Friday, August 28, 2009

No Holiday for me this year!

This year 2009 is not a good year for me,
Why i say that?
Because all the holiday i plan or family plan for me,
I cannot go for it,
Last June, i planned go to Shanghai trip for 8 days,
but at the end, i work in Oman for 1 month,
Around RM2,000++ wasted for that,
, i should go to Tiara bleach together with my family members,
Now, i still stay at Ukraine for the commissioning work,
I don't know the cost,
Should be cheaper gua,
Hence, i told my wife,
Don't plan any holiday for me,
else it will end up with nothing,
Just pay money for nothing too,
So, i can make a conclusion,
I cannot plan any holiday this year,
If want go somewhere for holiday,
I think...
Tomorrow is the Best day!

Vanessa: "Daddy, Why you not follow me go to holiday? :("

P/s: sorry again to my wife and my daughter, I cannot make it this time again! :(

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am their FAN!

First at all,
I, Vanessa want to thank you,
Auntie Danielle who bought this guitar to me,

"My favourite band - Beyond!"
"I miss you so much Ka Kui"
"I also one of the fan of this famous Taiwan singer",
"Guess who is she?"
"I want to become her",
"Hence, i need to train up now",

This is my favourite singer!

Daddy: "Vanessa, there are 2 kind of careers not suit to you"
"One is be a singer ~ not freedom at all"
"Another one is politician ~ you will be jailed if you not cruel & intelligent enough"

Friday, August 21, 2009

We are little piggy!

Hi Everyone,
Now, i stay at Ukraine,
This is my scheduler post,

I think this is my 3rd times,
I put my personal photos here,
I hope i will not scare you all,
After you see photos below,
If you have a bad dream tonight,
I am very sorry about that,
Please forgive me,

"This is my piggy face,
Am i look like pig?"

"My little Vanessa?"

Please become a judge for 10 seconds,

"Who can reward as a talented pig?"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Let War Begin! H1N1!

Scare! Very Scare!
Nowadays, the virus H1N1 spread very fast in Malaysia,
Yesterday, i brought my daughter to clinic too,
A lot of patient there,
I think 50% people are suspected attacked by H1N1,
Hence, We need to pretend and do whatever we can,
Try to minimize/slow down the spread of virus,

As my opinion,
Who attacked by virus,

1. Please put on your Mask ~ temporarily become a Ninja,
2. Try to prevent go to crowed place,
3. Wash your hand frequently,
4. Improve your immune system,
5. Visit doctor if fever cannot come down after few days,
6. Stop burn any rubbish/forest to create Haze e.g. Indonesia forest,
7. If you attacked, please don't pass this virus to your closed friends!

"It is not convenience to put on",
"You will used to it after a while",
Please Don't wear this mask and go to robbed people,
There is a case that 2 young people go to robbed a clinic,
I am not Dettol supplier,
It is expensive compared to other brand around RM1++,
But, the quality of this brand is better than other brand,
How i know it,
Because i bought other brand to test too,
Other brand are little bit sticky and less alcoholic!
Take care & Good Luck!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Do Not add Your Boss in Your facebook!

Never ever add your boss in your facebook list,
Today, i heard this news from Radio,
It is really funny for me,
I am not clear about the real problem between them,
I also don't want to know,
But, we can learn some lessons from here,
First, Don't simply put some message which make someone unhappy,
Second, Think before update your status in facebook,
Third, Be a friend rather be a enemy,
Fourth, everything we can have a short talk between each other,

Thank care!

I obtained this from web site -> HERE <-

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I will follow you! - Part 3

Before continue read this post,
Please review to follow posts,
. . .
1. Monkey See Monkey Do!
2. Monkey See Monkey Follow - Part 2
. . . . .
I feel that we are parent,
We play as very important role,

Every action we do,
They start to follow,

Every statement we speak,
They start to record,

Every bad habit we have,
They start to le
arn very fast,

Every good habit we have,
They start to learn slowly,
What you want your children to be,
Start from now...
. . . . . . .

I don't know who she follows?
I think maybe my mother gua :) hehehehe
My wife?


. . . .

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Blogging experience

After read Eugene's post about,
" Blogging experience,,,,any to share? "
Please feel free to click and read his blog ~ free advertisement :)
I decide to answer his question!

1. How did you start blogging, what was your one driving factor?
I started my first blog named as "www.titanshiva.blogspot" after i read my ex-main contractor Mr Ding's blog since 2006. Factor is share our sadness and happiness.

I started my second blog named as "Life xxxx" because my first blog deleted by third party.
Factor is i want to record memory/opinion for my children.

2. What was your happiest blogging experience?
After thinking for 2 minutes, i don't have happiest blogging experience.
But, i feel happy when read some blogger' funny story.

3. What was your most frustrating blogging experience?
When i don't have idea to write a post.

4. Have you made any good friends out of your blogging friends who were previously not your friends?
Yes, Most of them are from friends' list :)

5. What was the rudest comment you ever received?
So far, i haven't received but i hope i don't want to receive it too :)

6. Have you thought of giving up blogging?
I think i will not quit until i leave this world...

7. Do you consider yourself a blog junkie?
It is depend! My reader will make me become junkie...

8. What is just one thing pleasant you wish could happen to your blog?
Something is impossible to happen... but dreaming...

