Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Feel Sad

Human is not immortal.
We don’t when our date as we is still alive.
We have to appreciate every moment we have.
Not matter it is 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month or 1 year.
Sometimes, I feel that time is not waiting for us.

The clock will not stop for us.
If we keep ignore it, it will ignore us as well.
Maybe, you have a lot of time to waste.
Maybe, you never know that the time is coming.

I feel very sad that I hear one of my schoolmates’ children pass away.
She is only 4 years old kid.
I feel sad that I am not around that moment.
Friend, I understand your feeling of lose of dearest children.
I feel the pain like you feel.
I am crying for you as well.
Friend, Be Strong!
A lot of things are waiting for you to do.

H1N1 is a symptom to warn us to take care of the earth.
Please, do our part of a responsible human being.

A Mystery Letter

Today Morning,
I'm quickly go to POS Malaysia to obtain a letter.
I will not get the letter if i come 1 more day later,
This mystery letter will send back to owner.

It is not a Love letter - My wife will not ask Postman to pass to me;
It is not a Chinese New Year Greeting card - Another 9 months later;
It is not a Birthday Greeting card - Nobody know my birthday's date beside my family member;
It is not a cheque from Nuffnang - One more week later;
It is not a letter from LHDN - Received the it few days ago.

It is a Mystery Letter i received from a blogger!

It is a Post Card from Wenn.

Thank you Wenn.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just for you.

After read SK's post,
I write this post "Just for you".

15 years ago,
When i studied my secondary form 4,
I received this is my birthday present.
I still keep it with me at my hometown.
It still look perfectly, right?

After school time, all are very busy with their work.
Some of them work at Kuching, Kuala Lumpur, Sabah, Singapore and etc.
We have not meet up quite a long time.

After everyone build up a family,
Busy look after their children.
Less and less time ...
Maybe, we end up as a stranger one day?

A lot of good news this months,
3 weeks ago, my boy friend has his 2nd baby girl.
Today, i received a miss call - i guess she just deliver a baby boy as well.
Happy for them, when is my turn?

p/s: I cannot create a script like SK, so i dont know how to point me out.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm Coming - Oman

Weather in Malaysia is Hot.
I know this info from reading bloggers’ post.
19 century, people says “Read Newspaper, you gain knowledge around the world”
But, if you read newspaper, it is almost 90% fake especially politic news from my country.
20 century, I will say “Read bloggers’ post, you will know everything”

It is a big gate temperature between my country and Ukraine.
Ukraine – Less 10 degree and my country – around 30 degree above.
My customer is so consideration about my body adaption.
Hence, I will not back immediately to Malaysia this time.
I will have a holiday in Muscat, Oman for 3 days 2 nights.
Temperature over there is around 38 to 42 degree.
Try to adapt myself to the weather before I back to home.

I will stay here until 26th April
I cannot take pretty photos at here – Not bring my gadget with me.
I will snap some photos with my handphone.
But, you can enjoy some photos at my previous posts.

Ukraine (Season 1) - The End

Today, it is last day I stay in Ukraine.
I will not travel to here anymore.
Project completed.
I am going to miss you – Ukraine.
Summary of Life, I stay in Ukraine.

Maybe, I will come back in future.

The food I am going to miss is 
Good bye my lovely friends!

Me: Director, Do we plan to have Season 2?
Movie Director: Nope, the market is not so demanding.  I earn not much from here.
Me: What you plan to do next?
Movie Director: You prepare yourself that i plan to make another drama titled as "Life in Moscow".

Monday, April 19, 2010

Good or Bad News from Ukraine

Good News.
I managed completed the tasks before the scheduler.
Hence, I am going to change the air ticket from 30th to 23th April.
I am coming back on 23th April.
It sounds good news for me right?

Bad News.
There is a Volcano happen in Iceland.
It creates a dust which it is harmful for airplane’s engine.
So, almost all the airport in Europe closed!
Maybe you can read news from HERE.

Indirectly, it causes the Ukraine’s airport closed down too.
How I come back from Ukraine to Malaysia?

