Thursday, November 26, 2009

Take care Yourself!

Economic Crisis,

A lot of people lose their jobs,
Crime rate increase badly,
A lot of house break in,
Expecially this month because it is school holiday,
Please increase your house security level,
Please Don't put any valueable items at house,
Please bank it or put into the security box in bank,
Please don't depend a lot on the security guard,
Please don't depend on the efficiency of police,
Why i said that?
I have this experience before!
My house broke in!
I call to Puchong polis station - number is 03-80762222,
I call alot of times but nobody pick up,
Hence, i call to 999,

Conversation #1,
I: "Hi, i would like to report that my house is broken it in puchong"
Operator (999): "Could you please call 103? to check the police station number"
I: "mmmm...."

Hence, i have no choice and call to 103,

Conversation #2,
I: "May i know the number of puchong police station phone number?"
Operator (103): "Let me check (few seconds)" the number is 03-80762222"
I: "Thank you"

Shit! This is the number i have before...
It make me no choice and i call again this number...
At the end, nobody pick up for sure!

At the same time, i try to call the President of Resident... no pick up the phone!
Hence, my neighbour help me go to the security guard house there ask them to come,
They never come over after tell them TWICE! Last, they told us: "they know oledi"
I want go to make report at police station but nobody at home,
Shit! AR... i remember Rakan Cop!
I call to this number 0321159999

Conversation #3,
I: "Hi, my house broken in and what can i do?"
Operator (0321159999): "The thief run away oledi? if yes, you go to police station to make report"
I: "mmm...."

How can i go to report police now? all my family member still havent come back yet 6-7pm!
Finally, the head of security guard come to my house,

Conversation #4
He: "It is normally... economic not good sure got this kind of things happen!"
"Take it easy"
I: (I really angry and want to fxxx him up and down) "What is the point i pay you money every 3 months?"
"Pay you money for sleeping and do fxxxing things?"
At the end, He only say "Take it easy, everyone also don't want this happen"
He make me really fxxx off!

Actually, every 3 months i pay RM110 for the security guard is ok for me ( i paid for 4 years oledi!)
One of the AJK member who always come to collect money from me,
He told my wife while i went to police station,

Conversation #5,
He (Jxxxx Lxx): "See ask your guys to pay the security fees, nobody want to pay"
"No enough money how to employ more "Sleeping dog" to look after your house" 
If i were there, i will FXXX him up and down!
Don't think i am the silent people!

So... I stop pay the "Security fees"...
I feel something wrong...

2 weeks ago, i attend the AGM meeting of this resident,
One the points of the meeting is money is run out!
In the meeting, they say need to explain the important of the security door by door...
But, i never see they take action!




Do you know where is the police go?
They go to block the road at Parlimen to stop the opposition party to come over ....
This is happen last year around 16th September 2008!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Busy Weekend

It is a busy weekend,
A lot of stuffs need to be settled,
Such as buy a birthday present to my wife, shopping & baking cake,
I like Saturday and Sunday very much,
But, time passing too fast,
I almost spend 2 days for shopping (Times Square, Carrefour & IOI Mall) and eating,

Today, Vanessa knows that we go out for shopping,
Hence, she quick finishes her breakfast by herself,

(Left photo) ~ Girls always like to shopping one... including my little Vanessa same as Mummy,
(Right photo) ~ Vanessa: "I want this Big BEAR",
Daddy: "Nope!",

(Left photo) ~ Vanessa: "Jie Jie, your clothes look very nice!",
(Right photo) ~ Vanessa: "Wait i need to wait so long? ~ Times Old Square lift"

Vanessa: "Daddy, Could you put some money inside, please",
Daddy: "No, save some money for your education, economic crisis also...nuffnang adv. also earn nothing",

(Left photo) ~ Vanessa: "Er... Why mummy so choosing one? until now still cannot buy a new watch",
Daddy:"Vanessa, Mummy want to save some money",
 Daddy: "Do you know that same model watch ~ $ between IOI & Old Times are RM120 different!",

