Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yeah! Yeah! My Swimming pool

Could i say that most of BABY like play water?
I admit that i like play water as well,
My little Vanessa likes it very much!

Vanessa: "My swimming suit hehehe"

This is the Giant Swimming pool i bought it from
Daddy: "Vanessa, What you doing there? Scare?"

Vanessa: "Can i jump inside now?"
Daddy: "Wait... Still filling the water"

Vanessa: "Cannot wait anymore.... :("

Vanessa: "Daddy! I am really happy ~"
Daddy: "Vanessa, you are lucky girl, last time daddy play water at river"

Vanessa: "Wahahaha"

At the end, Big baby and small baby inside the swimming pool as well.
Don't misunderstand, i inside the swimming pool JUST to monitor vanessa activities only,
~Never let your baby play Alone~


Unknown said...

Micheal Phelps in the making the small version..hahahah.

looks like the girl doesnt really like the swimming pool, why?

may be you should build a full size pool for her lah..hahahahah

Elaine Mah said...

Hehehe... I used to play this wen i was young too!

Engineer's Principles said...

voon, i want to play also :p

foongpc said...

Good to train your child to swim at early age. I don't know how to swim!

wenn said...

wow..that's fun..

Kelvin said...

Ur daughter is so cute^^
Its good to let them have contact with water since young:)

Marciana said...

i din go swimming for yrs already, cos everytime i "swim" sure drown( for a few sec) one :(
So i only play with water.. kesian ho.. let me play in ur swimming pool :D

Donna said...

no bikini swimming suit ar?

Gabriel said...

haha...big baby and small baby. quite a good description! :D

Bengbeng said...

u sure u r jus monitoring yr kid or u just like to play with water :)

Nice blog u have here

manglish said...

hey voon, i just follow ur blog recently and didnt realize that u already have a daughter this big!!!! wow...hahahahah....u tempted me to buy one for my nephew also i actually clicked the link...

Annie Q said...

Wow..that is a huge "swimming pool"! I get my boys one at home too. But i lazy to take it out and let them play, once they start playing, they won't want to come out.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

The pool is really giant! Hehe.

Cathy Newman said...

GIGANTIC POOL! I can even swim in there, WOW! How much is this? Well, the last time I hit the beach and swam was when I was 20 (now I'm 26). Haha! And ohh btw, little Vanessa looks so cute and cuddly! =)