I am still figuring it out.
Maybe, I will take a ferry from Ukraine to Istanbul airport.
Maybe, I try to swimming from West to East?
My contractor told me – Maybe, I will stay here for another 6 months!
I don’t know what to do?
I try to think positive – which I will back soon!

As previously discussion, I will travel to Oman from Ukraine for 2 – 3 days.
Now, I guess it is impossible!
Currently, what I can to is waiting for good news.

Handsome Superman (from Sibu),
If you read my post,
Please come to rescue me out of here!

Do you agree with me that…
“No news is good news”

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life Vs Money

Money VS Life.
Which one is more important for you?
As for me, Life is more important.
Money I can earn again.

There are some cases happen in our society.

Case #1:
A girl’s bag grabbed.
She drove her car and chased the robber.
And, she lost control and hit the motorbike and kills the mugger.

Case #2:
A strong man is robbed as well.
He fights back them.
Yes, he is black belt in Taekwondo.
He killed at the end.

Should we just pass the money to them and go?
I will follow what my daughter do.

“Don’t kill me”
“My money in the bank, please feel free go to get it”

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Melissa Chen & David's Wedding

Today is a special day for my friend.
Actually, she is my wife's schoolmates.
I know her around 2579 days.

Let, i record back when i meet her...
Sure, i meet her some where at Jalan Pasar, Pudu.
I always like to tease people especial someone who sporting.
I always tease her that her size bigger than me.
When i know who is her boyfriend, and i stop tease her anymore.

I learned Saolin Kungfu before, but i am damn sure that i can not flight with him.
Her boyfriend (Hubby after today) is look like GIANT, around 190cm tall.
He look like gangster as well (This is what my friend described - NOT ME!)

This time, i cannot make it and cannot attend your wonderful day.
Maybe, i plan go to Penang when i back from Ukraine.
I come back to treat you a big meal (but you choose a place - OK)
But, i haven't discuss with my wife - we will fix the date!

I cannot wait to get your wedding photos.
Hence, I steal your Facebook photos.
I hope it is alright for you. (Tell me if not - OK)

I and my family wish you:
"Happy Wedding and Love Forever"

Friday, April 16, 2010

Good Vs Bad

There always has opposition terms.

Good Vs Bad.
Pretty Vs Ugly.
Tall Vs Short.
Fat Vs Thin.

Pro blogger Vs Poor blogger.
Good post Vs Poor post.
Long post Vs short post.

MIC Vs Hidraf.

How about a place name?

There are a lot...

Kuching Vs Pulau Tikus

Kuching is a capital of Sarawak, Malaysia.
Pulau Tikus is a place at Penang, Malaysia.

Black Sea Vs White Sea

Black Sea located South of Ukraine.
White Sea located North of Russia.

How about Batman?

A city located in the Turkey.

Maybe you not believe me, hence i need to show some photos here.

Can anyone tell me where is the Batwoman place located?
I try to surf net and but i obtain nothing information about this.

But, i manage to obtain this -

p/s: please tell me where is Batwoman city located?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Secret

I tell you a secret but please don’t tell others.
Keep it as a secret.
Do you read a book’s titles “Secret”?
If you haven’t read the book and I can summarize it as:
“Always think positively and everything goes smoothly”
Honestly, I haven’t read it as well.

Previously, I wrote a post “Good mood make everything smooth”
It is really apply here – “Secret”

Start from here (all comments I reply)…

Life is unpredicted.  A lot of commitments we carried on.
Many things we need to consider.
Every steps we make, there is a consequence.

“Mommy Ling”
I have a safe journey else I will not write this post here.
Currently, there is plane crashed and the entire politician die included their President.
Pay my respect them as well.

“SK Ding”
Human like to see beautiful creatures.
I guess it is applied to you too.
Unlucky that not pretty creatures around in the airport.

My mood is good not because I can watch pretty girl (Not around).
I want to take a dinner and the main purpose is ONLINE!
Without my glasses, I see all are not Leng chai and Leng Lui.

“Mummy Gwen”
Actually, my wish is really hard to come true.
I wish I can win a lottery but I win a SAMAN.
I wish I can rest at the Istanbul Hotel but I sit on the floor.

