correct!
How she manages to do it?

P/s: About the price, it is either Shen Zhen fridge magnet or others.
(Chinadoll? i think not suitable for wenn)


Unknown said...

maybe u can get a haipad from china, then i will be more attractive XD

wenn said...

Thanks Voon..I saw the clue in your first Guess post. Thanks bananaz too for emailing me and providing me with his two alphabets. Otherwise my letter is still in the post office and I won't be able to get the answer. Anyway, it's just for fun. You may give the next prize to another person. One is enough for me..

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! DaVoonCi Code broken by Wenn. Congratz! The answer is actually in that entry itself right in front of your eyes hahaha. Great thinking by Wenn as she thinks out of the box but Bananaz was all the while assuming the other two envelopes would have 2 alphabets only. Its all Just for the FUN of it. So when is the next DaVoonCi code coming up? Think about it when in Shenzhen haha.

Reanaclaire said...

So clever Wenn!

[SK] said...

wow, so fast wenn has replied you with the message!! she is so smart!!

[SK] said...

hehe, actually i just read Bananaz email to me this afternoon but then Wenn has already replied this morning!! i am late already~~

[SK] said...

actually i knew who were the 4 winners already lah..

1. Tekkaus - because you asked me whether i've got his address
2. Wenn - because she has the same guess as me
3. Bananaz - because he mentioned "if Bananaz was one of the winner" and also can deduce from his guess that's close to my guess also..

CH Voon said...

SK yahor, i have indirect give you some tips hehehe

=You are right! wenn has same guess like you. hehehe

next time, i must make some question more difficult!

mNhL said...

congrats to wenn. U r so creative to come up with this game. But I was late to participate.

cre8tone said...

Congrats to Wenn!~

Anonymous said...

whoaa congrats to wenn, pandainya :)

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Alice Law said...

Congratulation to Wenn!!! Pickles... miss the contest, lol!