Monday, March 30, 2009

My sister's Birthday

Quite a busy day,
I have some Friend's birthday fall in this months,
They are Mun Leong, Joseph Teo, Skding, Terence Toh, John Chen, and etc.
My sister's birthday also fall on this month too,
On 23rd night, i bought a big cake from a hypermarket near my house,
When i reached home, my sister slept,
On 24th night, we celebrated with her,
1 year older...
Don't act like baby girl anymore, "Chocolates cake"
"Jelly cake bought by her boyfriend" Vanessa: "Eh, this cake is for me?"
Vanessa: "When is my turn? I have mickey on it"
"Happy Birthday!"

The jelly cake tasted nice! Unlucky, the cake i bought from hypermarket is worst.
I advice that please do not buy birthday cake from hypermarket, it is expensive & smelly bad!
.I still have half big cake in my fridge, who want? :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bad Luck in Vienna?

Before i came back from Ukraine, i went to Vienna city.
From Vienna airport, i bought a expensive CAT train to Vienna city.
It costs me 16 euro (~RM80).
What an expensive train ticket (return ticket)!

Expensive or not?"Hey! The weather is bad and start raining!" My clothes & shoes wet! No mood to walk around... I checked pocket and realise that i dropped/lost my train ticket. I need to pay another 8 euro (RM40) for return ticket. :( "Never Too Busy to Be Beautiful" ~ very suit to all girls & women. It is really a bad day for me! But, i will never let my stomach hungry!

Hotdog bun 3 euro (RM15) "Famous Church" "We lost in the city!" Around 1 hour later, we managed to find way back.

IIt is not a fun trip in Vienna because we go there at the wrong timing. A lot of shopping mall which is a heaven for girls. People over there are friendly. All lot of tourist over there ~ Japanese, Pakistan, China and etc. At the end, we plan walk back to take our train to airport.

On the way......

" I managed to find my ticket on the street! The ticket is wet but i saved RM40! Wo wo..."

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I grow up

After i come back from Ukraine,
My little princess, Vanessa grow up a lot,
At first, she cannot recognise me and stare at me quite a long time,
After half of a day, she refreshes her memory and know that i am her daddy,
Life is a cycle of time,
I remember that when i am boy,
I am really naughty and not listen to my parents,

I have a bad temper when i am young. My wife is silent & less busy body compare to me.
I hope my little princess will not follow my attitudes. :) Around 7 months, my little princess start to learn how to sit.

She is naughty and like to explore the environment around. Sometimes, she knows that i take photos of her and she tries to act politely. She starts to read a "Mama" magazine and acts like a Big boss styles. Vanessa : "Hey daddy, i don't want you disturb me when i read magazine OK?"

"This is the last warning!!!"


After few days, she is 8 months old.

I hope that you can grow up healthy and happily.

And, i wish that Malaysia is the good place for you to live on!

Daddy : "Don't hide, i know where are you!"

Vanessa : "Daddy, Why you so clever one..."

Friday, March 20, 2009

Toilet in Europe

Maybe, you will think that i really sakai or sohai,
I have some reason to explain why i take toilet photos,
First, it is really make me feel bored & crazy to stay in airport for 4~5 hours,
Second, i think around 88% of ladies or girls never enter to Male's toilets,
except 10% female cleaner & 2% drunker/accidentally enter it,
Third, it is special!
To all female readers/blogger,
Let me bring you to visit our Male's toilets, First, can you see that! It is the symbol of Male's toilet.
Actually, it is look normal compare to Female's toilet.
The only different is Male's toilet have a "stand bowl".
Look clean always!
I think it is almost same like Female toilet, am i right?
This is the different between Europe & Asian country.
I think Malaysia's male toilet do not have this condom & Tic-Tac machine.
I wonder why we buy Tic-Tac in the toilet ~ so we can enjoy it in the toilet?
This is really surprise me!
I seldom see baby clothes changing in Male's toilet in my country.
Maybe, i am really Sxxxx.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Life in Ukraine

Time different between Ukraine & Malaysia is around 6 hours,
Travelling hours from Malaysia to Ukraine is more than 15 hours,
Malaysia - Thailand - Vienna - Odessa,
It is a exhausted and tired journey,

"From Vienna to Odessa" "Heavy Snow" "Less than zero degree in Ukraine, it is very cold for me" "Me and Jaga (Baby giant)" "Vitaly (Ular sawit) & Charles (Ricky Martin)" "Accommodation & foods will be provided by customer excluding Sunday. What a poor breakfast? Do not worry, we have second round of breakfast provided by customer." Every Saturday night, it is a vodka hours. We drink until a bit drunk. However, It is a bored life at there and our customer never take our walking around the city. Asian customer is the best!1st weekend, we went to restaurant and we have a big problem to order food! However, we managed to order food at the end.

2nd weekend, we rather eat Maggi mee at home than go to restaurant.

"A cup of espresso" We walked around the black sea. Nice view! We not stay long because it is really cold and Windy. Her clothes is cute? A little giant hahahaIce cream again? We are really crazy guys in the town.

"Best soup we took and..." "Almost all the foods are tasteless. Lucky, i managed to survive until now" See! I look weaker and older... In Ukraine, there are some items are damn cheap such as cigarettes, alcohol & chocolates. Guess, how much i bought for 1 vodka & 13 piece of chocolates? I have not try the vodka yet and not sure the quality. But, the chocolates is better compare to xxxx.











It costs less than RM40

It is really surprises me and i will buy more when i travel there again.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I am back!

It is quite a long time stay in Ukraine (3 weeks) for me!
It is a very tired journey.
Now, i at Vienna airport and wait for boarding.
I have a lot of picture and story to share...
I will upload it soon...
Please be patient...
At the end, i love Malaysia!
I am BACK!