Monday, March 23, 2009

Bad Luck in Vienna?

Before i came back from Ukraine, i went to Vienna city.
From Vienna airport, i bought a expensive CAT train to Vienna city.
It costs me 16 euro (~RM80).
What an expensive train ticket (return ticket)!

Expensive or not?"Hey! The weather is bad and start raining!" My clothes & shoes wet! No mood to walk around... I checked pocket and realise that i dropped/lost my train ticket. I need to pay another 8 euro (RM40) for return ticket. :( "Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful" ~ very suit to all girls & women. It is really a bad day for me! But, i will never let my stomach hungry!

Hotdog bun 3 euro (RM15) "Famous Church" "We lost in the city!" Around 1 hour later, we managed to find way back.

IIt is not a fun trip in Vienna because we go there at the wrong timing. A lot of shopping mall which is a heaven for girls. People over there are friendly. All lot of tourist over there ~ Japanese, Pakistan, China and etc. At the end, we plan walk back to take our train to airport.

On the way......

" I managed to find my ticket on the street! The ticket is wet but i saved RM40! Wo wo..."


Reanaclaire said...

wow..u r so fortunate! after walking up and down in such a big city, u can find your lost ticket! U must have prayed about it..haha...

CH Voon said...

Reanaclaire: maybe i am lucky people lo hehehe (not mean i want to show off la). :)

Marciana said...

haha.. lost ticket... hahahahahahaha..
Luckily no ah sam sweep the street ar.. haha

cHrIstInA_YY said...

LoL, you're so lucky to be able to find your lost ticket! Anyway, when you go traveling, don't always bother about the exchange rate, just enjoy and have fun!!!^^

CH Voon said...

Marciana: yalor... 10q to ah sam!

Christina_YY: hahaha you are right.. it is not good always to count about it. but, it is count if you want to buy clothes or others ... Last week, my colleage went to pakistan, the levis is damn cheap compare to Malaysia - only rm40 nia