Monday, March 14, 2011

Save the World & Save Your Family

Feel bad about what happen to Japan.
We need to work together and save the world.
The climate is crazy and unstable fews years back.

What a pity snow-woman?
All because of human being!
Nobody can help her!


However, we always find an excuses that we cannot start it because blah blah blah...
Just same like we always find excuses we cannot change our government because blah blah blah...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Translator's Birthday 2011

Today, it is one of translator's birthday - Katia.
Guess what we bought for her? - Russia Rose.
Roses from all people in the plant.
Birthday cake and some fruits.
Everyone included me likes the cake very much.
Just like the "Prawn" above - a big smiles :)

Let me dedicated a Russian happy birthday song to her.
Enjoy the movie clip below:

Happy Birthday to Katia!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Food make me crazy.

Everyday, I have a great breakfast here.
2 eggs per day.
I am sorry that i'm don't like the food provided.

Sometimes, the food me me feel disgusting and angry.
Sometimes, i feel want to say "NO"

However, I cannot change the it.
Hence, I will try to cheer myself all the time.
How do i do?

"Little bird"
"Little puppy"
"Vampire puppy"

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How good is the Google translation?

This is a Chinese song.
I like this song very much.
At the same time, i try to use Google to translation for the whole lyric.
Enjoy the MTV below: (check it out)

The outcome is like below:

喝纯白的豆浆 是纯白的浪漫
Drink white milk is pure white romance

望着你可爱脸蛋 和你纯真的模样
Looking at your lovely face and you look like pure

我傻傻对你笑 是你忧愁解药
Me feel sorrow for you Laughter is the antidote to your

你说我就像油条 很简单却很美好
You say that I like very simple but wonderful fried fritters

*我知道 你和我 就像是豆浆油条
* I know you and I like milk fritters

要一起 吃下去 味道才会是最好
To eat with the taste will be the best

你需要我的傻笑 我需要你的拥抱
You need me giggle I need your hug

爱情就是要这样 它才不会单调
Love is to so that it will not dull

#我知道 有时候 也需要吵吵闹闹
# I know that sometimes need to noisy

但始终 也知道 只有你对我最好
But always only you know best for me

豆浆离不开油条 让我爱你爱到老
I can not do without milk fritters to the old love you

爱情就是要这样 它才幸福美好
So that it is to love, happy and good

△我知道 都知道 你知道 你都知道
△ I know know you know you know

好不好 别偷笑 让我知道(就好)
Do not giggle, OK let me know (it)

我喝完热豆浆 却念着还想要
I remembered drinking hot milk but also want to

你吃完金黄油条 爱情又要再发酵
You have to love eating fried dough sticks and then fermented golden

The outcome is shown above.
How is the translation of Google? Good? Bad?

I would to dedicate this song to my wife :)

You are 豆浆 then I am 油条.

Dedicated this song to every couples :)

Man & Woman Dayb

Let we celebrate Man and Woman day together.
2 weeks ago (23/03), it is a Man day in Russian.
It is a holiday in Russian too.
I wish all Man in the world – Happy Belated Man Day.
I would like to dedicate to:

 My grandfather, my father, my brothers, SK Ding, Eugene, Gabriel, SK, Bananaz, Borneotip, Foongpc, Tekkaus, Bluedreamer27, Suituapui, Kenwooi, Pete, Blindperfect, DmD, Gratidude, TZ, Elims Chuang, Grey Ang, Filip Demuinck, Kelvin, Cheahs@n, Boon Ming, Manglish, Vialentino, 5 elements of my life, Superman, Terence Toh, Paul Ng, TNH, TimothVoon, Lechua, Media007, KennySia  and all man who I forget to mention here.

For you – MAN,
It isn’t easy being a Man.
Refer to our Chinese Idiom,
We can bloody, but we cannot cry.
No matter how difficult we face, we always cry inside the heart.
When we face problems and we always keep to ourselves and try to find the solution. 
We try our best to make our family live happily.
We aren’t so emotion like woman.
Man, do you agree with me?

