Saturday, July 31, 2010

Random Songs

Every movie has their theme song;
My blog also has a song too.
It is about life.

Everyone has their favourite love song.
I have one as well.
Anything can change your love?

When you face troubles & problems during working,
When you feel depressed & frustrated,
Thinking about your dream,
(It is a chinese song)

When you feel going to give up your life,
Don't think so negative,
Please finish listen to this song,
(It is a chinese song)
Think again whether you want to give up again.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Rakyat Didahulukan!

This is not a post related to politics.
I just want to share some info with your guys.
As we know that petrol, sugar and Gas price increased. 

Hence, we need to figure out how to balance up our living cost.

1. Same brand, but different price at different shop?
Normally, I will buy bread from the mini supermarket like Chinese medicine shop.
The standard bread price is Rm2.30 right?
You can buy the same brand bread with Rm2.00 only.
It is same for milk powder, you can save more than few ringgit if you buy it from local market.
But, it is depend on the shop as well.

2. Select a good petrol brand?
With the same price of petrol, you better choice a better quality petrol for your car.
Hence, you can drive more distance and save more money.
You can try to pump different petrol and check how long the distance you can travel.
I have do an analysis and I found that Papaya petrol consume more than others.

3. Take less sugar.
It is a good news! 
Don't take outside drink. Just take a drink bottle with you all the times.
It indirectly reduce the possibility we attacked by diabetes!

4. Sharing car.
We not need to pay more toll to evil toll company.
We not need spend more petrol.
Less air pollution in our country.
And, we can reduce traffic jam as well.

5. Less shopping.
Buy whatever we need.
If not really necessary, then better don't buy.

6. Stay at home.

p/s: Please share with us if you have better idea how to save more money.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jalan Bayam

Do you know where is Jalan Bayam?
I guess you cannot find it if you not open your eyes widely.
Jalan Bayam is the road name near to the Plaza 393, Kuala Lumpur.

Finally, i found this road signboard.

What is LAN AYAM stand for?
Lazy chicken?
A lot of chicken around there?

Why not put some name is more meaningful?
Like Hang Tuah, Micheal Jakson, Anwar, Najib and etc...

JALAN BAYAM stand for what?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I am poisoned!

I feel really not easy all the time.
Feel a bit sick and self-lost control.
I am a bit regret to start it.

It is a story start when i help my friend - Hor Yxx.
After helping her, i am poisoned very seriously.
It make me less time to blog.

I need to take some medicine.
I cannot let it continue poison me.
I need to set a time when i can recover soon.

It is all because of this...

Any doctor over there?
Can you give me some medicine?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vanessa - 2nd Years Old

I grow up 1 year old.
I am still don't know what is the meaning behind it.
What I know is I have a sweet cake to eat.
My parent seldom buy cake for me to eat.
Today, I have 2 lovely nice cakes with 2 candles on it.
And, my mummy boil 2 eggs for me to eat too!
I am quite exciting when i saw the candles light up.
At the same times, my parent sing a birthday song to me.
I just staring at the candles with fire.
After my parent finish sing the song,
They ask me to make a wish.
I really don't know what to wish...
I hope that I can eat the cakes soon.
I need to blow the candles as well.
What is the next?

Vanessa: "Daddy, quick take you plate, i cut portion for you!"

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome to Sarawak!

Have you plan for you coming holiday?
One of the best place you cannot miss it...

Welcome to Sarawak, Malaysia!

p/s: If you never go to Sarawak before, you will never know why buffalo fall down from sky!
Buy a air ticket and come over here to figure out the answer!
Have you see a buffalo climb trees?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Healthy Competition

May I know? Is there any fair competition?
or it is based on the participants' ability?

The society sick seriously.
Most of the loser will never think why they lose.
They just try to make rumour about the winner.
They never think about why they lose to them.
Because of their ability, capable or diligent.

Normally, people will find some reasons for themselves.
My luck is not good;
His luck is better than me;
He has relationship with the organiser;
He .... etc.

Maybe, I am wrong...
Just like Holland VS Spain.
It is because of luck or teamwork?

I have an example to show here:

 Who will finish the drink first?

Friend: "Vanessa, you cannot win me wakakaka!"
Vanessa: "Jie Jie, I admit I will lose this time"
Friend: "Sure, you will lose!"
Vanessa: "Jie x2, it is ok It's not mean I will lose all the time. "Wait until i grow up and you become grandma. 
"Then, We try again!" 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Banana and I

One day,
When my parent have a discussion in the kitchen,
I climb up on the table and looking around.
I found bundle of bananas on the table.
I am not ask any permission from my daddy's sister.
I take one, and peel the skin and try to finish it before my parent notice.
I am trying hard to swallow everything in my stomach.
Unlucky, I am not manage to do that.
My daddy noticed me and quickly take a ugly photos of me.
Mmm... I just like to eat banana.

If you like to eat banana same like me.
Please vote once again for Bananaz.

Click HERE and vote for song


Let Bananaz be the "Blog Idol 2010" this year!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gift from Australia

I haven't take my breakfast and rush to Post Office Malaysia.
I have a register mail which I unable to collect it on time.
Feel lucky that the register mail still in the Post Office.

