Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I want to blog!!!

I want to write a blog!
You too young to write a blog!

Should i let her to blog???

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Have you Meet them (Ghost) before?

Life is full of adventure,
I have some experience in my life,
I still remember Chinese ghost festival - night after 12pm,
I went back from my mother-in-law house to my house,
I took a lift alone,
The lift suddenly stop at level 4 (car park),
And, the lift door open,
i can feel that cool wind blow in,
I noticed that nobody outside,
But, i felt that something was coming into the lift,
OMG! I keep myself calm,
I felt that the lift's door close very slow,
Until ground floor, i keep press the open button,
It took long time to open,
Oh NO.... Lucky, i am good man,
it not disturb me,
You can watch movie below:
By timothyngim,

I travel a lot and stay in hotel quiet frequently,
Hence, do you realise that toilet is strange place in your bedroom,
Normally, all people will turn on the toilet's light,
if you not turn on,
When you sleep,
You will hear some strange sound (depend on your luck),
Sound like water leaking, baby crying, footstep, and etc,
It prefer to come out after 12pm,
At that moment, your TV will turn on and off,
If you stay in reserve bedroom in the hotel,
But, if you are good man,
It will not disturb you......
You can watch movie below:
By Kickasswhiteboyz,

The MOST scared one is ....,
It is true story....
By ryan93280,

Sunday, April 26, 2009

2 days full time daddy

What a terrible hot whether!
I just come back from LCCT Airport,
My wife goes to China for business trip for 2.5 days,
and leave me & my daughter at home,
Uh! Can i handle my daughter well?
I hope so! Now, she is sleeping,
I am trying not to wake her up,
else ... I am in trouble,
Mmm she took a bath,
Later, i need to feed her porridge,
Feel a bit tension,
Anyway, i think i can handle it just like a project at site! hehehe
"Mummy is not around, i think i am the one in trouble!"
"I agree with daddy, it is really a hot day!"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to train your baby crawl faster?

Every parent happy to see their baby grow up,
After they start to learn crawl ,
How to make they start to crawl?
First, Put something in front them which they like ->Example<-.
Second, Please watch the movie clip below,

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Birthday

Few days ago...
It was my birthday,
On that day in history,
Leonardo da Vinci born in 1452,
General Electric Company is formed in 1892,
Titanic sink in the North Atlantic in 1912,
Insulin found in 1923,
The first Mcdonald's restaurant opens in Illinois,America in 1955,
CHVoon born in 1978,


Today, it is a normal day for me,
I have a holiday on that day too (Company policy),
After 30s, birthday is not that wonderful & enjoyable compare to schooling time,
During schooling time,
We celebrated our birthday until mid-night,
Used "cake" as a boom ,
through to each others,
Until whole body fully with cream & made our house very messy,
After that, we watched "The Ring" movie until fall sleep,
Sometimes, we played water ball in the garden and until tired and layed on the road,
I had took the photos but forget where i put it,
It is really a crazy & fun.


I have to admit that i am older 1 year more,

I celebrate my birthday with my family - wife & daughter,

In one of the restaurant in Selangor,

After finish my dinner, my sister bought me a birthday cake!
Look Nice!

~~Taste nice~~ Thank you sister!
As normal, i have make a wish -> MY WISH <-.
I hope it will come true!
Ouh!! My sister also my blog supporter,
She read my blog and knew that i like eat rojak,


She bought one pack of rojak for me too!

Compare to my previous blog ->Rojak<-,
My sister bought one is great and more contents!.




One again, I feel just like in Heaven!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Rojak! Rojak!
One of my favourite food,
I like the taste,
Sour, Sweet, & Hot,
Rojak contain pineapple, mangoes, "mengkuang", nuts, papaya,
and crispy fish with pawn sauces,
Yum... Yum...

Taste great! Look closer!
After 1 pack, you feel not enough and one more again!
2 packs - You will feel satisfy about it!