I and my friend make a snowman and wish you happy all the time.

It is not easy for us to make a snowman – We are beginner.
Man – Never give up and will lead you to the goal. Be patient!
I hope you like the snowman we made.

Happy Belated Man day!

Today, it is woman day.
It is public holiday here too.
I would like to get this opportunity to wish all Girls & Women.
Happy Woman Day!
Specially dedicated to:

My grandmother, my mother, my sisters, my wife, my daughter, Merryn Tan, Mnhl, Alice Law, Amycheah, Annie Q, Gwen, Reanaclaire, Donna, Wenn, Dora, Eileen, Elaine, Christina_YY, Wendyywy, Wai Yoke, Mery, Pigoyin, ChloeRuoyi, Broccoli Ginger, Eileen Yap, Yan, Mummy Ling, Cleffairy, ULi, Joanne Tiew, JunJun, Luciana, Nadia, Cynthia Wong, Caroline Ng, Small Kuching, Mei Teng, BoeyJoey, Syaoron, Iamthewitch, and all woman who I forget to mention.

For you – WOMAN,
I am not woman.
I understand it is not easy being a woman.
Every month, woman will suffer of pain and feel very exhausted.
Do you know what the most suffering moment of woman, is deliver a baby.
I know the pain is hard to describe, just like a knife slowly cut on your skin.
Woman is more emotion and sensitive compare to man.
But, they are more patient and soft than man.
They need care and love from man.
Woman, do you agree?

Be equality.
I also make a sexy snowwoman to you.
Please forget us; we don’t want to display a naked woman.
We don’t have the cover of the balls.

Please smiles J
I don’t have other meaning.
I am just want you laugh after seeing the photos above.
It will make me feel happy.

Happy Woman Day!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nightmare in Kamenka

Few days ago,
The owner of the haunted house,
He was not happy that he found some alcohol drink in his fridge.
He told the maid – not more alcohol drink allowed!
We were really unhappy that night.
It is really bored and exhausted life at here.
I feel I am stay inside the jail under monitoring.

Today, we receive a bad news!
I will probably stay here until next month.
Maybe, my attitude is not good and cannot release from the jail.
Maybe, I will celebrate my birthday alone again.
It is a BAD news!

Day by day,
We feel really bored and want to break the prison.
The prison is so strong –we give up at the end.

However, we always try to cheer up our life here.
We have another adventure outside the house.
It is start melting.

We start to cross the garden to another side. 

The snow is very depth.
Suddenly, I hear my colleague is yelling for help. 

I don’t know what happen to him.
And, I realize that there is a river which covers by snow.
OH…. Nope!  He’s cover by the snow! 

I’m very nervous at that moment!
I quickly ask another friend and start to pull him out of the snow.
After pulling him out, he is unconscious and we take him back to the house.
Lucky, we still have some vodka and let him drink to heat up his body.

Vodka saves his life and Thanks to Vodka!

From that day, we never play snow anymore. 

I feel lucky that he not becomes angel like the photos above.

Don’t play SNOW without parent around!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Life in Russia 2

Life in Russian,
I hope i will back within this month.
I like to stare at the blue blue sky, but it not means that i have blue everyday. 
Drink tea with sugar - cheer up every day in my life.
(I hope i will not get diabetes so soon) 
Three Musketeers - "All for one, One for all"
This is our company names as JVC - Jaga, Voon & Charles. 
Three times parties in here:
CNY Reunion, Chay Gop Mei, & Farewell party. 
Food for three parties - Curry Chicken x 3 
American + Russian pie created for the 3rd party.

Best food provided in the Canteen. 
Drink beer is good for health?
Just for fun :) 
Finally, i managed to make snowman and snowoman to show you. 
Snow fighting - "Catch my balls"
Writing on the snow. 

Yesterday, I build another new team - with my new translator.
Today, he left me again.

What is the reason behind?
I don't want male translator.
(Just kidding, Don't Misunderstanding)

p/s: The main reason is no much work here at the moment.
So, 2 translator is enough.

Maybe, it is time - i will back home soon!