Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guess result 3...2...1...

Haiya! I can't believe that DaVoonCi code so easy break!
Next time, i must decode it x 10 times.

The first question, the answer is 100 rubles.
 Participant bloggers are
SK Ding, 500 and different is 400 rubles.
Tekkaus, 70 and different is 30 rubles.
Bananaz, 180 and different is 80 rubles.
Wenn, 140 and different is 40 rubles.
Cynthia, 250 and different is 150 rubles.
SK, 140 and different is 40 rubles.
mNhL, 220 and different is 120 rubles.

The second question, the answer is "Just for fun".

Congratulation to Wenn!
She manage to guess it correct!
How she manages to do it?

P/s: About the price, it is either Shen Zhen fridge magnet or others.
(Chinadoll? i think not suitable for wenn)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

3...2...1... Guess

Result of Guess 1...2...3... is out...

Bloggers who participate are
SK Ding,
SK & 

I pick up 4 people who have the closest guess.
I guess, the gift fridge magnets are sent out 2 days ago.
 (Sorry, i cannot send out the coke - too big size)

I have wrote some words behind the winners's envelope.
If all the words combine together is a sentences.
Do you want to guess again?
(You may ask the 4 winners who ... to get the Alphabet letter)

3...2...1... Use your clever brain to find out who is the winner.
And, what is the sentences behind all the 4 envelopes.
If you like challenge task, you may try figure this answer.
(The first blogger give me the answer correctly - He/She will be award)

About the prize, do you want the Shen Zen's fridge magnet?
I will travel to Shen Zen next weekend, and i hope i able to find one.
(If cannot, i will try to find another replacement for it)

Hope you enjoy it :P

Sunday, October 16, 2011

1, 2, 3... Gathering

Meet up with bloggers,

First time, 
I -Watermelon, wife -Pineapple and Vanessa - Strawberry meet up with Bananaz & Mango.
Second time, i see japanese Doctor Manglish.
Third time, i chit chat with Merryn Tan, William and little Ethan.

About the story in detail, please read here.
As usual, we have the group photos as below:
 From the photos, i can say that Vanessa and Ethan are not pay attention to me :(
Where is Merryn's hubby?

We talk about everything from fruits, Japan, politics, birthday to kids.
Conclusion: we are talkative people.

4 people - born in July (14,21,24 & 28).
2 people - born in April (15 & forget to kepo).
2 people - born in September (11 & 19).
1 people - born in December (28).

Thank you to Bananaz and Mango for the gift - Vanessa likes it very much.

Thank you to Dr Manglish for the food.
But, i suppose pay for the ABC one... Haiya
It is not good to owe your guys AbC before Chinese New Year 2012.

No Hutang before New Year!!!

(Guess 1..2...3..., i have the answer oledi, Just busy receently and cannot post it out)
(Please be patient hehehe)