Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hide & Seek!


read my post "I grow up"
I hided behind my daddy's laptop,
But, he managed to find me out!
I feel uneasy and i will hide again,
I, play "Hide and Seek" again with my daddy,
This time i will not let my daddy find me out easily,

Vanessa: "Daddy, don't cheating ar... "
Daddy: "Ok ok I will find you out..."
Vanessa: "Count until 100 then come to find me"
Daddy: "1...2...3...4..."

Vanessa: "Hey hey, this time i go up stair and more place for me to hide!"
Daddy: "....55, 56, 57,..."
Vanessa: "Daddy, Don't count too fast!"

Vanessa: "Hahaha i find a good place to hide!"
"It is my daddy sister's bed"
"This time see how my daddy find me out"
Daddy: "Vanessa, I am coming"
Vanessa: "Need to stop breath now"

Vanessa (Thinking) : (Oh no... my daddy in front of me)
(Daddy cannot see me, cannot see me)

Daddy: "Vanessa: come out! I saw you there"
Vanessa: "AIYA! :( i lose again"
"Next time, i will never let you find me OUT!"


wenn said...

playing hide n seek..that's fun..

TNH said...

wow..really grown can walk liao...

Donna said...

lol.. why while u counting u still can take your daughter pic ar?

ya.. kids really grow up fast!!
just a blink of eye time only..

Gabriel said... cute. she is getting bigger and smarter. soon she will really hide sumwhere u cannot find ad..hehe

CH Voon said...

wenn: i like to play hide n seek when i am young.

TNH: yalor... grown fast, and i am getting old too :(

dolly: hahaha her mummy is camera man lo hahaha

Gabriel: hehehe at that moment i think i dont have energy to play this game lo hahaha

Donna said...

psst... chat box cannot drop msg one.. =.=

sabah.. it's written in the post..

Marcianaaaaaaaaaa said...

cute cute :)
Just like me before :P