Thursday, July 12, 2012

Letter from Government - Answer

It is Fake Letter!

Beware everyone!
Nowadays, there is a lot of trick to cheat your money!
(I can say someone is selling your information)

How i know it is fake?
I went to find the this branch of office,
This office is closed and moved to other place.
I try to call the office number, there is nobody pick up.

After call the guy, 
He tried to scare you but we scare him back.
Try to ask what is the office number and some details...
He is quite another side for a while,
He replies to call us back later...

I guess he will never call back anymore!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Letter from Government!

I am very surprise to received this kind of letter!

Without envelope?
Without address mailing?
I get this paper from my mail box.

Maybe, you can help me to justify this letter is fake or nope?

How can he know my detail?
Anyhow, i will not call back to this guy who leave his Hp below.

I am suspect...
a) Why this letter is not put into evelope?
b) Why this letter is put direct into my mail box?
c) Why the logo is cut, look not standard letter?
d) Why office leave his hand phone number instead ask me go to their office tomorrow?
e) From Oct 2010 to May 2012... , what 9 tempoh? I am confuse...

I will check with Tax officer tomorrow.
I am not worry about this because i have pay taxes all the times!
But, how the taxes be used.... We have to ask our Government!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Don't wash your Passport!

When i back from Russia few weeks ago, 
I took all my dirty clothes inside washing machine.
After sometimes, i realized that my passport inside my dirty trouser.


I have no choice and have to re-do my new passport.
Take care your passport else you will in trouble!

First - You have to prepare a lot documents:
a) Original Birth certificate and 2 set photocopy.
b) IC and 2 set photocopy.
c) Letter of explanation what happens to your passport.
d) Letter of confirmation form your company.
f) 1 set of photos copy of your passport with all stamps.
g) 2 handsome/pretty passport size photos.

Second - After you submit those documents you will be interviewed by officer.
Be honest and tell all the true.

Third, Wait for 5 days working days.
Call to them to check whether the investigation of your passport done or not.
If yes, you have to go there again to pay RM300 fees to renew 5 years duration.

Forth, Wait for another 2 days later,
Then, you can collect your new passport.

See! Troubles or nope?
(Next time, Take care your passport well!)

I went to Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia at Cawangan Kelana Jaya.
I met the officer, she is friendly, nice and very efficiency!
I am very satisfy with their service!
Good Keep it On!

After settle all stuffs...
When i paying toll at LDP to IOI mall,
When i ask for receipt and smile at him,
This Malay guy smiles back and say "你好吗?"
Oh... i a bit shock and reply him "好".
After i take the receipt, he says again "谢谢" to me.

World is changing... change to be better...