Friday, January 30, 2009

5F Gathering - 2009

13 years after complete my secondary school at SMK Green Road,
Every year, we will organise a 5F Chinese New Year gathering,
This year, we choice a Japanese Buffet in one of the restaurant in Kuching,
The environment is OK but ...,
The food is less, lousy, not my taste and it is very expensive RM75~,
I am not might to pay more if the food is really meet the quality,
Compare to KL's Japanese buffet, i can taste a lot of food and price around RM55 or less,
I hope this restaurant will do something to improve their food else ...,

Forget about the food, let talk about the gathering,
Most of my friend - get married! become parent! but not yet become grand-parent,
I am not very sure whether i will receive "Red Boom" this year or not,
Hope they will arrange their wedding all together,
Then, i can save some flight tickets too,
I hope next year 2010, more people from 5F (1996) will join the gathering too.

"See! Everyone so happy!" ~ But only few monkeys join this gathering only :(
"Why my baby look scare?" ~ Are they really scare? Possible gua
"Daddy, please help me! This sister really frightened me!" "Konica!" ~ Good! All tooth look white and clean.
"So bored and sleepy"~ Next time i will not join daddy's 5F gathering anymore!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Balik Kampung 2009!

I feel really happy to go back to my lovely hometown - Kuching.
I will arrive at Kuching International airport around 4:30PM on Saturday.
It is the first time, my wife follows me back to Kuching after marry.
It is the first time, my little baby girl (6 months) back to Kuching too.
It is really hard to import people back to Kuching.
Start from 1996, i studied at TAR college for 2 years.
After i completed my certificate at 1999, i continued my studies at UK
- Porthmouth University another 2 years again.
After i completed degree at 2002, i started work in KL until now.
It is quite a long time, i leave my hometown ~ around 13 years.
However, i will "balik kampung" every years Chinese new.
It is a really a great time to pack again my luggage;
and go home celebrate Chinese new year 2009.
What is the feeling when you leave your family & hometown?
It is the life that make you to do so?
It is an optional - it is your choice!
"Hometown always is the most familiar place because it is the place you born"

"Air ticket" ~ Quite expensive!!!

"Luggage" ~ 80% Baby stuff

"When the aeroplane ready to fly?"

"Safety is most important in aeroplane"

"Prevention baby cry on aeroplane"

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ghost! in Hotel

Previous post, I have mentioned that i will not post any post about trip to Chiang Mai trip anymore. But, i have something terrible story and really want to share it out. Since, it is 6 days 5 night trip which organised by my customer. Hence, they will arrange our accommodation too. Maybe, it was not good for me to travel at this month....
First day, I located to live at Riverhouse hotel. It is located near to the river.
My room number was "24". Oh... As you know, chinese people dislike number "4" because its sign something not good or in our chinese mandarin "4" pronoun is "DIE".
I am not that supertition guy. By the way, i will stay there one night only.
Second day, i obtained a room number is "314". What! Number 4 again. I found that there are not any room number "313". I thought "314" was "313". For english people, number "13" is a ghost number/bad luck!. That night, i slept not well.
Hotel i stay is Baroke Chalet. See! My face look tired and a bit green+white face! Third & Four days, i am not sure what room number i stay. It is a home style lougne.
Home of recreation- Champadee. It is a night place to rest!
Last days, we came back to Chiang Mai. We located at 5-star grand hotel! However, i obtained the room number "604" - What! Number "4" again...
When i opened the door, i felt cool wind blow out but the air condition was off. Shit! Don't tell me that i hit the lottery! I packed my luggage and took a bath. Since, it was a last days, my customer invited us to have a crazy drink at that night.
After having a heavy drink, my stomach full of beer, wisky, wine & etc. It made me cannot sleep well. I heard a TERRIBLE sound from my left side. It sound quite similiar to the ghost movie blackground "Woo...Weo~~~". WAH! Don't tell me i met those "brother". It was scare but i still want to find out what happen....... And, i slowly "1 degree by 1 degree" turned my head to left side...
"WAH WAH WAH......" YOU will not believe what you see!!!

"I saw a "drunk ghost" there! Really scare!"

Chiang Rai - Mae Fha Luang Garden

This is the last post for the travelling story to Thailand;
And, I know that this will make all the readers feel bored about the posts. "Map of Mae Fha Luang Garden"

This flower garden is really nice & beatiful. I am highly recommend that you must go there if you travel to Chiang Rai. It is a perfect destination for recreation because of its Switzerland-like environment. Lots of flowers and trees here are of Western species. And the clear mountain air helps refresh visitors.

"Founder of Mae Fha Luang Garden - the late Princess Mother"

"It built for the late Princess Mother in celebration of her 90th birthday in 1990"

"Flowers -Lab"
Some of the flowers i took there:

"Beautiful garden"
I managed to capture a video of this beautiful garden.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Monkey See & Monkey Do!

Since, i have a baby girl, my daily life changed.

I have to spend partial of my time with her.

Besides, I have to do something well in front of her too.

She is just like a white paper, i and my wife put color on it.

Hence, I need to stop some of bad hobbies and not practice in front of her.

e.g. digging nose (explain: sometimes full of gold and block my air-breath - possible cause die)

She, Vanessa now only 5 month and 3 weeks old.

But, She is watching all movement/attidude we do.

And, She will follow after just like "monkey see, monkey do"

See, she starts to copy what i do because "Learning is start from Copying".

Just like writing blog, see, understand, learn and apply.



Photos HERE!! My wife delete this photos and the original copy too! Sorry cannot show the photos HERE!



"I told you long time ago, in front of baby YOU must act good!

See, she almost follows your sleep style" - i totally "not eyes to see"

p/s: Because of blogging, later i will sleep at sofa tonight :(

Northern Thailand

6 days 5 nights in Northern Thailand, it is a really great journey i never have before.

I travel from Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Son - Pai - Chiangrai and back to Chiang Mai at the last day. I never plan this journey in my mind and all arranged by my customer. They pay all the expenses included accommodation, foods & all ex trance fees for us. Thank for their generous.

Some photos i took...

Last, i managed to take photos with my colleague. I hope this is not true!
I don't want to have a wife look like "HIM".
Sometimes, we cannot simply say something without think twice, you will know the consequent ~ ~
"Help Me! Help Me!"