Tuesday, February 19, 2013



I guess most of people start working today.
Me too.
As for me, I will travel to another country.
Now, I am sitting at the dinner room waiting for my chicken rice.
It is difficult to receipt the signal wifi at my bedroom.
Wearing short plant and t-shirt just like staying here just like my own home.

13 hour ago, it is tired journey for me.
First, I use the e-ticket (srilanka airline) to check in around 630am in the morning.
And, I am informed that the airline is cancelled.
Without panic I have to wake up someone to clarify this issues.
He wake up and feel shock that how can't the airline is not confirmed.
He ask me to wait until the travel agency open at 9am.
I feel there is somethings wrong then I open to check my mail again.
They change the airline from srilanka to immigrates airline and boarding time is 950am.
Feel lucky that I am not miss the flight again.

There is 1 hour delay in Dubai airport before travel to destination.
When I reach this country, I met the friendly end- user.
He told me that their country also play firecracker but....
It kill 84 people today.
It is not a normal firecracker, it will destroy the whole building.
All the shops are closed at the city.

This city is located between airport and factory.
Hence, the road is blocked.
So, I cannot go to the factory and stay near to the airport.

Anyhow, I am fine here.
I hope I will back in good piece to vote.

GE13 - wait for me, I will back!