Guess what I obtain?
My daughter, Vanessa is more nervous than me.
 When she saw the envelope, she quick grab it from me.
 And, she is going find a cutter to open the envelope.
Daddy: "Hey! Vannesa, this is daddy's letter"
She still ignore daddy and continue open the envelope.
 Surprises! It is a gift from Wenn - a nice key chain from Australia.
This is not a normal key chain.
It is really valuable key chain.
It travel all the way from Australia, KLIA, Ipoh, Selangor and reach my home.

Thank you!! Wenn again for the gift! :D

Friday, July 9, 2010

A July Giveaway! - by Puan Isah

Recently, i read a blog - Mrs. Bee
I know about the Giveaway from her blog.

A July Giveaway is organised by Puan Isah.
July is special for me too.
Some of my friend's birthday as well.
Some of my relatives's birthday as well.
July is my daughter birthday too!

What to giveAway?
It is will be in the form of "Gift Voucheres"
And they are worth RM50 (RM10x5 pcs) of POPULAR.

How to join this Campaign?
One word to describe "SIMPLE"

Rules to Enter is easy!

1. Only for MALAYSIANS residing in Malaysia.
2. All you have to do is make an Entry (a short one will do) for this Giveaway at your blog.
3. You have to sign in and become Puan Isah FOLLOWER :) - if you have not done so.
4. Leave a COMMENT on this POST.

Everyone!! COME TO JOIN!!!

The Versatile Blogger

After thinking for quite a long long time.
I decide to write a post about Versatile Blogger.

First, I would like to thank to 
Tekkaus, who is the founder of Versatile Award.
Merryn, who a mummy of Ethan.
Joanne, who is a mummy of Sarah.

Thank you for your award!

To accept this award i have to...
1. List 7 random things about yourself
2. Share the award with up to 15 other bloggers
3. Link to each of the recipients and let them know they've won via comments on their blogs
4. Thank and bring the love back to the person you won the award from by linking back to them.

7 things about Me.
Voon is my surname.  You can call me Voon as well.  My hometown from Kuching, Sarawak.

Eating is one of part of my life.  I like eating spicy food – but currently I need to control myself a bit. Doctor advices don’t take too much.

Resting in a natural, non-pollution, windy, clean beach is my dream holiday.   When we can organize a blogger trip near to the beach… Hard to do so?

Sohai word, I used to describe those people without brain like our politician.  Please don’t arrest me under ISA.  Dxxxx & Sxx.  I try not to write politician post in my blog and comment in your blog too.

Award by blogger  - I like it very much but sometimes I feel a bit lazy to write or tag…  Next time, can I just received award and not need to write any post, can I?

Thank you – I used to say to people who help me.  But, I used to use this words for whose try to betray me as well.  Without them, I will not grow stronger.

I like to complain!  Complain those people who provide bad service and not do their job properly.  Am I so troublesome people? 

Learning is part of my life.  I try to practice this day by day.  Learn until I die ko ko.

End of my random things.

Award to 15 people.
4. SK
5. ULi
11. Kelvin
12. Mnhl
17. Eugene

1. my mathematics not good and always calculate more.
2.  I know most of people already do the tagging... :D
3. I always come late...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Neighbours 2

Thank you for sharing your experience with me - My Neighbours 1

I feel lucky is my right neighbour is good.
Let me describe a bit about my right neighbour.

Hubby work as a share executive.
Wife work as a yoga teacher.
They have 1 daughter and 1 son.
They have 2 Viva and 1 Volvo car.
Their children are smart.
Currently, their daughter just completed his studies in Singapore.
Their son is going his studies in Singapore soon.
Beside, his mother-in-law stay together with them.
I call her grandma and she is vegetarian.
Sure... there is not a Berlin wall at all.
Sometimes, they will cook some dishes for us.
When CNY comes, we will send some gift for greeting as well.

Thank you for them for looking after my house when I am not around.
Understand is a root of getting closer to each others.

Once again, Thank you very much!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Neighbours 1

Do you have neighbour?
If you stay in Banglow lot, I guess you don't have neighbour beside you.
Sure, I have neighbour surround me.

If you have neighbour, and how you understand about them?
Let talk about my left side neighbour.
Husband is a handsome pilot like our astronaut;
Wife is a pretty and tall stewardess;
They have 2 daughters around 9-10 years old.
They employ 1 Indonesia maid as well.
They have 1 BMW 5 series and 1 Suzuki Swift.
Relatives from Johor.

When I move in 6 years ago,
I guess we not talk to each other more than 1 word.
Maybe, this is because of a Berlin wall between us.
Maybe, i don't have a better car compare to them.
However, we are respect each other as well.
We like peaceful all the time.

I am wondering...
I wonder why they throw rubbish into my compound?
They not manage to buy rubbish tong?


Broken balloon.
Satay stick
Supermarket receipt.

and snack papers etc.

I guess all the rubbish thrown by their children.
Must understand that they always not at home.
Hence, they cannot spend more time to teach their children.

What to do? Collect it and throw into my rubbish tong...

How about your neighbour?