Monday, May 31, 2010

We owe people rm1.25 million

I am damn surprises than we owe people RM1.25 million.
This is not because i just bought a house worth this amount.
We not effort to buy a house like Zakaria's palace
For sure, we wish to have but we are not qualify to buy a car below:

Do you want to know why we owe people RM1.25 million?
Refer to previous newspaper information that our country owe bank 3620 billion.
And, population in our country until 2010 is 28.96 million.

Indirectly, each people in this country owe = RM3620,000,000,000/28,960,000 = RM125,000.
Total member in your family = RM125,000 x 10 = RM1.25 million.

Do you realizes that every new born baby in this country,
Immediately, they owe people a least RM125,000.

Don't worry i will not borrow money from you to clear this amount.
I understand that you owe this money as well.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Home Alone 3

After 5 days leave my daddy took,
Now, He has to finish a lot of pending task.
Only 5 days, Why bloggers update a lot posts?

During 5 days leave,
My mummy is not around in KL.
Now, my daddy understand it is damn difficult be a single mummy/daddy.
Every single things, he has to settle it by himself.
He hopes not more Home Alone for him next time.

I would like to get this opportunity to reply bloggers who leave comments at "Can I apply Leave?"

Bananaz, Kelvin, Merryn, Tekkaus & TZ.
Not approve my leave :(

Approve my daddy leave :)

Reply for : Not Approve Approve

First, i listen to you turn the world upside down.
At the end....
"Uncle, you make me suffer!"
"I cannot listen to you anymore!"

Parent is wonderful?
"Can i say parent is a sun shine after rain?"

It is a nice song - titles is "Friend" by Emil Chau.

My daddy feed me food below:
Sure, my daddy cannot cook like food you prepare.
Black Bean, Chicken meat, eggs with rice.
Cheese, Peanut with bread and raisin.
Cheese, eggs, raisin, mince meat with Bi Hun.

5 days without Mummy around.
My daddy really faced a lot problems.

1.  Help me take bath.
2. Make me sleep.
3. Clean up all dirty plates.
4. The items my daddy scare the most is...
the things is ........
help me to clean .......

"My Shit"

p/s: Thank you SK for the scripting. I am not sure it works or not.
Email your office/house address to me, next time i travel i try to find some gift for you.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Can I apply Leave?

1 year, 5 months and 21 days.
I am never apply leave to rest a while.
Recently, my boss come from Singapore to visit us.
And, my wife travel to China for business trip for 5 days.
Leave me and Vanessa here.
Hence, i have to be acting as Mummy and Daddy at the same time.
Lack of times.

I would like to apply leave for my blog for 5 days.

Need to rest a bit....
I need to listen to a nice song.

MTV - Friends (周華健 - 朋友)

p/s: I don't know what will happen to Home Alone 3

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

26 hours in Penang (Part 3)

Next day in the morning,
It is a view from Hydro Hotel.
 It is great holiday in Penang.
Hence, i spend my time at the hotel's swimming pool.
 "Come to join me, it is fun!"
 Sure, there is a children mini pool.
So, it is safe for me to play but parent monitoring still needed.
 "My new friend :)"

After 1 hours,
We quickly take our breakfast (buffet type) at the hotel restaurant.
Check out around 10:15am and meet up with Mellisa and David.
We go to visit mother's schoolmates in Penang.
 She stays at here - Butter-worth area?
 "1...2...3... Smiles!"
 "Feel lucky to take a photos with a leng chai brother"

It is lunch time again.
We travel to Pulau Tikus (there is clean and not rat around) to take our lunch.
There is a Thai food restaurant.
We order some spicy food!
 Tom Yam Soup - (6/10)
 It is not so spicy as i aspect!
Its taste is more sour than spicy.
It is not like original Thailand Tom Yam soup.  
Friend KangKung - (6/10)
My daddy order this food.
He really don't know this is the out come.
 Sour Spicy Stir fish - (7/10)
Taste spicy and sour as well.
Again, its taste sour than spicy :(.

Overall food ranking (6+6+7/30) =  6.33/10

After taking lunch, 
We visit a temple near to the restaurant.
What is the temple's name?

It is quite rush time.
The last place we visit is here...
 It is really difficult to find a car park here.
 We plan to have a nice cendol here.
 It is damn famous in Penang! 
If you come to Penang, this is one of the place you must go.
Nice look sure Nice taste!
Come and order one to try!

 It is nice to have it during hot weather!
"Wah... One more please!"
 It is so happy & lucky that i can meet them.

Left: Cendo's Boss  ("Your cendol is so famous") 
Right: Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng ("Make Penang become Great City like Hong Kong")

Around 3pm, it is time we travel back home - Kuala Lumpur.
Mellisa & David - Thank you for your touring!

The End

p/s: If my daddy so lucky to meet up them, then he can buy lottery liao.
Actually, my daddy snaps "THE" photos which hanging on the wall. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Election in Sibu

Today, it is more exciting day for compare to Thomas cup.
Why i am so exciting?

Sure i am not the politician represent Sibu state?
I wonder why gambling of election is not legalized by government?
Then, i am sure i can win the prize.

Currently, i read some of the news from Sibu.
Percentage of Sibu people come to vote until 12 noon only 37%.

1. Number of total post vote accepted are more than send out.
DAP suspected there are some "ghosts" around.

2. Suspected some people vote who are not the people in Sibu.
They managed to vote but when ask for I.C. 
They informed the officer their I.C. at the car.
I wonder if you without I.C. how you registered to vote?

