Saturday, November 14, 2009

Do you read bloggers previous posts?

Do you read bloggers' previous posts?
Honestly, I only read the current / latests posted by bloggers,
How about you?
In future,
I think i am the only one will read throught my blog again,
When i am old (Memory lost),
Maybe (60%), my daughter will read my previous posts too,
Today, i try to find a new bloggers and try to read all the posts she posted,
I check with the Achieves list (28) only,
I think i can easyly finish it by today,
and, i will comment it by next post,
Have you think about the old bloggers?
He/She started blogging from 2006/7?
Maybe, i need 1 months to finish read it and i am really 100% free!
You can try to ask your blogger,
Some of the questions and can only obtain from your blog,
1. What is my previous blog address which deleted?
2. Which month Vanessa went to Tian Hou Gong Temple for the first time?
3. What is the 3 number of rooms i stayed in Chiang Mai trip?
Maybe, you can create a games and rewards too?
Do you have start to backup your posts?
If one day, you realize that all your posts deleted what is your feeling?
Maybe you can start to do backup?
Go to Dashboard - Setting - Basic - Export blog,
or send a copy to your mail box.
Happy Blogging!


foongpc said...

I would to love to read all the previous posts but I just don't have the time! So what to do? Just read the latest ones, that's all. Sometimes, if I don't visit a particular blog for some time, I would go through the archives and pick out some interesting topics to read.

mNhL said...

Interesting topic. Sometimes I also wonder if any people gonna read my old posts. hehe... and I found out actually some did (because they left a comment). I also did at some blogs (when I have time). Just wanna know what they blog about previously. So do drop by at mine and leave a comment. I'm reading them. hehehe... *paisey* thks.

Reanaclaire said...

CHVoon: thanks for reminding.. if my posts are all deleted... i think i will be heartbroken .. will cry... will scold myself.. why never take precaution.. yo.. export our blog? did it say to where?
mine is going to be 2 years old in january.. wonder who reads it next time when i disintegrate...

Elaine Mah said...

Well, nice question. Proudly speaking, I do. I do read my own posts and my friend's previous blog posts.
same here, if my post were deleted, even if those in Facebook, I feel sad n unhappy too. those are remarkable memories, dats y we wrote it down, isnt?
Happy blogging to u too. :)

TZ said...

hehehe... have you finished reading my previous entry? I started my blog @ March 2007. So if you wanna to read my blog, there were two years of blog entry for your bed time reading :p

Anyway, happy reading eh~

wenn said...

i will try to read the previous posts if i have more time..

Ice said...

That's a good point. I don't read everything in anyone's blog either. But I do read from the time I start to follow certain blogs. I guess I'll have a cutoff point.

It's a different story if the blog is filled with pictures. I might see more of them. Pictures are always easier than reading.

vialentino said...

i do sometimes read previous post actually when i really have the time...

manglish said...

i only follow current thoughts and even that i can spend the whole morning reading already hahahaa....

Donna said...

everyone says the same thing..
sometimes i do read back all the old posts..
or certain bloggers i like very much.. i will re-read ALL the post lor. kekeke...

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yes, I will go through and read all my friend's previous post.