“Annie Q”
I really have a pleasant and smooth journey this time.
I HAVE to take Turkish Airline.
This time, nobody sit beside me, my ass can sit on 2 seats!
I am DAMN Happy!

Yes! Changi Airpot is GREAT!
How to do so?
Go to Information counter and pass your passport to them.
And, they will register and give you a password to online.
But, KLIA Airport is the BEST!

I will not feel I lose because I use to it.
Compact travelling is damn tired!
It will effect of you biological clock of your body.
I will hibernate after this trip.
Maybe, a holiday at Penang!

Work here is a bit pity like Manglish.
I feel like isolated from them.
They are not thoughtful compare to Asian people.
How I can enjoy my work?

I should not to put a word “forget”.
I leave it to my wife – compact camera.
I hope she can take some of my daughter photos and show me.
But, I am not carrying my Canon 500D with me too.
Later, all the workers think that I am holiday here.

“Mei Teng”
Flying to Ukraine takes me around 10 hours.
It is safe journey.
So far, airplane is the safe transport in the world.
Can you count how many accidents – car, train, ships per year?
But, I still SCARE!

Actually, it will not happen if delay for 3 hours.
When I reach Istanbul Airport, it is 6 am in the morning.
My next flight is around 3 pm in the afternoon.
My dream comes true if delay 8 hours!

“Alice Law”
Short term travelling is still ok for me.
It is better 1 - 2 weeks.
Feel sad that every time I come back, my daughter cannot recognize me.

It is depend how you want it happens.
Everything smooth makes good – passive.
It means you “wait” it to happen and maybe not.
Good Mood makes everything smooth –Active.
You create the mystery.

Once to twice, it is feel great.
Three to fifth, it is still acceptable.
Sixth above, you will never say “I like it”.

Sleeping is for longer journey.
But, I feel that sleep is wasting time.
I use that time to finish a book.
For sure, it is not a porno magazine.

I just try to cheer me up with a good mood.
Wearing glasses is troublesome.
Hence, I leave it as a toy for my daughter.

This is the secret!
Positive lead you to Heaven.
Negative lead you to Hell.
But, we are polluted by Negative environment.
Are we going to Hell?

It is difficult to find a dish in our own country.
Do you pay under table money?
If you say “Nope”, they will shout to you “NEXT!”

It is DAMN smooth for the first time (6 trips).
They never ask me or hold for nothing.
When they saw my passport, without ask twice, they let me go.
When they see my luggage, I try to open it but stopped by them.
“No need to open your luggage, how much money you bring here?”
“200 USD” – “Ok, GO!”

How to explore the world?
Customer here is stingy and never bring me explore the place.
Factory – Apartment – Factory – Apartment.
Unless – I explorer myself.

This is the longest post I can write.
I guess today is a lonely day for me.
I can only celebrate my special day with drinking plain water at night.
I feel proud that my daughter order a meal and send over to me.

Vanessa: “Daddy, What meal for your special day?”

Vanessa: “Your special day's present is I will gain weight around 2 to 3kg and grow height to 2 cm more”

P/S: Bananaz – You never give me your real name, I thought you want to keep secret.
Hence, I write it as Bananaz.  If I were the gal, I will laugh as well. LOL.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Never Give Up so Easy (II)

Hi, I am little Strong tiger.
And, Vanessa is my new master.
We will demo a lesson here.
“Never Give Up So Easy (II)”
Tiger: “In our life, we always face a lot of challenges and problems, right?”

When you feel depressed, doubt, sad, face failures & troubles, looked down, bullied  & critised by others…
No matter how strong the enemies, opponents, challege you face to …

Think positively, Be patient, Believe in yourself, Focus on Goal, 
Ignore the “small people” and Keep it on.

One day…

They will leave you alone.

And, find others' target.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It is a BIG Pop

Several days I disappear in blogging world, it’s not mean that I stop blogging. 
I have to concentrate and focus on my commissioning tasks here.
It is neither a jokes nor games.
It is a critical moment.
Do you know any idea about hydrogenation plant?

