Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Laptop Broken!

My Laptop Broken!
I feed damn sad!
I cannot blogging
I cannot login to my facebook,
I cannot chat with my friends,
I cannot check my mail,
I cannot watch movie,
I cannot cannot cannot!
I lost all my data,
How to survive this world without computer?
My Laptop is Dell D530,
It is only 1.5 year old,
How can it spoiled so fast?
My last time experience is around 3 to 4 years,

Anyone can help me to solve this problem?
Laptop's problem is,
It will shut down sometimes,
When i go to take my bath, toilet & etc,
I put my laptop on my table,
When i come back,
It is turn off automatically,


1. Room Temperature too high cause the motherboard work crazy?
Ans: Impossible cause room temperature is around 25 to 35 degree.
.2. Processor over-clock?
Ans: I never set it.
3. Power supply broken?
Ans: Impossible because if broken, i totally cannot turn on the laptop.
. 4. Graphic card problem - capacitor dry out?
Ans: Impossible because when i use it, it never shut down.
5. Attack by Hacker?
Ans: Maybe but why the hacker want to shut down my computer? Why?
6. Microsoft OS problem?
Ans: Maybe but why when i use it, it never happen!
7. Screen Saver problem?
Ans: i turn off the screen saver all the time!
. . .
. . . . . .
At the end,
I found the problem...
. as shown video clip below:



Saturday, October 24, 2009

Learn to Walk

"When your baby can walk?"
My mother tell me that:
"When you are baby after 1 year old,
You know to walk liao"
"Your baby learn walk too slow"
My daughter now is 1 year old and 2 months,
She still cannot walk when i back from Ukraine,
But, She can stand up and walk 2 steps and fall down,
I think it is depend on baby,
Not all the baby have the same grow up situation,
Maybe i am not with my daughter for 2 months?
So, she lazy to step up to another level?
Hence, i spend my full time 24 hours with my daughter in Kuching,
She is under very hard training from me for 2.5 days,
Baby fear to fall down,
They scare!
How to solve this problem?
I think encourage is the medicine of FEAR,
Maybe i am wrong....

This is the result after Hell training (movie clip below),


Can i qualified as baby teacher?
If yes, i will resign my current work :P

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Holiday at Kuching

5 days holiday in Kuching,
It is great to spend time with family,
My wife and my daughter back to Kuching too,
My wife has a work there,
About my daughter,
She changes a lot within 2 months,

When i am "Serious",
Vanessa:"Hey Don't stare at me, i will get angry!"

When i feel "Happy",
Vanessa:"Grandmother, you make me feel itch"

When i feel "Pain",
Vanessa:"Daddy, why you yank my ear"

When i feel "Curious",
Vanessa:"What is this? Durian? Can eat?"

When i feel "Excited",
Vanessa: "Hello my friend, i found a lot of toys in my uncle's bedroom"
"Come and play with me"

When i feel "hungry",
Vanessa: "Marry Brown... quite nice to eat!"

When i feel "Bored",
Vanessa: "How long i need to wait? AirAsia delay again..."

I want another holiday!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

East or West, Home is the Best

After stay at Ukraine for 2 months,
I am really feel tired,
Tired because of the customer is too ego & stubborn,
Until i am really going to mad,
Honestly, i am not only the one going to mad,
But All my project team member!
Lucky, i still come back in piece,

I am coming BACK! Yahooo!

This is how i look like now!

"This is my current look!"
"Don't worry, i will recover soon after i come back from my hometown"

"How we release our tension?"
Every night 8 bottle of beers!
"4 people play Choi Dai Dee until mid night"

"Beer is good!"
"But Don't drink too much"

"Flowers here are beautiful"
"Poor people here are friendly, Rich people are damn Lanci"
"But this place still not suitable for me"

We found a Chinese Restaurant here,
One of the motivation factor to keep us going on,
Mr Lee is the boss of the restaurant,
Here, we can eat fresh and spicy food,
And, Not overnight food provided by customer,

My team growing up day by day,
I don't mean to built up a "Kongsi Gelap" group here!
Collect money from rich guy to help poor people here,
Degree student here ~ USD250-300 only
Our Malaysian fresh degree student are very lucky!

Have a great dinner with Ukraine friends,
Day before i go home,
Thank you my friends,
Without you, i don't know how long i can further my journey,
I want to share another items which always disturb me,
When i work in control room (Plant System room),
They always come to see me and make me cannot concentrate my work,
No matter how i explain and scold them,
They will never listen and keep do what they want to do,
They are really ego & stubborn!
When i finish my work,
They keep disturb me,
Until i really cannot hold my temper,
I kill them!
No matter how many i killed, they still coming,
At the end,
I give up!
They are absolute like my customer!


Grrrr....... Some more,
Make love in front of me!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Tiara Beach 2009

Quite a long time,
I never update my blog,
Because i still stay at Ukraine,
I want to go home!

I am quite happy when i saw some photos,
at my wife's facebook,
and i steal from her,

Holiday at Tiara Beach - 28-8-2009

"Everyone.. Let we go to Tiara beach"

"Boo... Boo... Let we Go!"

"Er... I dont know where i am?"

"Sit on the Big Mushroom"

"Help me! Mummy... i feel cold!"

"Better sit together with mummy"
"Where is daddy?"

Daddy: "I am happy to see you happy, my daughter"
"Be a good girl when i am not around ok"