Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Abu Dhabi - Etihad airlines

This is the first time, i use Etihad airlines...
And, it is my first time i transit at Abu Dhabi country city as well.
I feel good at this travelling - more comfortable and relaxing compare to previous trip.

Abu Dhabi is city quite close to Dubai.
Its first expression for me, it is quite well planning city.

Abu Dhabi city.

Why i say that this trip is more comfortable and not so tiring.
 First, when i know that i have to transit overnight at Abu Dhabi airport from 11pm to 8am.
I make a request from Etihad airline that i want a hotel to rest.
Finally, i manage to get a free bedroom provided - Airport Hotel.
(To claim the free hotel, 
First, you need to request from airlines agent when buy the ticket;
second, you need to claim the coupon at the airlines service counter)
It is not easy to get, it is depend on available bedroom in airtport Hotel.

Feel lucky that i manage to get one free bedroom which cost 185 USD.
It is quite good hotel.
I can found a least more than 5 power sockets in a single room.
( But, not internet provided :( )

About the Abu Dhabi airport,
I will give a rating around 8/10.
There are a lot facilities allows passengers kill their time.
You can play games - and online at their provided computers.
(Again, there is not any accessible wifi provided :( )

I can say everything is free if you have transit time longer than 7-8 hours.
They provided you free breakfast as well.
The location to have your breakfast is located at Terminal 3 where you need go through security check.
With at breakfast coupon, you can order any food from any restaurant at Terminal 3.
This is the breakfast i took.
(mmm... ok la)

Let's talking about the toilet i visit in the airport.
It is the biggest toilet i visit - around 20+ toilets room.
(but, not all the toilet top up with paper roll)

About the food of Etihad airlines,
It is quite enjoyable and taste good to me.
And, it is  the first that i experience eating ice cream on the plane.

Experience yourself - wish you like it.

(P/s: don't misunderstanding, i am not given money to promote this airlines or director of the airlines)
(This is my own personal experience)


Reanaclaire said...

A great eye opener for me.. the airport looks great!

[SK] said...

wow, have not been to Abu Dhabi before but i've been to Dubai.. this one look as good as Dubai huh?? well, middle eastern people want everything in their land to be the world best mah~~ :p

[SK] said...

BTW, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are not countries.. they are both cities in the United Arab Emirates.. you can say they are both counties (not countries) among the 7 emirates that made up the UAE.. Abu Dhabi is the capital and the second largest city of UAE..

[SK] said...

i have not transit before, all the time direct flight.. so really dunno about all those hotel and meals thing leh.. infact, i might get lost if i am going to transit, hahaha~~ :D

Merryn said...

the airport looks nice! The hippo lagi nice :D

Tekkaus said... get a free hotel room is a blessing aye. A big bonus since it is quite expensive. :D

cre8tone said...

Lovely flying experience!~

foongpc said...

Looks like a nice airport to me! The hotel room has no internet connection? That's not so good! I like the hippo! No panda? : D

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Yeah nice view from the plane regarding Abu Dhabi city. Agree quite well planned without snaking around like KatLumPor.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Wah how come they require 20+ toilets room? haha.

MeRy said...

Heard of this two places,but never been there before.
Very nice airport...

MeRy said...

Heard of this two places,but never been there before.
Very nice airport...

Algida said...

CH Voon the hotel was free?
did you have to pay for it?

CH Voon said...

Algida: Yes, it is free, but you need to pre-book it. i pay nothing

kenabuangkeja said...

Hi..may I know which agent that u dealt with?