Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snow View

1 min, 10 min, 15 min….
I don’t know what to write at here.
Maybe, it is freeze here…
1 week stay at the same haunted house.
It is not more haunted house anymore.
The basement is locked because…

Same like previous trip,
We provided translator as well. 
I am working with them.
From left: Sasa, Charles and Scetan.

As usual,
When the sun rises, we go to canteen to take our breakfast.
Working… working and working from daytime to nighttime.
It is not fun at all.

I feel damn lucky that I provided high speed internet access by customer.
I utilize the facility to download movie with download rate approximately 600KB/s.

Mengapa kami punya Bolehland tak boleh? 
Bazir duit dalam F.L.O.M ke?

I have snapped some random photos and share with you.
Strong trees have to naked themselves for living.
 Little weak plant still can survive in the cold weather?
 Be careful! It can kill people because it is hard and sharp.
But, we (old big) boy are not fear of dead….
 I’m fighting for freedom.
Me: “Let me go home for celebrating CNY”
 Running on the snow is fun.
 Writing on the snow, it is really fun too.

Before, I ended this short post here.
I would like to get this opportunity to 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It is a funniest questions.

Another 12 hours,
I will take flight from KLIA to Doha.
I am travelling to Russia again.

12 days later,
It is Chinese New Year 2011.
Indirectly, I have to be alone over there.
I take me few days to calm my feelings.

Recently, I have be ask from my main contractor staffs.
I really don't what to answer them.
Can you help me to answer them?

First question:
1. Are you happy to celebrate Chinese New year at Russia?

Second question:
2. Do you have second wife over there so you celebrate Chinese New year over there?

Third question:
3. Are you come back for celebrate Chinese New year? (but the ticket is until March)

I just feel want to cry after hear this kind of question from them.
Can you help me to answer them.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Short Hair - 短髮

18 days later, it is Chinese New Year 2011.
Have you cut / tidy up/ color / rebond your hair yet?
Don't wait until the price increase oh!
My mummy help me to cut my hair - so it is FOC :).
Before mummy starts cutting my hair,
The song above describe my feeling - 成長的短髮 (My short hair grows long)
I am doubt about my mummy's hair cut skill.
It takes less than 15 minutes process...
I feel shy to show my new hair styles because i am not so confident with my mummy's skill.
This is my new look - short curly hair. (look like nothing different after cut)
Can i have my MONEY back?

Vanessa: "Mummy, may you go to learn how to do the hair rebond method?"

My feeling after cutting my hair as song below:

短髮 - Short curly hair

Friday, January 7, 2011

Be Cautious, Save Your Money

Less than 1 month, it is Chinese New Year 2011 festival.
Everyone are happy and exciting to welcome it.
But, we need to be more cautious and prevent we lose money to someone.

1. Make sure your car license or road tax renewed.
Reason: Police suddenly become so hardworking and ask coffee O from you.

2. Accompany with someone if you (lady) change money for preparing Ang Pao.
Reason: The monitoring under police is weaker because they are busy at the road block.  
Hence, this is the best time robber take action.

3. Think twice before spend money for unnecessary items.
Reason: Don't buy a lot of snacks/sweets which cannot finished after CNY.

4. If you go back hometown, temporarily stop the subscription of newspaper.
Reason: It is one of the symbol that thieves know that the owner is not around.

5. Increase your house security if you go back to your hometown.
Reason:  Nobody look after your house and our police become lazy during CNY.

How to improve your house security?
1. Install a alarm system.
2. Put all valuable items in a bank.
3. Upgrade your door lock system like below:

Good Luck!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Customer Not Always Right

Today, I  received a call from my contractor.
He inform me that i need to have a HIV check certificate for apply 1 year Visa for Russia.
After check with few clinics, that we find out that this Hospital able to provide the result within 1 day.

We, 3 of us reach to this hospital at 1:30pm.
They inform us that doctor is available at 2:00pm.
After meet up with the doctor,
Doctor ask we to wait for taking blood sample.
And, we able to take the report by tomorrow.
Before that we need to pay the payment first.

After 1 hours for waiting they to call for paying the payment.
We are not patient to wait and feel want to complain them.
We ask them why take so long.
They answer us "them" haven't receive any information how much the cost.

We really tension and feel hungry too! (We haven't take our lunch yet)
We want to voice out our unsatisfactorily to them.
At this moment, we saw a notice hanging on the wall as below:

We are damn shocked!
What can we do and wait for another 40 minutes again!

We don't want be physically escorted out of the premises!

So, Are you agree with me that 
"Customer Not Always Right!"

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011!

Today, it is 2011!
Everyone are happy celebrate this coming new year.
So do i.

2nd years anniversary for my blog.
And, My title of blog change it skin as well.
From Life 2010 to Life 2011.
I hope it will change from year to year.

New Year New Plan!
Personally, I would like to make more better and better for my blog.
I feel that my blog is bored ...
Time to change ...
(Can i put some sexy girl photos here?) :P

Cannot deny that some bloggers in my blog list;
They have give up to continue to write their blog.
What is the reason?
Lack of time?
Lack of interest?
Lack of earning money?
Lack of Idea?
Lack of everything?

I would like to thank you
All the blogger in my lists,
All the friend in Facebook who read my note,
All the stranger who i don't know,
Everyone who i miss to mention.

Good comments give motivation,
Bad comments give improvement,
I will accept everything but NOT SPAM comments for advertisement.