Feel like in Heaven!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My grandfather's birthday!

Hi! Everyone,
My name is Vanessa,
Tonight, my daddy sleep very early because he is tired today,
After daddy meet up with University friend (uncle & aunty) at The Curve,
He has to rush to airport to pick up my grandfather,
Hence, i stolen his blogger's login name & password,
I help my daddy to write a post here,
My grandfather come to KL for business trip,
Today, it is also my grandfather's birthday too,
Hahaha I have jelly cake to eat too,
My "gu gu" bought this jelly cake again!
He is my grandfather! I wish him "Happy Birthday & Healthy always"
Besides, i want to share something here,
My grandfather is MIB, and I am BIW.
where, MIB is Man in Black,
Guess what is BIW?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It is time to learn Crawl!

I am happy to see when baby grow up from one stage to another stages,
First, baby start to learn how to turn over,
After that, she learn how to sit properly,
Now, she start to learn how to crawl,
When she start to learn how to walk?
The answer is up to her!
All baby have different time to learn their skill,
Some of them, they manage to learn their skill very fast or slow,
For me, i want them to live happy and not pressure them until over limit,
It is not a life...
Er... Why i am so serious... have to cool down myself,
I am lucky guy because when i am young,
my parent never ever pressure me to do what i dislike,
Hence, i will practise to my daughter,
Forcing will not make everyone happy,

"How baby learn to crawl?"

My friend(s) always ask me why not employ a maid,

Let they take care of your baby,

Maybe, i read a lot of negatif news about it,

Some of the maid, they will prepare their shit/piss and mix up with dishes,

And, they will hit your baby when you are not around,

Are they human being or animal? So cruel!



p/s: Sorry for the video! it is really cruel and not suitable for adult below 18 year olds, if you want to watch give me email, i will mail to you.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My birthday coming soon

Few day(s) later,
From 21 to 22 years old,
I am still young and full of energy,
Feel lucky that my birthday fall on working day,
Hence, i have one extra leave on that day too,
Talk about my wishes,
I have a lot,
Can i list down?
1. Tomorrow election, PKR win all states.
.- PKR & PAS won 2:1
2. I will won RM20 million as stated in my previous Posts.
- Hope can won 13.5 million too. 2:1.
3. My little daughter grows up happily and healthy.
4. Malaysia is for Malaysian.
5. No more discrimination in Malaysia.
6. Wish all my readers happy forever!
7. Please come to visit my blog or introduce new friend to me...
I know it is bit bored and just come to click my advertisement.
As you know...
Milk powder is VERY EXPENSIVE!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Naughty Baby

Every baby born to be naughty,
including my baby girl,
When she know to sit properly,
She start to learn climb and stand up,
Of course,
She will meet accident if we not pay attention to her, "Woo... i feel better after massage for 30 minutes"
"When i know how to sit properly, i start to explorer..."
"Because of my naughty, i hit my head"
"However, i will not give up and i want to stand up soon!"
"Daddy! let me bite a bit"
"Daddy! do you know how to take bath for me?"
"Daddy, you better ask mummy first!"

"Lucky, Mummy around"

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool 2009

Today is April fool,
I like this day very much,
Because i can trick my family & friends,
When i am young,
I wake up very early in the morning,
I change all the wall clock time - 3 hours faster,
After 10 minutes later, i will wake up my brother/sister,
"Hey, you are late!"
I know they have a bad habit that do their homework in the morning,
They really scare and rush to finish their homework,
I am nearly make they cry too! hahaha
At the same time, i will ring up the telephone and info my elder sister,
"Your friend call you! Quite an urgent call!"
At the moment, my sister was taking bath,
She finish her bath quickly and call back to her friends,
I like to trick people and make they laugh.
Today, i tender my retirement and try not to tricks people anymore,
Of course, i will not trick by other people too. hehehe
I will all bloggers have a happy "APRIL FOOL 2009"

"Daddy! Are you sure you want to quit so early?"