Information i obtained from here. (Chinese version)
I guess who will win the election for sure.

I am not side to any party - i just want to have a FAIR election for Sibu people.
Anyhow, Good Luck!

P/s: please don't feel bad for my selfish statement. 
Any party won or lose the election, can i say not my business because i am not stay at Sibu?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Touch n Go

One day,
My friend picks me up and drives to office.
We are driving toward a toll station.

We stop behind a Volvo car.
She is trying to use her touch n go card.
But, it looks the system cannot recognize her card.
My friend act as heroes and come down from his car.
And, use his Touch n go card and touch the system.
The gate is open and the girl thank to him and drive away.

When my friend starts his car and try to use the card again.
It is not responding anymore.
Not choice... we have to press the intercom.
The operator told us, you should reverse and drive to another lane.

Touch n go card only apply for the system once?
Maybe, it will reset the memory of Touch n Go ID after certain times.

Do you will act like my friend helps that girl?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thomas Cup 2010 - Malaysia (Quarter finals)

It is exciting and happening night at Bukit Jalil Stadium.
It is a Thomas Cup 2010 hosted by Malaysia.
And, it is the Quarter finals between Malaysia and Denmark.
 For sure, i am Malaysia supporter.
 It is fun and crazy all the night.
 Malaysian is patient and wait for Malaysia team go to Semi-Final.
The environment is totally different compare to watch at the TV screen.
 Everyone is waiting...
Due to the long distance, i manage to snap some blur photos here.
Lee Chong Wei bt Peter Hoeg Gade (21-17, 21-17)

 Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong bt Carsten Mogensen/Mathias Boe (21-17, 21-19)

Wong Choong Hann lost to Jan O Jorgensen (20-22, 21-16, 18-21)
 Mohd Zakry Abdul Latif/Hoon Thien How lost to Lars Paaske/Jonas Rasmussen (26-24, 12-21, 19-21)

It is really tension for us - Malaysia vs Denmark (2 : 2)
I wonder he is tension and depressed or not at this moment.
 Muhd Hafiz Hashim bt Joachim Persson (21-12, 21-10)
This is a happy moment we always waiting for.

Hafiz is our hero!

Next Match - Malaysia Vs China (Semi-Final)

Do you feel confident that we can win China? (I am doubt)

I wish that Malaysia can beat China.... 


P/s: Will upload one Clips soon but now i need go to sleep...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

26 hours in Penang (Part 2)

After a short break at Ayer Itam Dam,
We travel to this famous shop.
Wo... it is 150 years old...
I am tired and sleep at this moment.
Hence, i miss all those cute cute dummy.
"Cute right?"
Today, i am not introduce this cute dummy.
I introduce the famous Ghee Hiang Pneah!
You can buy a lot different type of Pneah here.
If you are Penang people, you can call for deliver as well.
The number is 1300-88-2727.
"I wonder if i call from KL, they will deliver to me too?"

After, we are going to a coconut stall.
Not nice to see, but coconut is nice to drink.
"Will you try it or not?"
Don't worry it is clean to drink!

We drive to Seberang Prai to take our dinner.
 Special Satay - (8/10)
It is look nothing special but it really taste great!
It not contain less skin of chicken or pork compare to Kajang satay.
It taste little bit salt and juicy.
Honestly, i prefer this rather than Kajang Satay.
Mix vegetables with Tofu - (5.5/10)
It is normal and not much special for me.
The green broccoli is slight old and not really fresh.
Daddy order this dishes for me because Tofu is easy for me to eat.
Belacan KangKung/Water Spinach - (8/10)
Taste is mixed nicely with fresh prawn. 
It is best combination with a bowl of rice.
Sweet n Sour Crab - (6.5/10)

This is highly recommend by the waiter.
It is out of my expectation.
Its taste not strong enough and almost tasteless for me.
But, It is look nice to eat right?

My daddy miss to photos of the Tom Yam soup - (7.5/10).
So... cannot share the photos with you.

Overall, the food is (8+5.5+8+6.5+7.5)/50 = (7.1/10)

Thank you to Uncle David for this nice dinner.
What is the next?
Uncle David scares my daddy that;
He told my daddy "We go to supper"
It is not supper, it is call suffer.

Lucky, we not plan go to supper immediately because it is too early to supper - around 8pm.

Guess where we going to - 

Night Shanghai Club!

Because i still under age 18 years old.
So, we went to a hotel - Traders Hotel opposite Night Shanghai Club.

I like this place very much!
How to describe this place - Teen park.

To speed up the digestion system of our stomach.
We order a damn sour lemon tea with honey.

"Really nice!"

Besides, there are Philippine live band singers at the pub's corner.
Those singers look beautiful and sweet.
They attracted my attention, hence i walk closed to them.
"Jie Jie, why you sing so sweet? Can you teach me?"
"Mummy and Auntie Mellisa"

After 1.5 hours,
It is our supper time.
Penang is heaven for my daddy - Lucky, he not stay at Penang for longer time.
Else, he will gain another 5kg for sure.

We had our Hokkien mee at the famous night stall.
Look small bowl but nice to eat
"More sambal for my daddy!"
This food stall is just opposition and near to the Tune Hotel.

Around 10pm,
I have to back to hotel to sleep!

To be Cont...