Hydrogenation plant‘s main operation reaction between refined Palm oil or sun flower oil or others oil with hydrogen, H2 gas under vacuum to produce margarine or others oil product. 
If you are chemist, you understood more about the bonding between hydrogen with the oil. 
More bonding process takes place effect the IV values drop….

Sound not so serious right?
When I study my chemistry subject during my secondary school,
I like do one of the experiment – how to check the gas is hydrogen gas.
After electrolyze process, H2 is produced and accumulated inside an experiment tube/Tabung uji.
Put a “Kayu penyala” near closely to the “Tabung uji”, and you will hear “pop” sound.

Please imagine the “Tabung uji” is magnified to 7 meter height and diameter is 3 meter.
If the tank collected with hydrogen gas and it is leaking while someone is playing fire around, you will not hear “Pop” sound to any further extent!
I guess you will hear “BOOM” and the surrounding area will be spotless.

Despite it is dangerous zone, and I were puzzled that a lot of “Tester” walking around there.
Do you know what I mean by “Tester”?
Do you know how to check the leaking of hydrogen gas?
Very simple, just ask the “Tester” go to the place and light up their loving cigarette
(I emphases here that I am not criticize those people who smoke)

When you see photos below, Hydrogen gas is definite Leaking.

Don't worry, there are a lot of tester line up there for this testing.

There is a law against this but it is rarely enforced because boss is the gang of the “Tester”.

What you can do before it happen to you?


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good mood make everything smooth.

Currently, i at Singapore Airport.
I realize that the Turkish airline delay again to 12:50am.
That mean, i still have time walking around.

I go straight to information counter to ask for wireless service.
Hehehe i manage to get it. 
Woo.. i can online. (just like a vampire smell human blood).
I straight walk to the Starbucks coffee.
And, i order one sandwich and one hot chocolate for my dinner.

I find a nice seat and watching people walk by.
sure, i am enjoying my sandwich and hot chocolate drink.
woo... I believe this trip is peace of mind.

I have another 1 hour...
Nothing to do... just look around watch leng chai and leng lui lo....
I saw a China girl puts some old newspaper on the floor and sleep on it.
Should i borrow some from her?
OH... she wakes up and read the old newspaper now.
Maybe, she knows that i talk something bad behind her.
Now... she is eating an apple and going to finish soon.
I notice that she is drinking mineral water now.
I wonder how long she wait for her flight. Pity girl.
Should i take her photos to show here...
I guess her ages is 5 to 6 year older that me.
Oh... i forget to bring my camera this trip.

Feel so relax to transit at Singapore airport.
Aiya... i forgot to bring my glass with me... cannot see people at 500meter away.

Because of Turkish Airlines delay again for 2 hours,
I am not scare to miss a flight from Istanbul to Odessa...
If miss, i feel happy then i can stay one night at Istanbul Hotel... cool!
Please miss the flight, I beg you! Please!!!!

Do you like to travel?

Travel again next 20 hours!
Do you like to travel around the world?
I like to travel around to see what is the different others country.
I like to taste different dishes and know other people cultures.

From Malaysia to Asia to Europe to Africa...

Spain is the country i like the most.
I like the natural and feel relax and nice view.

Ukraine is the country i unwilling to travel.
I feel tension every time in and out from the immigration gate.

10 reasons why I hate to travel this month:
1. I miss my wife and daughter.
2. I miss the chances to see my friend's new born baby - Joyanne.
3. I miss the chances to attend my friend's wedding at Penang - Mellisa & David.
4. I miss the opportunity to drunk my friend.
5. I miss the trip to Penang.
6. Indirectly, I miss Penang food as well.
7. I miss my holiday on my birthday.
8. I miss my celebration birthday with my family.
9. I miss blogging.
10. I miss everything just for Ukraine.

No choice! This is my job, this is my responsible.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Handphone Vs Telephone

How long you never use your telephone at home?
How many times you use telephone to make a call?
Every month you pay the rental for Telecom and is it worth for it?