(Right photo) ~ Vanessa: "Yeah! Yeah! I have a free Bear after my daddy renew his Jusco Card",
Vanessa likes that bear very much until: (shown on movie clip)

We enjoy our lunch at Kenny Roger (IOI Mall),

Vanessa: "I cannot wait anymore! Today why a lot of people come here for their lunch?",

Finally, I manage to buy a Watch for my wife's birthday,
After lunch, it is time to go home to bake a fruit cake,
This is the first time i bake (Don't laugh hahaha),
I feel want to bake because after reading some posts from:
 "Baking Mum" & "Baking is my Passion",

Daddy: "Vanessa, do you spot any problem with this photos?

(Left Photo) ~ Baking in progress.
(Right Photo) ~ Final Product.

~ Fruit Cake ~
After eating the fruit cake, Still Ok la.... A least i feel a bit better because...
I have one supporter!

Vanessa: "I am my daddy's supporter!"

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yeah! Yeah! My Swimming pool

Could i say that most of BABY like play water?
I admit that i like play water as well,
My little Vanessa likes it very much!

Vanessa: "My swimming suit hehehe"

This is the Giant Swimming pool i bought it from
Daddy: "Vanessa, What you doing there? Scare?"

Vanessa: "Can i jump inside now?"
Daddy: "Wait... Still filling the water"

Vanessa: "Cannot wait anymore.... :("

Vanessa: "Daddy! I am really happy ~"
Daddy: "Vanessa, you are lucky girl, last time daddy play water at river"

Vanessa: "Wahahaha"

At the end, Big baby and small baby inside the swimming pool as well.
Don't misunderstand, i inside the swimming pool JUST to monitor vanessa activities only,
~Never let your baby play Alone~

Monday, November 16, 2009

How to measure your weight?

One day,
Vanessa measures her weight with his daddy,

Vanessa: Hey, Everyone! Today, i am going to show how to measure your correct body weight.
Daddy: How to measure in proper method?
Vanessa: Don't hold anything when you weight your body.

Vanessa: And, Don't sit on the weight as well.

Vanessa: Don't get some items like clothes/milk bottles to increase your weight. It is wrong idea!

Vanessa: Don't set the "Zero indication" when you stand on the device.

Vanessa: This is the CORRECT method of weighting your weight! 
               But, if you really want to get the accuracy weight, Please take off your clothes.

Vanessa: If you are adult, please measure it alone at room, Don't measure it at public place!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Do you read bloggers previous posts?

Do you read bloggers' previous posts?
Honestly, I only read the current / latests posted by bloggers,
How about you?
In future,
I think i am the only one will read throught my blog again,
When i am old (Memory lost),
Maybe (60%), my daughter will read my previous posts too,
Today, i try to find a new bloggers and try to read all the posts she posted,
I check with the Achieves list (28) only,
I think i can easyly finish it by today,
and, i will comment it by next post,
Have you think about the old bloggers?
He/She started blogging from 2006/7?
Maybe, i need 1 months to finish read it and i am really 100% free!
You can try to ask your blogger,
Some of the questions and can only obtain from your blog,
1. What is my previous blog address which deleted?
2. Which month Vanessa went to Tian Hou Gong Temple for the first time?
3. What is the 3 number of rooms i stayed in Chiang Mai trip?
Maybe, you can create a games and rewards too?
Do you have start to backup your posts?
If one day, you realize that all your posts deleted what is your feeling?
Maybe you can start to do backup?
Go to Dashboard - Setting - Basic - Export blog,
or send a copy to your mail box.
Happy Blogging!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Window 7 & Virtual PC 2007

Window 7
I never use Window Vista before,
But, i am quite confident to use Window 7,
It is better than Window Xp & Window Vista,
System Requirement for Window 7:
Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Proccessor,
512MB of RAM and above,
1 GB of available hard disk space,
Currently, i am using Window Xp,
I can't wait to format my Laptop,
And, some engineering application not adapted to the Window 7,
So, i downloaded Virtual PC 2007 software (free),
It works perfectly.
"Virtual PC 2007 settings"

"Win Xp with Win 7"

You can online at both window.
What is the good points of Virtual PC,
You not need to install any driver e.g. Ethernet card & etc.
But, i suggest to have 2G RAM for a shared window.
Make sure that all windows are original!

