Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My birthday coming soon

Few day(s) later,
From 21 to 22 years old,
I am still young and full of energy,
Feel lucky that my birthday fall on working day,
Hence, i have one extra leave on that day too,
Talk about my wishes,
I have a lot,
Can i list down?
1. Tomorrow election, PKR win all states.
.- PKR & PAS won 2:1
2. I will won RM20 million as stated in my previous Posts.
- Hope can won 13.5 million too. 2:1.
3. My little daughter grows up happily and healthy.
4. Malaysia is for Malaysian.
5. No more discrimination in Malaysia.
6. Wish all my readers happy forever!
7. Please come to visit my blog or introduce new friend to me...
I know it is bit bored and just come to click my advertisement.
As you know...
Milk powder is VERY EXPENSIVE!!!


Kuching Remisier Blog said...

Wish you happy birthday ~~ earn more more money~

Marciana said...

32 ar?
not young but not old.. hehe
Happy birthday =)