Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Wedding to Wai Yoke & Tian Khoon

Last Weekend,
I went to attend my wife's friend wedding at Batu Pahat.
For sure, i am not acting as brother or sister.
I am acting as SPY! or Try to create fired among them.
Feel great to see they play the games.

They start their love story since 26th January 1999.
Today (18092010) is their big day!
Handsome bride is coming...
Start to accept the challenge games prepared by all sisters.
(I feel proud that bridegroom have such great brothers!)
Bridegroom: "Cepat Cepat! Masa tak cukup!"
This games is test how good is your teamwork!
See - the brothers really sporting!
I think sisters need to prepare more difficult games for them.
Group photos - All sisters.
"Er... i forget that i am spy"
No matter how many sisters around, they (6 people) can handle it easy!
Batu Pahat is a good place to stay!
Bridegroom: "Er... Little boy! You took my angpao but not open door for me?"
This hair cut is damn nice...
Why my mommy not cut this hair style for me when i am young?
We are Bridesmaid's friend!
Before dinner...
After dinner.
Happy family.
Let we - "Yam Seng!!!"
Happy couples!

I would like to get this opportunity to wish you:

"Happy Wedding and Love Forever"

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I am not kidnapped by Alien!

Don't worry, i am not staying at Planet 51.
I still alive in the mystery country.

One of the blogger ask me this question:
"Eh, you seem busy ah? Seldom blog liao geh?"

For me, i normally write post at night.
Few weeks ago, i faced a problem.
The story is like this...
Normally, my little Vanessa will sleep around 10:00pm to 10:30pm.
Recently, she sleeps quite late until 11pm onwards.
(I guess she sleeps too much during daytime)
To make her sleep early, I need to turn off the light.
Every time, i turn off the light and she will cry and keep ask me to turn on the light back.
She still want to play around with her toys.
I have no choice and turn off light and i pretend sleep next to her.
After 5 minutes, i notice she look like sleeping and i try to go out from the bedroom.
I heard a voice "Ong Ong" (baby language = sleep) from Vanessa.
She is staring at me and pointing her finger at the pillow.
and repeat say "Ong Ong"...

Sometimes, i just leave the bedroom and go to downstair.
I heard she hit the door heavily.
For sure, i go upstairs to calm down her.
I have no much choice and have to pretend sleep again.
When i wake up, it is already next day in the morning.
So, I have no time to update my blog.

I am not kidnapped by Alien!
I am kidnapped by Vanessa!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Zoo Negara

On 28-08-2010,
My parent took me to Zoo Negara.
Since i am under 3 years old,
So, I no need to pay any entrance fees.

Information from Here.
 "Entrance of Zoo Negara"
"They lives in Zoo Negara more than 13 years ++"
 "We are waiting for the animal show!"
'The show performance only at 11am and 3pm"
"One of the show is Sea Lion play basketball"
(I will not show all the show here, better you go to Zoo Negara watch the Live show)

Zoo Negara is a good place for kids to visit.
They can understand more about different type of animals.
This is one of the reason, my daddy brought me here.

There are lots of animals and we spent about half of days inside the zoo.
Sure, we took a lot of photos as well.  But, i will not show all here.
If you have VideoCam, you need to pay RM25 for it.
The map of Zoo Negara cost RM2 per piece.
You can download from Here for free.

Some photos we took: 
"Why the ball is very big!"
 "Wild Bat"
"Be careful, don't let them bite you!"
"Else you will turn into Vampire"
"Can you notice any bear is digging a holes"
"Have you watch prison break drama movie?"
 "It is going to escape from the prison..."
"Wild Boar"
 "First, i thought this animals is death"
"It is a lazy and smelly boar, yuak"
"What are they doing?"
"Student of Wong Fei Hung"
 "When you enjoy the egrets, be wake of "Shit boom" from the sky"
 "Because of hot weather, most of animals are sleeping"
 "Painted Storks"
  "Almost same height like me"
"Axis Deer & Hog Deer"
"Axis Deer is Rusa berbintik and Hog Deer is Rusa Babi"
"I miss the chance to see the giant wall by myself"
It is time to say "Good Bye"

Zoo is a good place for kids to learn and know more about animals.
For sure, they will like them and keep them habitat safe.
Save the world before it is too late.

After visiting the Zoo, my parent bought this for me.
"Now, I can differentiate what is elephant, giraffe, zebra, tiger, lion, bear, deer, wolf and etc"

Ask your parent and bring you to Zoo Negara now!