You can download Virtual PC 2007 at Here
Select 32bit/per setup if your computer is old.
Same to Window 7.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

DNA from Mummy or Daddy?

DNA from Mummy or Daddy?
Let me make a short analysis about my daughter - Vanessa,
What she like or dislike,
At the end, she is more on Mummy or Daddy side,
1. Curly hair - Mummy (+ 1 point) ~ Mummy hair is curly too.

2. Ear type - Daddy (+1 point) ~ Same like Daddy ear.

3. Favorite fruit, Orange - Daddy (+1 point) ~ Mummy dislike eat Orange.

4. Favorite Mee, Bihun - Mummy & Daddy (0 point) ~ We like it too.

5. Favorite Vegetable, tomatoes - Mummy (+1 point) ~ Mummy like it too.

6. Dislike Vegetable, bitter gourd - Daddy (+1 point) ~ Daddy dislike eat it.

7. India Style - Mummy (+1 point) ~ Every time mummy finish bath also look like this.

8. Goreng Korek nose - Daddy (+1 point) ~ Paiseh Paiseh... i wont do it anymore.

9. Favorite Toy (Guitar) - Mummy (+1 point) ~ I don't have Music cell.
(Thank to Miaw Sze's present)

10. Favorite Toy (Car) - Daddy (+1 point) ~ Mummy driving skill very poor.
(Thank to Gan colleague's present)

11. Favourite Toy (Dog) - Mummy (+1 point) ~ Mummy like dog toys too.
(Thank to Daddy buy dog toys to mummy)

12. Like sleeping - Mummy (+1 point) ~ Mummy also a sleeping queen.

Final Calculation is
Mummy obtains (+6 points) & Daddy obtains (+6 points)


She is our daughter!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today ~ 11 - 11 - 2009,
It is a special day,
"1111" is a lucky number? 4D? Toto (sold out)? Damacai?
Recently, Number 1 is very popular in our country,
Do you noticed it?
No matter where you go?
You can see & hear this number "1",
After announced by our PM,
"1MALAYSIA" slogan,

What is the meaning of 1MALAYSIA?
I am really confuse,
I am really not understand what is the correct definition of it?
I have 2 own opinions (If i am wrong, please advice),
1. There are MORE than 2 countries call Malaysia,
Hence, we need to combine those countries into one,
So, we call it "1Malaysia".

2. We must to try to improve our country,
And, all the companies, service line and government in Malaysia,
Must always list at the first place,
So, Again we call it "1Malaysia".


SHARP - "World's 1st Blu-ray LCD TV
ACER - No. 1 Notebook in Malaysia
CELCOM - Malaysia's No. 1 Mobile Broadband
YUM NAM - Pilihan No.1 Rakyat Malaysia
How about those politician say?
"Please don't ask we to quit so early!"
How about opposition party say?
No Justice!
.Is it a misleading slogan,
If ask me to create a slogan,
I will suggest this:
What is the meaning of this Slogan,
Simple and clear,
All people in Malaysia,
We are called Malaysian,
No matter you are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kadazan or others,
No more different it based on races or status,
No more races parties in politics,
No more funny form to fill in as display below,
No more first class or second class citizen,
All poor people will be helped by government,
Live peacefully as 1 nation in 1 country,
One for All, All for One,
Negara Maju & Makmur, Rakyat Gembira & Sihat,

We all called it "1Malaysian"
p/s: Just a personal opinion, if not correct and please inform me lo!