Modern day...
I can see some small kids around 5 years old,
They have a hi-end hand phone with them.
I feel not easy to show my hand phone out.
I wonder they need it at their age?
Maybe, hand phone's price getting lower and lower compare to 20 years ago.
I still remember my father carry a "box" which call Hand phone cost around RM6-7K.

My daughter is category as modern generation.

One day, She makes some call to her friends.

After finish chatting with her friend, her hand phone out of battery.
So, Vanessa has not choice to use telephone at home.

Both side cannot hear each other clearly.
After trying some many times...
They give up.

Whose problem?
Do you know?

Practice make prefect;
Less Practice make a lot mistake.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sarawak Laksa

Homemade Sarawak Laksa.
Feel free today and try to clear some of the "store" in my kitchen.
I go to nearby Hypermarket Giant to buy some stuffs for making my hometown Sarawak Laksa.

First at all, i find out the Sambal Laksa which i bought from Sarawak.
Sambal Laksa Sarawak

My little sister helps me to prepare some of the ingredient as well.
Bihun, slice of chicken meat, fish balls, pawn, sprout and etc.
I like to do the food presentation especially mee, bihun and etc.
Pour Laksa soup inside the bowl mixed up with the ingredient.
I am not quite happy with the outcome.

I forget to put something inside...
1) fried eggs.
2) Milk (i make a mistake that i bought Vanila favour milk)

My sister ask me when is the expiry date of the Laksa package.
I keep in silent for a while and not answer her.

Actually, the Laksa package was expiry 2 years ago.
It still look good for me. 
(Any site effect, you will know it by tomorrow)
This is one of the reason, i am not invite my friends come to enjoy.

What is your favourite cartoon movie

What is your favorite Cartoon movie?
e.g. Superman, Batman, Sailormoon, & etc.

Me, i cannot remember the which one i like the most,
Maybe - Naruto! Hehehee
But, i know what is my daughter's favorite cartoon movie,

It is a quite a new cartoon movie,
This cartoon is about a life adventure,
From a kid until senior citizen,
He and his wife have a ambitious go to south africa's waterfall,
The journey of adverture start when they meet each other until his wife death,

Another new chapter start after his wife death,
For me, there is a lot of not logical issue inside the cartoon,
But, the meaning of this movie is good.

The title of this movie is "UP",
I don't know why my daughter like this movie very much,
Unitl now, i guess she watches aleast more than 10 times plus,
Good or not.... Maybe you have a look!

Friday, April 2, 2010

I like the Design!

It is Cool!
I guess this kind of design you can read it through forward mail too.
I have snap some photos at the wet market of Bangkok.

"Is it look blur right?"
If yes, your eyes are sick!
 "The Killers World Destruction Tour"
"Do you know who are they?"
"If yes, do you know where to buy their album"
"I want"
"Girl friend"
 "Please tell me, which side is your girlfriend"
"Please don't ask me back"
I have wife - not girlfriend.
 "Stop following Me!"
"Cute right?"
 "If Lost and/or Drunk"
"Do you know what this mean?"
"Find it out yourself ok"
"If you face this problem, this is the solution!"


Bangkok (I)

This is my second times, i travel to Bangkok.
Nothing much special for this trip!
I can summarize this trip as shopping trip.
I have snap some photos and share with your guys.

As usual, i check in and line up to the plane.
Before that, i have my breakfast here with my wife.
I reach Bangkok Airport and wait for my luggage.
After check in to Anorma Hotel, I go to this famous temple.
This is me! (A fat tummy guy)
Nothing much i can do when wait my others colleague come back from Pattaya.
After a bath, we go to wet market.
RM1 per plate, you dare to try? I tried.
King Power building! Duty Free shopping mall.
Nothing special - Shopping Shopping and Shopping.
Waiting is part of my trip... lucky, there is another King Kong be my partner.
River view - We going to have our lunch on the boat!
I guess all bloggers feel bored right... Let you guys see pretty girl to refresh a bit.
Night View.
We have our dinner on this "Boat"?

I forget to share with you guys...
We have a lot of friends around here...
They are...

You want to join? 200bath per day.

Wait until tomorrow morning, when the sun rises.... To be cont...