9. If i say blogging is more about passion rather than commission($$$$), do you agree?
Yes, i think because of passion i continue my blog. Some of my buddies give up after few posts.
But, commission is another factor to push me to continue too. :)

10. Please recommend to us 2 blogger' blog which you feel that we should not miss..
a. You Crazy and Fool - make you crazy and happy!
b. At my Blog list - Top 5 blogger you cannot miss! ~ I will let you know when 2010!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When i old, will you ...?

This post a bit bored...

One day,
When i old and sick,
Will you do it for me?

I understand that nowadays everyone are busy with their career,
and spend less time with their parent,
Hence, i want to make sure i am healthy always,
I don't want to trouble my children to look after me,
But, if i really have sick badly,
God, please take me to a peace place ASAP,

My statement are bit bored right ~ just like a priest,
But, i still want to continue to mention that,
Spend more time with your parent!

all blogger current status are "Zzz Zzz Zzz Zzz"

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A short break at Ukraine

Ukraine life

It is a bit relax for this trip,
Overall activities are :
Eating, Resting, Waiting, Eating, Resting, Waiting & Sleeping,
What a bored trip?,

Ukraine's friends
Open ceremony "device",
When push button pressed, pumps will automatically run,

During open ceremony, a lot of reporter come over there,
Everyone are waiting for Ukraine President come over,

After ceremony finish, We go to take our dinner,

"Mushroom salad"
"Fish & Onion Salad"
"Vegetable Salad"
"Ukrainian Soup with Onion"
"Pork Pork Pork"
No really a good taste!
"Sotong Salad"
"Tomato juice"
I don't like the taste!
"Fish Finger" dinner at Istanbul
Happening Istanbul airport!
People not scare of H1N1?
"I will back to Istanbul again but i don't like back to Ukraine"

If you want to know why ~ Please go to ask the Immigrate officer in Ukraine!

~ One of the reason is i am alien ~

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Parent Day!

Today (24/07/2009) is my parent day,
I born on this date,
My daddy and mummy's status go up next level,
My parent apply leave today and celebrate with me,

We have our breakfast at dim sum restaurant,

I meet my daddy friend ~ leng chai go go Jamson walter,

And leng lui jie jie ~ Michelle,

Oh... very happy i get a birthday present from auntie Miaw Sze,
One of my daddy friend,
Thank you auntie :),

We go to Mid Valley,
~ Shopping,

We go to Thai restaurant to have our lunch,
What should i order?
Tom Yam kong,

Asparagus dishes,

Thai style fried rice,
Big pawn...

My parent enjoys the food very much,
I thought i have the opportunity to eat those dishes too,
When all the dishes served, my parent told me that,
You have to wait when you grow up bigger,
I am bit disappointing and,
I can only eat THIS!

A busy day...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Istanbul Airport

Good Morning, Everyone!
I just arrival here ~ Istanbul Aiport,
Local time is 6:10Am in the morning,
My next flight to Odessa is 10:50Am,
Around 4 hours i need to wait here,

I hate to wait at the airport,
After brush my teeth,
I find a good place to sit,
In front of Burger King restaurant,
I not feel hungry after all ~ too full,
Maybe, i have go to toilet to release the something,

Now, where i am,
If you want to find me, just go to Burger king here,

I like this view,
Anyone Don't love Duty free?

"Click to zoom and see"

Over here, Youtube website is prohibited,
Hence, i have not choice and use the blogger original movie upload features,

A short snap of Istanbul airport view

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sushi King! I like

On Saturday (1st of August),
We plan go to service the car at Cheras,

Vanessa: "Daddy...Mummy..., we are late"
"And, polices are going to block major roads to prevent gathering for Anti-ISA rally",

While the car under repair, Vanessa has a short sleep,
We are lucky and not jam in the highway because we use KL-Putrajaya highway,

When we back from Cheras to Puchong using Sungai Besi highway,
Vanessa: "It is really traffic jam at another side highway to KL",
"I am really pity those drivers",
"Why the stupid police blocked the roads?"
"I thought Malaysia is democratic country and,"
"Everyone have the right to speak out their voice",
"If those gathering people destroy/kill people then polices have to stop them",
"but, they just have a peaceful gathering only",
"Polices just a stupid toys of the government",

Heavy traffic jam - to KL,

Daddy: "Vanessa, as you know our stupid government create a stupid project",
"Waste taxers' money"
"Smart tunnel create traffic jam/malfunction during raining day",
"And, Smart tunnel create traffic jam during polices road blocked too",
"Smart tunnel purposely designed to collect money from people",

Vanessa: "I know that"
"Just forget about it and do a correct vote next election",
"Better we go to eat Sushi now",
"I am hungry",

Vanessa: "Mummy, let we go in",

Vanessa: "WA.. a lot of sushi",

Vanessa: "Mummy, i can choice any one?",
Vanessa: "Er... this one got promotion!",
"I want this!"

Vanessa: "WA this one taste very nice!",

Vanessa: "mmm this one taste OK if ...",
Vanessa: "....put some sauces better",

The promotion sushi are tasted very nice,
Have a try!,
I will give 7/10,